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Ender's shadow

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But when I look at the helpful newspapers that some people offer, and they mention -- it's always the early stuff, before the I.F.'s security apparatus cracked them down -- I notice a trend. Your name is always in the notes of their references. It is often quoted. But I can't find any information about you right now. Even newspaper excerpts. Apparently your research has never been published. But they still quote me. It's a miracle, isn't it? You people are always collecting miracles, aren't you? To become a saint? "It's a pity that you won't be blessed before you die." "I only have one lung left," Anton said. So if I keep smoking, I won't have much time to live. "You can quit smoking." There's only one lung, and that lung has to filter twice as many cigarettes to accumulate the same amount of nicotine. So you should smoke more, not less. That's obvious,wholesale plastic pallet, but you don't think like a scientist. You think like a religious woman. You think like an obedient person. When you find something bad, you don't do it. "Your research topic is about the genetic limitation of human intelligence." "Is it?" "Because that's the area where your work is always cited.". Of course, the titles of those newspapers are not clearly'that 'subject, and those subjects must be confidential. But the titles of the articles mentioned in the footnotes -- all of which you never wrote,mobile garbage bin, since you never published anything -- are all related to that field. "It's always easy to follow the clues." "So I want to ask you a hypothetical question." "My love for this question is second only to rhetoric.". I can easily immerse myself in one or the other. "Imagine that someone tries to change human genes in violation of the law, or rather to improve human intelligence." "Then this person would be in great danger of being arrested and thrown in jail." "Imagine again, using the best genes available, he found a gene that could alter a human embryo, and when that embryo was born, its intelligence could be significantly enhanced." "Embryo!"! Are you testing me? That kind of change can only happen in a fertilized egg, collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet supplier, a single cell. "Continue to imagine that a child so modified is born into the world.". The child was born and grew to the point where his superior intelligence was noticed. "I don't think you're talking about your own children." I never mentioned children, not at all. That's an imaginary child. How did someone realize that the child's genes had been altered? In the absence of definitive genetic testing. Anton shrugged. "Why are you investigating genes?"? They'll be normal. "Even though you've changed them?" "That's too small a change, of course, just a hypothesis." "Is the genetic mutation within a reasonable range?" It's just two switches, one on and one off. Lo and behold, the genes are there. "What gene?" Experts like me are the key. They are usually isolated or dysfunctional. They all have extremely high intelligence. Extremely fast computing power. An extraordinary memory. But they are incompetent and even intellectually inferior in other areas. You can open a twelve-digit square root in a second, but you can't do simple shopping in a store. How could they be so extraordinary and so stupid? "Is it because of that gene?" No, the other one, but it tells me what is possible. The human brain can be far more intelligent than it is now. But that's a, what do you say, bargain? "Exchange." "A terrible deal.". In order to have superior intelligence, you must give up everything else. That's the way the mind of a solitary expert works. They only do one thing. Everything else is distracting and annoying. They focus on one thing, far more than anything else. Their attention never shifts. So all highly intelligent people are likely to be idiots in other ways. ” That's why we're all acting, we know that. The exception is the seemingly benign scholar, who can still be distracted from normal life. But I think.. I can't tell you what I think because I have to obey a ban. He smiled helplessly. Sister Caillot's mood has hit rock bottom. When someone is identified as a risk factor, they implant a device in an area of their brain, and when they think about something, the device is activated and causes them anxiety. Such people are periodically stimulated to make sure that they feel very anxious when they notice or talk about forbidden subjects. Monitoring is a gross intrusion into a person's life; but for those who cannot be trusted with vital secrets, it seems more humane than the usual imprisonment or death penalty. Of course, that explains why Anton is so happy about everything. He must be happy. If he allows himself to be agitated or angry — any time of strong negative emotion — his failure to talk about forbidden things can also create an acute anxiety. Sister Caillot has seen an article about it. The wife of one of the men who was fitted with such a device said that their life together could not have been happier because he looked at everything so calmly and with great humor. The children love him now, and he is no longer afraid of him when he is at home. She said that, and in the article it was only a few hours before he jumped off the cliff. Life is better for everyone except himself. Now that she had met such a man, his memory had been blocked from access. "It's a great shame,wholesale plastic pallet," said Sister Caillot. That's it. I'm a lonely old man, and you're a kind sister, aren't you? Will you do me the honor of taking a walk with a lonely old man? ?

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