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Travel Incentives

Fly more, and higher with Arte!   We have cash to give away, and prizes too, so check out the details...

As we grow, adbirds prize and travel award values shall increase.   Our competitors never did this.  But we love you!

Arte will send regular users to vacation destinations, and several may even fly as space tourists!

   "The past is nothing, a memory.  The future is your daily creation"!  - Arte the AdBird
Security note:  Winners will be notified by email,  must respond by phone with a preselected code word, and will NOT be asked for any money to participate.  If anyone contacts you regarding our programs and asks for money, it would be an act of fraud.

There's never been a more compelling reason to switch horses and advertise with an upstart.
Affiliates and now regular users have chances at prizes we will award for amazing travel opportunities and more.

 For all users, each 100,000 ads by registered users will enable us to give a prize package to a randomly selected adbirds user-advertiser.  Any registered user using our services can be selected to win a free vacation package valued up to $1500.00 or opt for a gift certificate to one of our Unlimited retail advertisers!  

What about that AdBirds "Space Program"? 
  Yes we are serious, as it is part of our awards program for affiliates - designed to create incentives for those who help us grow.   We will do the following to get ahead of our competition:

For affiliates, we initially launched the Pick Your Island contest so top affiliates will get travel benefits they can share.  Then we announced a tiered program for three levels of space flight awards as advertised or provided by other companies.  We will pay for those rides at market rates  and contract with the service providers just prior to the award announcements.  We then announced the chance for a regular Jane or Joe adbirds user to fly in space, up to and including the top-tier lunar flight award.

An award winning affiliate may forfeit their seat in case of inability or unwillingness to fly.  We will give forfeited seats to flight-capable adbirds users we select in a campaign to be established when we near our tiered goals. This will occur from a drawing similar to the first level prize awards. Here's how it adds up;

An Space Tourism seat will open up for our regular users when ...  "Top Affiliate" winners who opt out of space flight or who are unable for any reason will receive a cash award equal to ten percent of the flight value at the time of drawing by the following estimates:  

Short Flight to space: Value - $200,000
Flight Forfeit award - $20,000
Earth Orbital Flight: Value -  $100 Million (all seats) Flight Forfeit award - $10,000,000
Circum-lunar Flight:
Value - $500,000,000
Flight Forfeit award - $50,000,000

Award targets based on active, "concurrently paid" Unlimited subscriptions by adbirds users or monthly revenue equivalent based on total business at and the parent company we call  "AD&M" ("AdBirds Design & Market Inc." - of Austin, Texas).

When we reach the following subscription levels, our prize and travel awards will be granted;

Every 100,000 free ads,  $1500.00 coupon by drawing from all our user accounts (to be spent with our Strategic Marketing Partners).

Each 100 "Unlimited" accounts to 1000   - Travel for 2 to Hawaii (10x).

At 100,000 "Unlimited" accounts -  Flight to space, 100 Km.  Experience weighlessness for several minutes and see the Earth from Space.

At  5,000,000  "Unlimited" accounts -  Orbital Space Flight.  At least one to three days on a dedicated Soyuz mission, or possibly U.S. systems based on market availability and developments (new systems are coming on line in the Space Tourism market and we will buy them).

At  20,000,000 "Unlimited" accounts -  Lunar Flight.   We will negotiate and purchase the technology, training and support using Soyuz and Proton systems in a binary lauch, docking and circumlunar flight (if superior systems are available at that point in time we will buy them).


All space excursions will be purchased at market rates from best available resources at the time of the award.

This is our commitment!  We will ultimately take some average users to space regardless who the first winners will be.   When we get closer to the award and growth targets, we will post a landing page for anyone with a user account to sign up for a chance to go to space.  At that time we will announce subjective criteria such as a flight physical, or time commitment and training requirements as applicable. 

At the time we are nearing our growth targets (as described above); if for any reason we are unable to purchase space excursions as advertised or otherwise provided by other companies and organizations today,  we will give the forfeit cash to the award winner and donate the balance to scholarship programs.

There has never been a more exciting time to pin your future to the stars.  Even if you don't win the ride, your ads will be seen so you can sell.  Start selling now!


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