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Glazed Prajna Flower

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Then, Luo Xuan lost a lot of internal force to her, glass feeling his body is slowly injected into the strength, slowly fell asleep. Luo Xuan wiped her face with hot water, asked Zhao Xiangji about the details of stealing the sword, and began to explain to him the footwork and know-how of immortals. Zhao Xiangji's talent is very high, and he has a good foundation in the Five Elements and Eight Diagrams. He learns much faster than the colored glaze. The next day, Zhao Xiangji came to a quiet corner of the city wall with Liuli carrying a bundle and Luo Xuan. The two men, one with an arm of colored glaze, flew across the wall in the air and quickly jumped over the wall more than ten feet high. After spending money outside the city to buy a carriage, a group of people continue to drive to the Tianshan Mountains. The colored glaze prajna flower text supports and accompanies each other Pat the appendix dry, the mist blows the sideburns, the sea wind is cold. Haoge was so surprised that the floating clouds dispersed. He counted the green hills and pointed to Penglai. On the bank of the gauze scarf, the crane rode on its back, raised its head and roared, and went straight up to the Temple of Heaven. With the help of Zhao Xiangji's transfiguration, Luo Xuan and his party's trip to the north was particularly smooth. Luo Xuan dressed up as a white-haired old man, hobbling, but still can not hide the immortal wind and bone. Liuli and Zhao Xiangji dressed up as a middle-aged couple, the son and daughter-in-law of the old man. Originally, at the beginning, Liuli was still clamoring to pretend to be an old lady, and Luo Xuan made up a pair of old immortals. It's just that she walks too restlessly. Who has ever seen an old lady with white hair who is still bouncing in her seventies and eighties! She was still too stubborn to pretend to be a child and call Zhao Xiangji's father,tube fitting manufacturer, so she had to promise to be his daughter-in-law. Soon they arrived in Yecheng, less than a month's journey from the Tianshan Mountains. Because Luo Xuan's poisoning time is getting longer and longer, and the frequency is getting more and more intensive, their driving speed is very slow. But there are still more than three months to go before August 15, so there should be time. Because the toxicity is becoming more and more serious and difficult to suppress, more and more rare medicinal materials are needed, and it is impossible to collect them all by oneself, and it is always not enough to buy more silver. Luo Xuan forbade Zhao Xiangji to steal things. Glass only every day and Zhao Xiangji in there to hide Luo Xuan to think of ways to discuss the money. Fortunately, along the way there is Zhao Xiangji,ball valve manufacturer, if not Liuli really do not know what to do. Especially when Luo Xuan poison hair, she is worried and afraid and helpless, Luo Xuan does not let her guard, she can only wait at the door to cry. Zhao Xiangji is the first friend she made in this strange place, so she cherishes it very much. Although he has a lot of vulgar and disgusting eccentricities, but generally speaking, people are still good, Liuli will reluctantly treat him as a buddy. Luo Xuan repeatedly persuaded Zhao Xiangji not to follow them and do what he should do. Zhao Xiangji, however, on the grounds of learning kung fu, and he himself was wandering around, so he had to follow him all the time, and Liuli kept saying good words for him in order to have more companions. Before Fu Shun could not speak, Luo Xuan did not like to talk, and the glass was bored to death. Now accompanied by Zhao Xiangji all the way, he told her all kinds of strange and new things, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting supplier, such as the grudges in Wulin, the gossip about a certain school, the process of his mysterious stealing, his many strange experiences and so on. Along the way, I didn't know how lively it was. In order to repay Liuli's life-saving grace, he also generously taught her his unique transfiguration. Liuli not only learned transfiguration very seriously, but also pestered Zhao Xiangji all day long to teach her some small martial arts that he could learn. Zhao Xiangji even sneaked into the Sutra Pavilion of Shaolin. I don't know how many schools of Wulin have practiced their unique skills. It's just that martial arts need to be single-minded, and the practice of internal force is not overnight, so many of his moves and postures are just superficial. It's OK to coax laymen, but the power is far from enough. Glass has never been so serious to learn anything, all just to be able to be stronger, to help Luo Xuan a little more. At least don't hold him back and be able to protect himself. She watched a lot of martial arts TV, and what she hated most was the kind of weak woman who had no strength to tie a chicken, was easily caught by bad people as a threat, and finally caused a generation of heroes to be decapitated. She kept learning, and if she couldn't learn it, she would recite it. She was thoroughly familiar with the top martial arts and mental skills of all schools. Especially Zhao Xiangji taught her the upper flying skills, do not need too much internal force, with the use of immortal walk, is simply elusive, unpredictable. Coupled with the transfiguration, she was thinking that if she returned to modern times, she would be really rich in this life! Zhao Xiangji has a straightforward character and never hides his love for glass. However, because of Luo Xuan's reasons, has always been careful, dare not be presumptuous, and the glass of the line is more Frank, treat Luo Xuan like a nymphomaniac, only did not see a nosebleed. Only Luo Xuan treated her as a child and didn't think about it in any way, even a fool could see it. Zhao Xiangji knew that he was too short of Luo Xuan, so he had no choice. At most, he had the courage to show his innocence, but he didn't have the courage to fight for it. Liuli has long been used to his sex maniac appearance, only that he is to see a woman like, for fun, so he did not take his mind to heart. Only pity Zhao Xiangji, in order to please her, eat, save her life, all 18 kinds of martial arts were taught to her. And I have to suffer from her bossing me around and kicking me! "Camera, Brother Xuan has a poison attack. Hurry up to boil water!" "Camera, there's no silver again. Hurry up and find a way to get silver!" "Camera, there are a lot of mosquitoes here. Help me drive them away!" "Camera, my back itches, you scratch it for me!" "Camera, if you are hungry, you can catch a fish or a rabbit or something to roast and eat!" "Camera, the phoenix carved on your little jade pendant is really beautiful. Bring it to me!" "Camera, I am so hot, you help me fan!" "Camera!" "Camera!" …… Zhao Xiangjijian did not understand how he had changed from a charming thief to a waiter and laborer! He was so angry that he wanted to die! It happened that as soon as he went on strike, Liuli began to grin and pretend to hold his heart. Alas,14 needle valve, I have a backache. Alas, I have a backache. It's a pity that I haven't recovered from my big injury yet. Some people are ungrateful and burn bridges regardless of my life! Alas! How unconscionable! Brother Xuan, you come to judge! Zhao Xiangji was so angry that he wanted to cheat the corpse again!.

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