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Arty record by Adu

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Hao Yi raised his neck and poured down half a bottle of beer, laughing: "You are a duplicitous guy, who said that there is no need for a higher and bigger platform, eh?" "Elder Martial Brother, I mean." Hao Yi waved his hand: "I know, I know.". To put it nicely, tolerance is great, and no desire is just. To put it bluntly, the stones in the whole pit are smelly and hard. I can see it clearly. It's not that you can't do anything about it, but that they can't do anything about it. Isn't this the true biography of the teacher? "" Zhou Yifangsishen went to school as usual to finish his class. As soon as he left the classroom, he was blocked by the dean's secretary. He pulled him to a quiet place and handed over a cell phone: "Dean Huang wants to talk to you." Huang Yinyu used both hard and soft means at the other end to press for the whereabouts of the relics. "Dean," said Fang Sishen, "please talk to the president first. Only when the school and the college reach an agreement can I consider your suggestion. Feeling Huang Yinyu's suppressed anger, he quickly hung up the phone and took out a copy of his will and handed it to his secretary: "Please pass this on to President Huang." The secretary came out of the teaching building with him. Fang Sishen didn't want to talk to him, but they were on their way, so they had to bow their heads in silence. Hey, I heard that Hua Dading has a real antique in his hand, which is worth tens of millions of yuan. Is it true? Fang Sishen stopped and looked at him without speaking. You, what are you staring at me for? It's not what I want. Neuropathy The secretary cursed in a low voice and hurried away. Hao Yi yesterday finished the express and moved to the Liangzhou office guest house in Beijing,eye cream packing tube, Fang Sishen went directly to meet him in the afternoon. The efficiency of the Beijing Office is quite high, and all the preparatory work has already been done, and the documents are ready-made and only need to be signed by both sides. There are still several media waiting for interviews at the scene. The director of the Beijing office is extremely eloquent, from the beginning of praising Huading Song's character and knowledge, all the way to the support of the western education cause, even the old professor had a brief fate with Liangzhou during the period of great transformation, which shows that he has done a lot of homework. Fang Sishen had no choice but to accompany him to take a picture and hide beside him. Hao Yi knew he didn't like it and apologized quietly. Fang Sishen shook his head. "It doesn't matter. It's better this way.". In any case,plastic laminted tube, it is a way of expressing importance. Elder Martial Brotherther is leaving in the evening. I won't go to the station to see you off. Bon voyage. Hao Yi shook hands with him and said, "Take care.". Have a chance to come to Liangzhou to play. The next day, the cultural and educational editions of several local media in Beijing reported that the relics of Hua Dingsong, a famous professor of Chinese studies at Jingshi University, had been donated to the Department of Chinese Studies of Yumen Academy in Liangzhou. As for Hao Yi back, Yumen local how to publicize, is the last word. Fang Sishen was at school, thinking that someone would come looking for trouble, but nothing happened. Thinking that raw rice had probably been cooked, some people could only be helpless no matter how angry they were. He could not say whether he was happy or not, but he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. When he came home for dinner in the evening, Fang Duzhi said, "The legacy of Hua Dading, cosmetic tube ,plastic packaging tube, that's all." In the end, he was somewhat unwilling, and his tone was sour. "The snipe and clam compete with each other, and the fisherman benefits, and the Yumen Academy is cheap for no reason.". Your senior fellow apprentice is really riding high this time. In these matters, Fang Sishen never argued with his father. It went in one ear and out the other. Seeing that his son was so thin, Fang Duzhi filled a bowl of soup for him and said, "Drink more.". It's all over. You can have a good rest. If you go on like this, you might as well quit class and rest at home. "Dad, I'm fine." Fang Sishen drank up the soup in one breath. "Don't worry, I'm really fine." At noon on Thursday, I suddenly received a phone call from Ms. He. Her voice was gentle and polite: "Xiao Fang, Jasmine wants to meet you. It's not convenient for her to contact you directly.". I wonder if you are free this evening. Fang Sishen knew that Jasmine was the Western name of Mrs. Qiu. Between their friends, they still retain the habit of living overseas for many years, and they are called by their Western names. No hesitation: "Yes, there is time." Ms. He gave an address. When Fang Sishen looked for it in the evening, he found that it was a bar deep in Dongcheng Carp Hutong. This side belongs to the area for foreigners to entertain, full of strange signs, colorful and blurred lighting, music are controlled inside the shop, looking at a silent and bizarre, very magical effect. Fang Sishen had never been here before, so he found the place and confirmed the storefront twice before stepping up the steps. The waiter greeted him politely. "How many gentlemen?" "I have an appointment with Ms. Shannon Ho." "Ah, this way, please." The light inside the shop is dim, divided into several independent small spaces, soft singing accompanied by low talk and laughter, no one can be seen at all, and the privacy is excellent. The waiter led Fang Sishen inside, and most of the people he met were foreigners. Deep in the corner, two ladies are chatting. After saying hello, Mrs. Qiu stretched out her hand to pour tea. Ms. He said, "I heard Jasmine said she was going to attend Mr. Hua's memorial service. By the way, I learned about Mr. Hua's life and admired him very much. I took the liberty to go with him. I hope I didn't disturb him.". The day before yesterday, I read the news that the old gentleman's legacy was donated to the university in the west by you, which is even more admirable. I didn't expect to be so young and have such a high level. Fang Sishen blushed because of her praise: "It's not as good as you said.". My senior fellow apprentice is over there, and I have the conditions to protect the teacher's things more properly. After chatting for a while, Ms. He excused herself and left the other two to talk alone. Mrs. Qiu, he.. How are you recently When the poor section is seen. Qiu sister-in-law looked at the opposite pair of sincere and eager but introverted and self-controlled eyes, and deeply felt that the young owner was so good at looking at people. "This skill, though even the city is full of it." Hong Shao was afraid that you were worried and asked me to convey his greetings. It's just that it's too late for me to contact you rashly, so I took the opportunity of the old gentleman's funeral. I'm sorry. "It doesn't matter.". The teacher knows him. Qiu sister-in-law did not expect this,eye cream packaging tube, but could not help but have a deeper understanding of the relationship between the two. Originally still hesitating, he made up his mind to take out a large envelope from his handbag and put it on the table, pushing it in front of Fang Sishen with both hands.

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