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Become an official in the imperial examination

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But as they got along for a long time, she became more and more aware of his sophistication, which made her feel that the person around her was floating and somewhat unreal. Although he treated her so gently, did he really like her? Xu Su knew that she should be contented. It was the dream of many women in the world to be able to marry the brilliant Six yuan and the Number One Scholar. She was envied and envied by many women. And now that he had earned her the title of a royal wife, and though he did not know what she was thinking tonight, he had patiently coaxed her, and perhaps that was enough. Three days have passed, and it is the day of the five-day meeting. In the afternoon, Sun Yulin ran to Li Chi's office, "Do you know?!"! At today's court meeting, it was said that there was a black mountain in Shuoping Mansion. Not a blade of grass grew on the mountain, but a raging fire broke out! The author has something to say: Li Chi: Is your girlfriend in an abnormal mood? Just buy bags and jewelry! ^_^ That's why you've had several girlfriends in your last life, but you didn't get married. You deserve to be single. Therefore, Li Chi's emotional EQ is really worrying. Also, Xu Su's emotional abnormality is not affectation, but physiological reasons. Chapter 92 Do you know?! At today's court meeting, it was said that there was a black mountain in Shuoping Mansion. Not a blade of grass grew on the mountain, but a raging fire broke out! As soon as Sun Yulin entered Li Chi's office, he shouted in horror. Mingsheng raised his head and looked at Sun Yulin doubtfully. "Brother Sun?"? Can you tell me the whole story? What the hell is going on? Sun Yulin also a face of panic,wholesale plastic pallet, panting, see a moment can not tell the whole story, at this time Li Gan Eucalyptus also followed in. Li Gan answered Mingsheng's question instead of Sun Yulin and answered everyone's questions. At noon, Brother Sun and I went out of the Yamen for dinner. As a result, we heard about it in a restaurant. "It's all over the world. At today's court meeting, there was an urgent letter from Shuoping Mansion.". It is said that there is a mountain in Shuoping Mansion. The mountain is dark and barren all the year round. It looks very ominous. The local people all avoid the mountain. However, a few days ago,plastic pallet supplier, the barren Black Mountain was filled with thick smoke, and there was no combustible wood, but a raging fire broke out on the ground! This matter sounds very evil, Li Gan Eucalyptus said so, Sun Yulin is frightened to turn pale, the rest of the people are also surprised. Li Chi looks surprised but not frightened, "Shuoping House?"? Brother Wang Qianyu seems to be the magistrate of Pinglu County under the jurisdiction of Shuoping Prefecture. Wang Qianyu was one of the four Jinshi who came out of Linhuai Prefecture in Li Chi's examination, although it was a pity that he fell into the ranks of Jinshi by one place. When Sun Yulin heard Li Chi's words, he looked frightened. Although he tried to suppress his emotions, his voice was still trembling: "Yes!"! Yes! It's Pinglu County! That evil mountain is located in Pinglu County under the jurisdiction of Shuoping Prefecture! The fire on that mountain is very evil. The fire rises without roots, and the water does not extinguish it. When people enter it, they lose their minds! Local county government sent to the fire officer civilian workers, only the edge of the fire to stay a little longer, on the dizzy brain, plastic bulk containers ,stackable plastic pallets, it is said that nearly 10 people have been killed! Now people outside are talking about. It is said that the mountain is the place where the eighteen gates of hell are wide open on earth, and those fires are the fires of hell! So, isn't it purgatory on earth? That "Brother Sun!"! The son does not speak the strange strength to confuse the God, in vain you study the sage book for several decades! Li Chi hastened to stop him and said, "It's all right for those ignorant people outside to talk like this. As an official of the imperial court, how can you say that in this Hanlin Academy?" Li Chi stood up and looked outside. Fortunately, there was no one in the courtyard outside. This matter is very strange, how did the morning meeting spread so quickly in the market? As for why the Black Mountain caught fire, it has not yet been decided, but why has it spread so evil outside? "If you think more about this, Brother Sun, you won't be so scared." As soon as Li Chi said this, the other people in the room who looked surprised gradually calmed down. It is man, not the devil, who is evil. Zhong Li Shudao. Sun Yulin was finally enlightened by Li Chi. "And Zhou, are you saying that someone is playing tricks on this?" "Maybe someone is adding fuel to the fire, maybe not." Li Chi did not say absolutely. Once calm down, everyone's heart also has its own guess, such as the Hanhai mission in the capital now. While others were wondering who was playing tricks, Li Chi realized that the opportunity for the birth of coal had come. There is no doubt that the Black Mountain in Shuoping Prefecture is an open-air coal mountain. Li Chi recalled the distribution of the main coal producing areas in his previous geography class, and compared it with the Notes on Mountains, Rivers and Water Classics that Zhao Jian had sent him, it can be determined that Shuoping Prefecture is a famous open-pit coal producing area. The black mountain in Pinglu County, where smoke billowed and a fire broke out, was a spontaneous combustion phenomenon in an open-pit coal mine. Coal mine spontaneous combustion, although the fire can be cooled by water, but only a few barrels of water is not extinguished, that is, "water can not extinguish"; coal combustion produces toxic gas carbon monoxide, naturally "people lose their minds". Other people's expressions had changed from surprise and panic to solemn meditation, and Li Chi also meditated for a moment. Then Li Chi went back to his office and wrote down a memorial. …… Later, the Hall of Mental Cultivation. Emperor Zhenwen sat on the throne and asked the eldest prince Zhao Yi and the third prince Zhao Jian standing below in a lazy tone, "What are you busy with recently?" The elder was the first, so Zhao Yi first replied, "Report back to my father. I have recently followed the Minister of the Ministry of the Interior to observe and study." "Zhang Shangshu, as a minister, is very busy all day. If you follow him, you will add to the confusion. If you want to observe and learn, an assistant minister of the Ministry of the Interior will teach you enough.". What about you, third brother? This said, can not be said to be not heavy. It has to be said that even Zhao Jian, who has lived all his life, has not seen through his father. Without much thought,plastic pallet manufacturer, Zhao Jian hastened to reply, "I would like to report back to my father that I have been in the Ministry of Works recently, looking through the files of previous years of the River Defense Section of the Dushui Qingli Department." "Oh?"? Why do you want to see those? ?

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