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City Spirit Doctor King

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Qinglong did not pay too much attention to the body of the first person in the Xiao family, but closely stared at the body of the person who opened the magic whip with seven colors of light: "Xiao Fengling!"! You finally came, unexpectedly your strength has reached such a high level, but also became the master of the Seven Treasures Tree! In the face of this powerful enemy, Xiao Fengling did not dare to neglect. The Eight Diagrams Purple Ribbon Armor and Dinghai Armour appeared together, and Qinglong's eyes flashed. "Hey, Xiao Feng, you finally came. If you come a little later, I'm afraid you won't see me.". But you didn't retreat in vain. This time, not only did you gain in strength, but even the stubborn tree recognized you as its master. Xuanwu took the time to heal while answering Xiao Fengling's questions in the divine consciousness, and told him the situation of Qinglong in the most concise language. So what if you have the Seven Treasures Tree? Do you think you are the Great Sage of Zhunti? I don't have a dragon body, and I have a magic whip in my hand. I'd like to see how much power you can exert on the Seven Treasures Tree? You three go together! Qinglong took a long breath. Holding the magic whip horizontally, the evil eyes between his eyebrows were shining brightly, and the body was burning with a blue flame, looking like he was waiting for it. I said, "Xiao Dad, you can't play a big role here,plastic pallet bin, so leave it to me and Xiao Feng.". They still have a group of people inside to deal with those experts, I am afraid that a Xue can not deal with a person, you quickly send someone to help her! Xiao Yungang nodded and did not say for Xuanwu that he was "in the way" here. Feel unhappy, on the contrary. He is extremely proud of his son's strength today: Xiao Feng.. It's a miracle that you passed Dad so quickly. Xiao Feng and others, who were fighting to the death with the Demon Army, had no time to take into account the love of the battle groups of Qinglong and Xuanwu outside. Tan Tianjun glanced at the opportunity and was planning to attack Xiao Feng with Dragon and Tiger Ruyi. Suddenly I felt a terrible pressure coming from the sky, and when I looked up,mobile garbage bin, I saw a huge ancient seal in the sky. Fan Tian Yin! Tan Tianjun was startled and welcomed the dragon and tiger Ruyi to the sky. After a loud noise, the dragon and tiger Ruyi flew back. The power of the anti-shock made Tan Tianjun stagger. Almost sat down on the ground. But Xiao Yungang repeatedly retreated five or six steps to remove the anti-shock force of Fan Tianyin. Both of them were frightened and looked at their opponents carefully. Careful Xiao Feng sent out a whirlwind, which rolled several demons who attacked Xiao Dian into the sky. Tang Ling and Su Fangyun joined forces to attack Xiao Feng's enemies with "Huo Ying Ling Jue" and "Shui Jing Ling Jue", while Wu Xing froze the demons around Tang Ling. This kind of mutual rescue has happened between them more than once. Perhaps it is because of this that they have persisted until now. Xiao Feng leaned against the wall and gasped for breath, just now the whirlwind had exhausted his last strength. The injuries on his body also broke out together. Fortunately, several other people worked together to create a spiritual wall, temporarily blocking the Demon Army. Xiao Feng vomited a few mouthfuls of blood in a row. Looking at Tang Ling and Su Fangyun, who were also seriously overdrawn, he said with a smile, "Senior Tang and Suzerain Lu, I'm afraid I can't go on. It's a pity that I can't drink your wedding feast. I'm here to congratulate you first.." Tang Ling has always been forthright. Holding Su Fangyun's hand, he said, "Thank you, spill plastic pallet ,plastic wheelie bins, good brother!"! On the way to the afterlife, we will all deal with those evil spirits together! Isn't that right, wife? It was the first time that Su Fangyun heard Tang Ling call herself this way. She gave Tang Ling a white look and blushed. Although she was covered with blood at this time, she showed a special charm. "Yes!"! All together! Kiyoki Taoist, holding a half-broken sword, said with his back to Wu Xing. Together, they released their last spiritual power to join the shield. Fighting side by side and supporting each other at the critical moment of life and death also made the two people who had ignored each other forge a deep friendship. But Xiao Dian said with a bitter face. : "Hey, it's good for you. Whether you are in pairs or appreciate each other, they are all in pairs. It's a pity that I'm breaking up now!"! I don't know if my dear Zhi Rong will marry someone else after I die. At this time, a clear woman's laughter rang out from the outside: "Ah Dian!"! Do you believe that I really advise Zhi Rong to change her boyfriend? The voice inspired Xiao Dian and Xiao Feng to blurt out together: "Aunt Feng!" In the voice sounded at the same time, a dazzling fire lit up, Xiao Fengyin graceful posture has appeared in front of the people, Xiao Dian smiled, and in front of her dozens of magic army "whoosh" to the ground, unexpectedly all turned into ashes. Li Yan saw the power of Xiao Fengyin. Suddenly, she was taken aback. By this time, the three winds that suddenly appeared had surrounded her without warning. With a shout from Li Yanjiao, the Four Elephants Tower appeared from her hand, and the three winds, as if attracted by a magnet, hit the Four Elephants Tower together, making a clear sound. When Li Yan was caught off guard, she was shocked by three strong forces, and her face suddenly turned pale, almost spitting out a mouthful of blood. At this time, behind is a burst of kite sound sounded, accompanied by a half-moon light flying, everywhere, the magic cars have been crushed to pieces, broken limbs flying. Xiaomen Street ! Three Dharma Kings! Evil cloud suzerain Jiang Tian! Everyone was overjoyed, feeling tired and full of strength-the long-awaited reinforcements finally arrived! The influx of more and more psionic reinforcements also made Qinglong secretly frightened, and when he was distracted, Xiao Fengling, who had been standing still, suddenly moved. This movement has come to the front of Qinglong, "Dinghai" arm guard lit up a dazzling blue light: "Shining!" Qinglong is slightly distracted. However, he never relaxed his vigilance against Xiao Fengling. When he saw Xiao Fengling giving up the Seven Treasures Tree and choosing to attack at close range, he was secretly pleased. His left hand whirled quickly, and elastic circular overlapping ripples appeared faintly in the air. The brilliant super-high-speed attack was like concentrating a sledgehammer on the rubber. , bounced off one by one.. Qinglong took advantage of Xiao Fengling's slight stupefaction. He raised his talons and scratched his chest with the sound of a crack in the air. Xiao Fengling saw that the devil's claws were fierce, and his body flashed to the right side of Qinglong like electricity, and he pinched a trick. Cry: "Dun!" Qinglong only felt that his movements suddenly slowed down,drum spill containment, and each movement took several times the usual strength. Can not help but be frightened, the heart suddenly thought of Zhunti the Great Sage's secret street of fame. He exclaimed, "The secret of the wonderful truth!" ?

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