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Peerless Tangmen

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On the competition stage, a shrill scream came from all directions. The huge body of the Skeleton King fell to the ground. The black skeleton seemed to lose all its supporting strength and turned into countless fragments. Yan Feng finally panicked. When he saw the purple and golden figure clearly again, the Skeleton King died in battle. Although this is related to the Skeleton King being trapped and suppressed by Sansheng Town Soul, the destructive power of that moment is really amazing. In the Tang Dynasty, even the fire of the soul could not escape, so he simply killed it. The eyes of the purple and golden figure were still closed. It's just suspended in midair. The dragon's wings opened behind him, and the faint purple and golden halo and the purple and golden halo at his feet still flickered slightly. The wind heard, but the rain changed. The pouring rain seemed to be pulled by an invisible force, and it actually converged in the air with the competition platform as the center. A large amount of rain poured into the circular entrance at the top of the shield, like a waterfall rushing down towards the competition platform. When they fell to less than 200 meters from the ground, the momentum suddenly slowed down. Under the light ice fog, they turned into countless heavy snow, which fell from the sky and covered the competition platform. Can he use celestial phenomena? Isn't this the ability of the title Douro? After several shocks, Yan Feng felt as if he had suppressed a mountain in his heart, and he knew that he could not wait. The purple and golden figure, like a God coming down to earth,38 needle valve, killed the skeleton king with one hand, leaving a deep shadow in his heart. And with the change of celestial phenomena, Yan Feng is clear that he has hardly much. The bone dragon raised its head to the sky and sang, and the ice-blue light on its body rose again. The snowflakes falling in the sky will actually have an increasing effect on him. The bone dragon itself is the carrier of evil and ice. All of a sudden, I saw the ice blue light on the body of Yan Feng, and even showed a flame-like burning up. And the body of his bone dragon swelled again, and the length of his body swelled several meters. Then he rushed towards the purple and golden figure with an indomitable momentum. If you don't succeed,38 tube fitting, you will die. Before the opponent's momentum is fully developed, you will win or lose with one blow! The purple and golden figure suspended in the air seemed unaware of all this, raising its right hand and pointing its index finger into the air. Suddenly, the snowflakes falling from the sky danced and turned into a huge ice and snow vortex falling from the sky, and the temperature of the whole competition platform dropped at an alarming rate. Even the yellow shield began to turn white. The soul masters, who were responsible for maintaining the shield, felt the pressure increase one by one, as if the extreme chill could penetrate into their bodies through the soul shield. What kind of power is this? Is not in the game is a title Douro? As a referee, Zheng Zhan has already been a little silly. The temperature dropped rapidly, and his cultivation felt the chill. Even if someone asked him to stop the game now, he would never be willing. Because he could feel that if he stopped now, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,pipe fittings manufacturer, he would probably be in danger of injury. Is this really done by young people under the age of twenty? The huge bone dragon, with an indomitable momentum, almost flapped its wings for the next moment, and it was already in front of the purple and golden figure. I saw the purple gold figure left hand raised, in front of the virtual press. The wings behind him suddenly changed color, one wing became as white as jade, the other wing became as crystal clear as emerald. On this pair of wings, a moving light and shadow emerges respectively. Vaguely discernible, it seemed to be two women. A circle of halo rose from the foot of the purple and golden shadow. The first halo is blood red with four gold stripes, while the second to the fifth and fourth halos are all presented as magnificent orange gold. At this time, the fifth halo at the end of the row, the orange-golden light suddenly burst out. The huge bone dragon, so stagnant in front of the palm pressed forward, could not advance any more, and the ice-blue flame burning and rising on his body seemed to have encountered some obstacles, no matter how it could not rush forward for half a minute. The competition platform suddenly lit up with a dazzling light, but this time it was no longer gold and silver, but white and green. This time, some people who were prepared saw it clearly. The two rays of light, white and green, emanated from the wings of the purple and golden figure. It seemed to be two charming and moving figures, light and shadow overlapping in the air, instantly spreading from the head of the bone dragon to the tail. The two-color light flashed like a moment of youth. The harsh light disappeared. The snowflakes spinning at high speed on the competition platform also stopped. Then the snowflakes changed from falling to rising. One after another turned into an ice blade and rose into the sky. The rainstorm falling from the sky was instantly broken by these ice blades, and was contaminated and transformed into snow flakes, turning into a huge ice and snow tornado, which rose into the sky along the shackles of the shield of the competition platform and went straight into the sky. Zheng Zhan gawked at the scene and his pupils contracted. At the moment when the white and green light flashed, he felt as if he had a layer of goose bumps all over his body, and even he was not sure what would have happened if he had faced the blow. What kind of power is that! Eight rings, that is at least the real eight-ring soul division, the power of the strong Contra level to strike with all their strength! No wonder he, the nine-level soul teacher, is also afraid. After all, his title of 90 Douro does not really have the fighting capacity of the Douro Soul Division. How is that possible! That Huo Yuhao, Wang Donger, a five-ring, a six-ring, their magic power of fusion, unexpectedly,14 tube fitting, unexpectedly can reach the power of the eight-ring realm? The bone dragon opened his mouth, still so quietly suspended in front of the purple and golden left palm that looked completely out of proportion to its size. His voice became more hoarse. Can you tell me. The name of this soul skill. Huo Yuhao's flat and somewhat cold voice sounded, "It's called the pride of the two emperors of ice and snow." ?

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