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Dumb and cute with belly black and happy little enemy

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Looking up at Shen Mochen's always cold cheeks with a rare expression of shyness, the blush on his face has been so obvious that it can no longer be obvious, peach finally realized what he was doing. I.. I Peach that ruddy mouth slightly open, "I" for a long time did not "I" out of the following, a pair of black and white eyes as if by magic, looking at the cinnabar, do not know what to say. "Have you seen enough?" There was a trace of chagrin in Shen Mochen's voice, but at the moment the peach was pressing on his body, and he could not move, if he reached out to protect his chest. Isn't that a little too girly..? Entangled for a long time, Shen Mochen can only lie there to accept the peach's attention ceremony, but did not expect that the peach was stunned there for a moment and did not know what to do. There is a subtle atmosphere of embarrassment and ambiguity, which flows slowly between the two people. Shen Mochen's deep voice seemed to wake up the peach who was in a daze. For a moment, the messy peach in the wind suddenly calmed down. She slowly withdrew her eyes and shifted them to Shen Mochen's uncomfortable cheeks. She nodded very seriously and answered: "I've seen enough." "Don't come down when you've seen enough!" Shen Mochen's voice had a hint of dullness, but with an undisobedient command. Oh Peach, who had always been obedient on weekdays, did not listen to Shen Mochen this time. Her big black and white eyes blinked at Shen Mochen. Her ruddy lips turned up slightly and she said with a smile, "No, I haven't done anything bad yet.." "What do you want..?" Shen Mochen looked at the peach with a very alert smile,aluminium laminated tube, and suddenly felt that the dialogue seemed a little familiar, but the role seemed to be reversed. Peach did not answer Shen Mochen, but with a beautiful smile on her lips, she gently bent over, her long smooth hair sliding down her shoulders to Shen Mochen's chest, her long black hair and white skin formed a sharp contrast, while her ruddy lips gently kissed the cinnabar on his chest. Oh,plastic packing tube, ha ha, today's wood has, the cat really did not mean to stop here. You come to hit me ~ ~ Chapter 479 Wonderful Misunderstanding 7. Peach did not answer Shen Mochen, but with a beautiful smile on her lips, she bent over gently, and her long smooth hair slid down her shoulders to Shen Mochen's chest. Her long black hair was in sharp contrast to her white skin, while her ruddy lips gently kissed the cinnabar on his chest. "Well.." From the chest came a warm, wet and slippery feeling, accompanied by bursts of electric shock feeling, a moment of attack on Shen Mochen's senses, that strange and exciting feeling, as if the whole person was wrapped in silky silk, gently rubbing, metal cosmetic tubes ,empty cosmetic tubes, bringing irresistible pleasure. Shen Mochen's white and slender palm gently stroked the peach's thin shoulder, trying to push her away, but the feeling of a burst of itching made him more willing than able, and the gentle push was more like a gentle touch. Peach You're playing with fire. Shen Mochen's eyes like black jade deepened, and his voice warned her in a hoarse voice. "Oh.." The small and greasy tip of the peach's tongue slowly teased the cinnabar on his chest. Although Shen Mochen's chest is a little flat, it doesn't feel so soft, but the good smell he emits really makes her want to eat him in one mouthful. "Peaches.." Are you listening to me or not. Shen Mochen thought that after he said that sentence, the peach would be restrained, but she actually intensified her efforts to tease up, Shen Mochen finally realized that when he used to molest the peach, the feeling of the peach's limbs were weak. It's just that the newspaper of this world has come a little too fast. "Oh, you're so wordy." Peach took advantage of the gap of molesting Shen Mochen, looked up at him very discontentedly, then stretched out a white and soft little hand, directly covered Shen Mochen's thin lips, and then. Continue to concentrate on the cause in front of you. …… You.. "Well.." Shen Mochen's warm lips were covered by peaches with their hands, and the soft touch of her palms came from her lips, with the fragrance of peaches, mixed with a burst of crisp and numb feeling, and reason gradually pulled away. The little white rabbit, who had been bullied by the big bad wolf all the year round, finally felt proud and elated and molested the big bad wolf. Peach heart that small sense of achievement is more and more obvious, it seems that such a flirtation is not enough general, she learned before Shen Mochen's appearance, starting from his delicate collarbone, naughty to leave one after another exclusive mark of her, feeling his body involuntarily gently trembling. Have to say, in this respect, peach is really a serious and studious three good students, she will before Shen Mochen to deal with their own various methods of molestation, all intact and imposed on Shen Mochen's body. Indoor temperature is gradually rising, on the one hand, Shen Mochen's reason told himself to push away the peach, now is not the time. But on the other hand, there was a voice in his heart shouting, why should he push her away! The peach is yours! The palm he placed gently on the shoulder of the peach had become hot, the white chest was dotted with traces of the peach's kiss, and there seemed to be a fire burning in his body, burning more and more fiercely, and the cold eyes of his usual days seemed to be glowing with hot light. All right! Peach looked at her masterpiece with great satisfaction. Chapter 480 Wonderful Misunderstanding 8. "All right!" Peach looked at his masterpiece with great satisfaction. Shen Mochen's face was shy and his expression was blurred. The white sheets set off his white skin. His deep black eyes were shining with bright stars, and he was staring at himself deeply. Hey, hey. The original initiative indecent assault on others is such a sense of achievement,custom cosmetic packing, no wonder whenever someone said that a boy is suffering, that person will always loudly retort that I am attacking! Really grasp the initiative, is the last word!!.

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