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Dong Zang Ji

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As you can imagine, what Mr. Xiao said actually contained his sister's words. It was my sister who first mentioned that after a concert in Guiyang, she met Wei and his wife at a friend's home. Bichu put down the mallet and looked at Hui's face. "Not only did you have the news, but you saw it with your own eyes?" "Yes!"! They also help cook, wash clothes and grow vegetables at a friend's house in Huaxi. There is no one who can't adapt to the environment. But Xueyan is particularly spoiled, and it's really hard for her. "That's what my sister said.". I thought Wei Wei was a relative on Mr. Meng's side, so I didn't tell you as a big deal. His relatives are also mine, and they belong to our family. This is big news. They wrung out the cleaned clothes and put them in the basket. Then another big thing happened. Two people, a man and a woman, passed by on the opposite bank, one looking down and the other looking up, talking very intimately. This gentleman is none other than Qian Mingjing. Before she had finished speaking in the morning, Bichu thought. I hope they don't look this way and walk over to avoid embarrassment. But the stone shook violently, and Hui stood up, holding Bichu with one hand and looking at the other side with fixed eyes. When the two men approached, she suddenly called out, "Qian Mingjing!"! Good morning to you! Qian Mingjing seemed to be immobilized and motionless. The woman hurried a few steps away and said with a smile,collapsible pallet box, "I'm looking for Mrs. Qian. I've got some jade bracelets there. They're good and the price is really cheap. I want to ask Mrs. Qian for help. Who wants them?" "I'm looking for the wrong person." Hui also laughed and said, "Who heard that people in the school still buy jewelry now? It's better to make less money from the national crisis." As a footnote to the national crisis, more than twenty planes appeared in the distant sky, followed by a rumbling sound. Is flying around Kunming, several people are holding their breath, I do not know how many bombs to drop. After a while, the plane flew away,plastic pallet box, and the blue sky was still clear. The joys and sorrows of life continue. "Be my guest, Mr. Qian," said Bichu. "I will greet Hui." Qian Mingjing said calmly, "I will come back as soon as I see the guest off. She will go to Luoyanpo." One side motioned to the woman, two people walked to the Longjiang River. Luoyanpo is a small village at the fork of the river. The woman was carrying a small box, which she thought was jade. Hui picked up a stone and hit it, and the stone barely fell into the grass on the shore. "Today is really an eye-opener," he sneered. Bichu advised her to put on her shoes so as not to catch cold, saying that her clothes had been washed and it was time to go home. I don't have a home anymore. Hui covered her face with her hands, paused for a moment, and stood up to clean up. They went back to hang the clothes, Bi Chu let Hui sit upstairs, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet supplier, arranged lunch freely, cooked a pot of hot rice with the leftovers of yesterday, and went upstairs to see Hui sitting on the edge of the bed in tears. Bi early heart sad, think Zheng sisters in Shanghai at the beginning, have the reputation of big and small Joe, do not want the marriage is so unfortunate. Hui is fine, and she has another bosom friend. After Hui got married, even the painting was abandoned. It was not worth it. But how can things in the world be predicted in advance. When she had set the bowls and chopsticks, she suddenly felt dizzy and fell down on the chair, coughing. Seeing this, Hui hurriedly came over to greet him with tears in his eyes. The two of them persuaded each other to eat a few mouthfuls of rice, and their spirits were much better. It turned out that the role of rice was so great. Sure enough, people have to live on material things. Hui half said to himself, "This hot rice is delicious." "The beef cooked yesterday was left at the bottom of a bowl and poured into the pot." Kunming's beef is very good. There are beef restaurants on the street, specializing in cooked beef. The most common way is to stew it in a big pot, which is very fragrant. After a bowl, the proprietress will take the initiative to add soup. Bi Chu always cooks a pot of meat every week for the children to eat as much as possible, and she always waits for the bottom of the bowl. What's wrong with you? It is better to understand the disease first. What you eat is just a general tonic. Is it useful? "One problem is that the blood flow is not stopped. It has been there since the turtle returned. Later, it was better, and then it was bad. It was always not clean intermittently for a month, so it was dizzy and weak.". Another new addition is a cough, and I don't know why. "You didn't have a check-up this time," said Hui. "It seemed to be all right at that time-I really couldn't care so much." Bichu paused for a moment and then said, "Mrs. Li said that there were her friends in the hospital and that she wanted to introduce them to see a doctor." "Mrs. Lee?"? I can't believe it. "Hui said, suddenly remembered last week when I met Jin Shizhen at the market, and I was very upset.". How do you say you don't believe? Mrs. Li was right. That day Hui and Qian Mingjing went to the market to buy food for a week. They were bargaining at a stall. Jin Shizhen pulled Hui away from behind and whispered that there were two colors of pink and emerald green on Mr. Qian's head. There must be a sorcerer wrapped around him. Huiyin said, did you meet the White Snake? Shizhen solemnly said that White Snake could not be met by anyone! His own seven emotions and six desires are too heavy, and his family is afraid that it will be difficult to maintain, and it will be clear recently. Most people refuse to speak out in divination, but Shizhen says it as soon as she sees it, which makes many people disgusted. Hui suspected that she had heard a rumor and used her imagination to make it up. It is no longer news that the Qian couple are at odds. This prophecy Hui Ben refused to say, because of the mention of Mrs. Li, and Bi Chu said. Bichu said, "If you believe something, you will have it. If you don't believe it, you won't have it. Your affairs can't be settled in a short time. The most important thing is to keep healthy.". You're taking a nap now! Hui lay on the bed outside Meng's house and wanted to stop thinking about going to sleep. She had got up too early today. But the more you don't want to think about it, the more things come to you. She remembered the first time she saw the Ming Sutra. That year, she had just graduated from St. John's University and entered Shanghai Art College to study painting. When she saw him at a painting exhibition, she really had a good character. He has taught at Minglun University and published many articles on the study of oracle bone inscriptions. This pedant's achievements are not in line with his image as a handsome young man, and he happens to be a little famous poet. They looked at the paintings together and saw two small gouache paintings,wholesale plastic pallet, one with a hazy rain and the other with a strong wind. He stood in front of the paintings for a long time and said that they were full of poetry. There was no signature on the paintings. It was her work. Later, she asked him many times if he had done the investigation first, and he always denied it.

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