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More than ten years ago, Lingzhu had already told the way to deal with Meidanzuo. It is to let Wei Kui shoot the bow of the sun to condense the power of a thousand miles of flame, and shoot him down with an arrow. But how can we make Medanzo not flee, not fight back, and honestly let Wei shoot an arrow? Need to find a desert to entangle him, Wei Kui can not make a move in advance, can only be the last sudden blow. The cost of killing Medanzo is not small, and it is not good for the superior to go too much. It is not easy for anyone to control the chaos of great magic power. It may also cause undesirable consequences, and even lead to the loss of life. To make an inappropriate analogy. To kill a man. You can't drop an atomic bomb on a city. Breeze Chong Zhong Li Quan said, "It is best to start at noon in an open desert.". In addition to shooting the sun bow, it is best to borrow another artifact from Jiutian Xuannu Palace, that is, carrying a fan. If you don't have a fan, you can lend me your fairy fan. Zhong Liquan: "The wind helps the fire. Are you fanning the flames?" Qingfeng: "The two of us must first entangle Meidanzuo for a long enough time to let Wei Kui open his bow to shoot the sun. At the last moment, we know that the flame is ignited by the soul sound array. Mei Zhenyi takes the opportunity to sacrifice the divine thunder. Meidanzuo's fighting method will reach its peak. I will carry the fan and you will fan the wind with the immortal fan. Wei Kui shoots an arrow." Zhong Liquan: "Can Zhiyan and Zhenyi get involved in this kind of battle?" Qingfeng said indifferently, "Even if you don't intervene, you have to intervene. This is about Mei Zhenyi and Wei Wei. You and I are just helping each other. Their action is to contain and finally defeat the enemy. You and I are just stopping the enemy from fleeing and hurting people." Zhong Liquan asked again, "The bow for shooting the sun is the first of the artifacts in the Nine Days Xuannu Palace. The fan is also one of the nine artifacts in the town palace. Can you lend it out at the same time?" Qingfeng: "The Lord of Zhenyang Palace has said that if Mei Zhenyi has something to do, he can send an emissary to Jiutian Xuannu Palace with a black dragon horn to ask for help. By the way, he can also send me a Da Luo Achievement Dan and promise that if the artifact is lost,38 needle valve, I will repay it. If it is damaged, I will repair it." Zhong Liquan asked again, "Even if the artifact can be lent out, things can't be as simple as you say. How can you and I just entangle Medanzo in the desert?"? And how can you be sure that he won't go straight to the fairy world without leaving the human world? Qingfeng: At that time, this man was seriously injured. He has been recovering in Kunlun Wonderland for more than 20 years, but he has just recovered. According to the usual theory, he should not resist the punishment of heaven and return to his immortal world immediately. He needs to cultivate himself in the world and prepare for the plunder,14 tube fitting, or find a magic weapon or accumulate merits. And when he suddenly encounters you and me and is locked in the fight by the divine consciousness, he cannot soar. Zhong Liquan said with a wry smile, "This is tantamount to saying nothing. The fairy boy didn't answer my question just now." Qingfeng's expressionless face looked very serious: "This is beyond deduction. It lies in the art of war in the world.". You and I intervene is such a fight, as for the rest of the matter, should let Mei Zhenyi think of his own way, if he can not do it, do not take this matter. Mei Zhenyi had been listening and didn't dare to interrupt. Then he answered, "Thank you, Fairy Boy and Master, for being willing to do something. I dare not ask too much. I will try to arrange the rest." After saluting out of the dining pavilion, Mei Zhenyi found all the monks in the mountains who were above the earth immortals, including Zhiyan Fairy, Zuo Youxian, Zhang Guo, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,38 tube fitting, Mei Yi, Nebula, Tiliuzhuan, and the visiting Xu Demon King. They plotted all night in Suiyuan Xiaozhu. The "strategy" was decided by Mei Zhenyi, and Xu Demon King also helped to supplement and improve it. Mei Yi specifically directed and determined the "tactics" and assigned tasks to each person, including the top ten demon kings in Kunlun Wonderland and the "backbone" of their demon soldiers, as well as the disciples of Taidao Sect under Zuo Youxian, all of whom participated in the operation in different ways. Finally, Mei Zhenyi pointed to the Tang marching atlas and drew a circle in the Gobi desert between the mountains of Bogda Peak, west of Gaochang. The sixth volume: Zi Fei Yu 246, heaven has no way to escape quietly, hell has a door to throw. A shocking news came from Kunlun Wonderland. Zhong Liquan, the immortal of Donghua, was looking for a man whose body had 36 flaming wings, blond hair, blue eyes and handsome appearance. The instrument in his hand was a golden spear. Zhong Liquan opened the reward, who can find him quietly, and take Zhong Liquan to the hiding place of this person, with a big achievement Dan as a gift. The messenger also added an explanation. The so-called Da Luo Achievement Pill is the legendary Immortal Prescription Jiuzhuan Zijin Pill. It is said that after taking this Pill, within a thousand years, as long as you sit and move your whole body, your magic power will increase without hindrance, just like being in the fairy cave. Another miraculous effect is that if the original Dharma body is destroyed, as long as the divine consciousness is not dispersed, the Dharma body can be re-condensed, which is equivalent to adding a real Dharmakaya, which does not need to be reincarnated. Good stuff! Why release the news in the name of Zhong Liquan? Because Donghua Shangxian is an old hoodlum here for more than 600 years, he has a wide circle of friends and affection in heaven and earth, especially among the casual practitioners. Although the name of Mei Zhenyi is very famous among the people in heaven and Buddhism, and among the people in the world of cultivation, it is not heard much among those who are scattered in Kunlun fairyland. The golden immortals, the bodhisattvas, and the patriarchs of various sects will not provoke that kind of karma in order to get a nine-turn purple golden elixir, but who doesn't want the casual practitioners of the earth immortals and the younger disciples of various sects who travel in the mountains? This time the news spread very widely, it is said that even the wild mountain demon king in the wilderness all know, there is also news that the ten demon kings of Longkong Mountain ordered their demon soldiers to go out collectively and search aimlessly in the mountains. Can these people find Medanzo? With Medanzo's cultivation, if you want to hide or sneak deliberately, it is almost impossible to be found as long as you don't encounter it head-on. But he couldn't stay in Kunlun Wonderland. Once he exposed his hiding place, he was entangled. The trouble may be endless. According to the news sent back secretly, Medanzo left his hiding place, restrained his air and sneaked away and disappeared. These early in Mei Zhenyi's expectation, and did not deliberately go to find Meidanzo. Instead, he ordered people to stay outside the Jade Pool. All Sanxiu were looking for it in Kunlun Wonderland, but Mei Zhenyi ordered people to "search" in the Kunlun peaks outside the Jade Pool Gate. The people who searched were divided into four teams. Zuo Youxian led one team,pipe fittings manufacturer, Xu Demon King led one team, Zhang Demon King led a team, Mei Zhenyi and Zhiyan led a team. All the ten demon kings participated in this action.

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