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Home Beer Brewing Equipment

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middle of Weishi Road,Li River Ecological Industrial Park , Nanyang City,He
Nanyang, Henan
50L and 100L home beer equipment For the beginners who has just entered the industry of beer brewing,Website:, a set of beer brewing equipment that is easy to operate, of low cost and occupies small floor space has already been their best choice. On the basis of the above requirements, Jingde Beer Technology Development Co., Ltd. has developed an all-in-one beer brewing machine that serves all the four main functions of mashing, lautering, kettling/boiling and whirlpooling. 50L home beer equipment Configuration 1.: Malt Handling System Part Name Quantity Specification Malt Handling 1 1. Modes: double rolls; 2. Output: 150kg/h; 3. Power: 1.5kw,customizable; 4. Low noise and dust,Greatly improving work environment; 2.: Saccharification System Part Name Quantity Specification Mash Tun 1 1. Modes: Boiling, lauter and whirlpool all in one tun; 2. Material: SUS304; 3. Inner thickness: 2-3mm; External thickness: 1-3mm; Mushroom cap thickness: 2-3mm; 4. Capacity: 50L;-100L 5. Heating: Electric heating tube, Power: 2kw/220v; 6. Insulation sandwich: perlite of 55mm thickness; 7. Surface treatment: 8K mirror surface processing; 8. Thermocouple thermometer; 9. Mash Filtering plate; Mash Pump 1 1. Modes: sanitary centrifugal pump; 2. Power: 0.75kw; 3. Pump capacity: 3T/h; 4. Pump head: 18m; Heat Exchanger 1 1. Material: food grade stainless steel; 2. Size: 5m²; 3. Design pressure: 1.0MPa; 4. Work temps: 170?; 3.: Fermentation System Part Name Quantity Specification Cone fermentation tun 1 1. Material: SUS304; 2. Inner thickness: 1.5-3mm; External thickness: 1-3mm; Mushroom cap thickness: 2-3mm; 3. Capacity: 50L; 4. Insulation sandwich: foamer of 70mm thickness; 5. Surface treatment: 8K mirror surface processing; 6. Work pressure: 0.16MPa; 7. Cleaning: CIP; 8. Welding type: argon arc welding; 9. Cone: 75°customizable; 10. Digital Thermometer; Refrigeration 1 1. Capacity: 6.5cm ³; 2. R134a; Air valves 2 0.18Mpa; Pressure gauge 2 Range: 0-0.4MPa, precision: 0.01MPa, corrosion   protection, suitable for high viscosity liquid; Foreshot 1 Material: SUS304; 4.: Control system Part Name Quantity Specification Control system 1 1.Saccharification control, including temps and mash   pump; 2.Fermentation control, including temps and pressure; 3.Refrigeration control, including machine and pump; 5.: Standard accessories Part Name Quantity Specifications Electronic scale 1 Range: 1kg, Precision: 0.1g; Thermometer 2 Range: -10?-110?,Precision: 0.1?; Saccharimeter 2 Range: 0-15BX,Precision: 0.2BX; Thermocouple thermometer 1 Range: 150?, Precision: 2?; Oxygen gauge 1 Range: Inner/25MPa, Outer/0.4MPa; Precision: Inner/1MPa, Outer/0.02 MPa; Measuring cylinder 1 Material: SUS304; Rake 1 Material: SUS304, using for raking off vinasse; CO2 cylinder Working pressure: 15MPa, Capacity: 40L, using for filling CO2; Tool box 1 Including: 1. Tap-water Junction diameter 3\4"; 2. Larger diameter rubber tube hoop: 12pcs; 3. Smaller diameter rubber tube hoop: 8pcs; 4. Inflatable head: 1set; 5. 25mm diameter seal ring: 15pcs; 6. 32mm diameter seal ring: 15pcs; 7. 40mm diameter seal ring: 15pcs; 8. 25mm diameter sus304 bend pipe: 1pcs; 9. 25mm diameter rubber bend pipe: 6pcs; 10. 25-38 diameter rubber hoop: 7pcs; 11. Blind flange: 1sets; 12. 3.5m filter fabric; Black rubber tube 10m White rubber tube 10m Thermostat 1set Replay 1pcs Power switch 3pcs CO2 tube 5m Heating tube 1pcs Foreshot Each one for every fermentation;
Home Beer Brewing Equipment,Home Brewing Equipment

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