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But the ball has not yet started to play, the field and a group of people, they came on, they shouted: "Clear, we want to play the whole court." Xu Linhu raises an eye to look: "I say who is so arrogant, it is 7 platoon so! It is 7 platoon so!" Seven platoons, the official Beitian University platoon, one by one grow tall and strong, energy is also very exuberant, this time actually gathered together ten people to play basketball. Xu Linhu saw several people in the last friendly match, including the arrogant defender Peng Kang, but it was another tall man who called the clearance. Xu Linhu is not afraid of their many people: "I'm sorry, everything has to come first, this half we occupy, you want to play, play another half!" "Boy, which school are you from? Are you very rude?" The other party walked out of a guy who was about the same height as Xu Linhu. There was a small scar a few centimeters long in the corner of his right eye. Then he walked up to Xu Linhu in a ruffian manner and stared at Xu Linhu with his head tilted. In the last competition, he was not one of them, so he did not see Xu Linhu, nor did he know which school they were from. Xu Linhu has been unable to change his hot temper, directly shouted: "No matter how horizontal you are, you are not horizontal!"! Don't pretend in front of me! Perhaps he didn't expect Xu Linhu to be more horizontal than he was. After a slight stupefaction, he shouted angrily,pump tube, "What's the matter?"? Want to fight? Believe it or not, I'll put you down now! Xu Linhu which also hold back, directly want to swing a fist to hit up, but the fist just raised to half, was caught by a hand, he tried hard, but how can not break open, look back, it is Han Feng. The guy was startled at first,plastic cosmetic tubes, but when he saw that his fist had not been smashed down, he immediately kicked Xu Linhu in the abdomen, but this time he did not succeed. When his foot was kicked in the air, one foot suddenly swished, came first, rushed ahead of him, knocked down, and smashed his foot down. Bang! The scar eye retracts the foot, under the foot spreads the burning pain to make his face muscle some deformation, his right foot has not felt now, numb very much, one bump one bump, dare not support the body forcefully. The whole process happened in a flash of lightning, but a few people standing nearby could see it clearly. In the army, the consequences of fighting in private are very serious. Han Feng said to Xu Linhu in a calm tone, without any trace of anger, plastic laminated tube ,polyfoil tube, as if he had just done something trivial. You and him..! Scar eye is trying to scold out, but has said the words of the mouth, but let a sharp eyes to swallow down, he opened his mouth, but did not make a sound. Remembering the leg kicked by the other party just now, he didn't even see the shadow. He knew that the other party was certainly not a good person to mess with, so he looked back at his classmates who had come with him. Ha ha, Han Feng, we meet again! Peng Kang walked over with a smile. He also saw clearly the movements of Han Feng just now. He was shocked or shocked in his heart. He didn't expect that besides playing basketball, Han Feng's skill was so good. You should know that the Mahong who just went up to provoke, but the seed player of the Taekwondo Club of Beitian University, had just been dug up by the president himself. As it happens, there are five people on your side. Would you like to have another fight? Peng Kang said. Ma Hong immediately said, "Yes, let's have a competition. If you lose, go away and give up the venue." After hearing this, Xu Linhu glared at him, but if he hadn't been disciplined, he would have wanted to beat the boy long ago. Now if we play with them, it will undoubtedly be very disadvantageous to the first row. In fact, Xu Linhu is the only one in the school basketball team. Others have not been selected because of their performance problems. In addition, Han Feng's skills are also good. Although other Xu Linhu do not know, it is estimated that they are not much better. But the seventh row was different, and he saw several people on the court who had participated in the game last time. Here is not like school, losing is losing face, here, honor is regarded as the same thing as life, if they lose, they will certainly show off. Han Feng disliked the noise of the scar eye and did not speak. He asked for the basketball directly from Zhuangwu's hand. Then he went to the middle of the court and took a little glance. Then he held the ball with his right hand, held it with his left hand, jumped high and made a standard jump shot. The basketball spins gently from Han Feng's hand and flies out, drawing a beautiful arc, and then "swish", the ball.. It's in! “……” All the people present who were just wondering what Han Feng was going to do were shocked by Han Fenglu's hand. Hallucinations, must be hallucinations! If it's not an illusion, it must be luck! "Zhuang Wu, pass the ball." Han Feng to Zhuang Wudao, because the ball was right in front of him. Does he still want to vote? The sober Zhuang Wu immediately picked up the basketball and passed it to Han Feng. After Han Feng caught the ball, he immediately made another jump shot. "Swish!" The ball is in the net again! "Pass it again." Xu Linhu passed the ball back to Han Feng. Whoosh! The third one! Han Feng said to Peng Kang: "You can leave now." Chapter 72-cheer for you. The occurrence of an event in a period of time can be regarded as an accidental time, but if the event occurs repeatedly in a short period of time, it is a necessary event. You can leave now. Han Feng a light words, as if directly in the seven rows of those people's faces mercilessly pulled an ear scratch! Especially Peng Kang and Ma Hong two people, the face suddenly rose red, looking at the midfield Han Feng, as if looking at a monster. Peng Kang originally attributed his last performance to poor condition, which gave Han Feng an opportunity to think about when to come to a separate contest with Han Feng, severely ravaging Han Feng, a good revenge, but now, he found that this idea seems very naive. It turned out that Han Feng was not as good at controlling the ball and organizing the offense as they thought, but had no talent for shooting. In fact,cosmetic plastic tube, contrary to this idea, Han Feng's performance just now fully proves that he has shocking strength in shooting, even those professional players in the NBA in the United States have not reached this level.

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