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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions
- We are trying to help you keep your experience as safe and user-friendly as possible.  We also appreciate your efforts in telling us when your experience is for any reason disappointing.

The Post Ad Page looks funny, and I can't read what the different blocks say.  What can I do?  Is it the site or me?

To answer the latter question first, "both".  This site was developed using the latest releases of Window, Explorer, etc. We are now seeking to use equipment with old versions of browsers to ensure convenience for the folks who don't update their IE browsers etc.  If you use Explorer, just download Explorer 8 now.

We also recommend visiting for a download of their Firefox browser. It works great!

I forgot my password.  What can I do about it?
- Click "forgot password" near the login block.  Enter your user name and click send.  We will send you a new password which you can use or change.

I can not log - in.  Why?
- Most likely cause:  Incorrect User-name or Password

- Three attempts to log in with incorrect password locks the account.   Contact us and we will unlock the account so you can reset your password. 

We will soon change this feature to send you an email when you are automatically locked out, so that you will know if someone tried to log in, and for you to unlock your own account so you can reset your password if needed.

Tip:  The passwords are case-sensitive.

My "Reset" Password is a bunch of  confusing symbols (%#_@1_^%).  How can I change it?
- Log in once with the new password, then go to "my ads & info" and click on "reset password", then enter your preferred password. 

- If you don't want to type the reset password, you can drag and drop or copy / paste the symbols, or set your computer preferences to remember the password. 

COPY / PASTE  issues

- I pasted content from my document or web page to the rich text editor, but it didn't display the same way. 

.doc and other document types may bring with them embedded code that causes the information to display differently on your ad pages when left uncorrected.  The content editor we use has different properties from other formats. We suggest using Ctrl -C and Ctrl-V to copy/past content, then highlight the text within our editor and change to the on-site fonts and sizes.  It is the easiest way to create excellent content in a uniform manner. 


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