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When Wuying hatched the cockscomb snake, the excitement in his heart disappeared in an instant by the powerful bloodthirsty breath of the cockscomb snake. From the moment the eggshell began to crack, he had an indescribable sense of discomfort. That kind of person is very uneasy, and full of bloody breath, so that the right path is really very uncomfortable. But that was only temporary, and the little cockscomb snake became quiet after sucking his blood. Wuying finally breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately he controlled the unruly little snake. If we can't control him, we don't know how many players will be killed today. The cockscomb snake is good at sneak attack. If it misses a hit, it will escape immediately. As long as the poisoned player does not use the powerful antidote within three seconds, he will fall into a state of paralysis and coma for one minute. An average player can die several times a minute, so when you go to fight cockscomb snakes, you basically have a powerful antidote. Wuying walked out of the secret manor with great excitement. When he walked to the street of Xuanwu City, he realized that his actions had caused all the players in the game to search. But he was not worried, because who would have thought that he had got it? So what if he knows? Now his ability to kill him is just a few people. Pets this thing, as long as you do not take the parade, who can know that you have a pet. Today's weather is really good, the sky is so blue, the air is so fresh. Shadowless mood has never been so good today, he is in a good mood,14 tube fitting, and did not find a trace of evil breath has entered his body. Many players have run to the pet store, want to go there to see in the end the sale of combat pets. There are some low-level players, especially the Lone Rangers. The speed of Lian Ji is very slow. If you can have a war pet, it will be much easier. Although the master does not want the store's pets, it does not mean that other people do not need them. The door of the pet store has been blocked because there are so many people coming here. There are a few players who come early, and they just occupy a place here. They have been watching here for a long time, and there are no pets suitable for fighting. Some pets can work on low-level monsters, but they are a little reluctant on the same level of monsters. If the pet dies while fighting,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, it costs money to revive, and the loyalty of the pet will be deducted. Once the contract is signed, it will cost money to cancel the contract. You have to feed the pet in the middle, and if you don't feed it for three days in a row, you will lose two points of loyalty. The people in the back heard the people in the front say that everything inside was not good, and some of them had already left. They've basically learned how to tame animals, but they think it's better to buy a safe point. If you go to tame the high-level monster, it is estimated that the danger is very great, and you do not have the ability to hurt the high-level monster without being injured. The pet that the shop sells can not press a grade, even if you are the person of 50 class, also reach a pet of 70 class likely, you want to have enough money to go only. Don't crowd, everyone. Our Longteng Pet Store has received a batch of pet eggs today, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,tube fitting manufacturer, but they are not identified. The batch of pet eggs we got this time was originally prepared for auction. However, considering the eagerness of players, we decided to sell it in stores in major cities. As our head office, Xuanwu City sells the most pet eggs this time. The price is uniform, three thousand gold coins each. Once sold, the store is not responsible. The head of the Xuanwu City store pushed aside the crowd and announced the board's decision. The quality of this batch of pet eggs is not very high, so they are lazy to spend the money to identify them. Shit, you're not going to fool us with an egg, a duck egg, or a rotten goose egg, are you? "Yes, who knows what's in it, and you sell it so expensive?"? Are you robbing money? I don't know what kind of eggs you're getting, but as long as it's not a bad guy. I'll take the last one and try to buy one first. "I'll have a try, too. At the worst, I'll cancel the contract later.". Boss, I want the biggest one. Yes, that's it. "Hey, man, give me a hit, too.". I want a man who is bigger than the one just now? Then take the brightest one. My mother said that as long as it's bright, it's basically the best. "Haha, dude, you are so funny. Does the bald man's head shine?"? Is that the best, too? Boss, take the blackest one. I like the blackest one best. For a moment, the crowded crowd was lined up. Who can now know whether those things are good or bad, can only rely on their own vision and luck. In fact, everyone is not too resistant to these commercial means. Isn't it just three thousand yuan? What is it? The sales places in major cities are basically the same lively, after all, the war pet is still relatively rare. The female players who bought the pet went to the pet identification shop, and they had to quickly cancel the contract of the pet. Although these things look good, but can not replace their own fighting ah! Girls don't like to fight and kill, but it doesn't mean that they don't like to be strong. Low-level female players are very dangerous, after all, there is no difference between the game and reality. It doesn't matter what you do in the game, but it's different in reality. Boss, pet eggs are on sale in every big city now. Shall we buy some too? This man is panning for gold in a big wave, and he is a trusted follower without a shadow. When he saw Wuying coming back from the outside in a good mood, he quickly told him what he thought. I don't think this is necessary. After all, this thing is not very good. The best thing for us is to tame those adult monsters of level 70 or 80, although the development space is a little small. But for us now, that's what we need most. You lead the brothers to start with the monsters of level 75, and ask for those with strong abilities and high defense. We should move now,12 needle valve, but we can't start until you sort out the pet thing. Shadowless had a plan in mind, and when he saw the myth start, he already wanted to do it.

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