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Cousin saw how charming I was in full view of the Iraqi people.

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Although, Shen Yan this name, actually is I casually take. But when I took it out, I thought it sounded good, so I began to attach a moral to the name, which was later explained in the article-no good banquet, add wine and return to the lamp to reopen the banquet. (I'm so smart, so awesome!) (2) Woman At the beginning, the heroine was set to have a two-skinned face. (……) Because the purpose of this article is PIAO male God! Only two skins can go up shamelessly and chase the male God! The hero is the Royal Guards. What kind of woman can chase a Royal Guard without shame? Because of the setting for Shen Yan at that time, he was a person who wanted to do great things. He is a male God, and he certainly won't fall in love with an ordinary woman! Chapter Table of Contents It is particularly necessary for the woman to take the initiative. [??????Mianhuatang. & # 99; & # 99; Fast Update The website has clean pages and few advertisements. Only the two female masters can brazenly chase Shen Yan. At the beginning, the Royal Guards set up a game. The heroine travels to the game she plays and goes to PIAO, a Royal Guard male God who is in line with her own perception! The male God is often on a mission, the male God is not interested in love, the male God does not appreciate women, so the woman needs to redouble her efforts to seduce her! So set the heroine through to the game, is a big family, everyone's servant girl. This family has an unsolved case, or the young lady is missing, or haunted, whatever it is,Concealed Flush Valve, it will attract the Royal Guards anyway. At that time, it was also set that the heroine would have no feelings for the characters in the game at first, but later she gradually found out that they had a real plot (does it look like Yao Fu, the female partner in Martial Uncle? That's right. Later, I didn't use it in the Royal Guards. I continued to use it in Martial Uncle. This story should be the story of the woman dressed as a servant girl, seducing the Royal Guard man. One of the reasons for her death was that I always felt that the servant girl was so ugly. Well, even if she was not ugly, she was certainly not a great beauty. If she is a great beauty,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, how can she be a little servant girl? Think of my male God in the hands of the little servant girl, my heart is broken. Not reconciled. Second, I don't want to set the story as the background of the game, and I don't want to cross the channel. (I don't know why I don't want to go to the channel.) Anyway, I just want to stay on the channel. If you add the background of the game, you will definitely go to the time travel channel. Think again, think the game background is not necessary, remove it. This version of the heroine died. The second edition, because if you want to stay in the ancient channel, you must give the heroine a pure ancient identity. What kind of woman can deal with the Royal Guards every day? Only by dealing with each other every day, can we know each other and love each other. Set a two-skin face (..) The goddess operator character, intends to upgrade the flow, while upgrading, while pretending to be a ghost and falling in love with the man. But I still don't feel worthy of Shen Yan. A fortune teller, a woman. How beautiful can it be? How beautiful can it be to let Shen Yan, Flushometer valve ,Self-closing Faucet, who is used to seeing beauty, see her? Why should Shen Yan look at her? Does she have any other advantages besides having a thick skin? A high-quality male God, I don't even want him to marry a woman with low status! I have an infinite affection for Shen Yan. I hope he is well and smooth, and I hope he is all right. Never be wronged, never abandon, never have to choose. If the woman is just a fortune-teller, she will be too wronged to my male God. This edition is also given up. For a long time after that, I was wondering what the heroine should be like. Not long after the end of the bodyguard, I was often in a trance and thought of the plot in the bodyguard. I fell in love with Qin Ning (the baby daughter of Qin Jing and Princess) for a while. Qin Ning's setting is quite Mary Sue, beautiful, lively, lovely, and very cruel. Belongs to the little witch character. Perhaps the subconscious always feel that their writing is not good, the more I like what kind of characters, the more I do not write what kind of characters. To the Royal Guards here, there is still this tendency. All plan to PIAO male God, I obviously like the little witch character, do not want to write, always afraid of destroying their love. I want to give Qin Ning to another man. What is the leader of the Demon Sect? It's impactful and fun. I don't want to pair her with Shen Yan. Then a thought, in fact, the surname, can be another woman ah! If the princess, to be beautiful enough, smart enough, unique enough, to stand with Shen Yan, not inferior. As soon as others see them, they will feel that the immortal couple is the best match. Before the character setting of the heroine came out, I came up with the name first. Liu Ling. I'm especially fond of common names. The more common, the more flavor, the more different. Liu Ling's name is ordinary, so I want her to be unusual. To deserve her, standing beside Shen Yan, even Shen Yan, can not take away her elegance. At this time, I began to show a faint female master. I want and love both men and women! In the Royal Guards, I really designed the outline of the story. Although the design is very simple. But it has a story.. Maybe subconsciously, what I want is a little progress. When designing the outline, what I always thought in my mind was that Liu Ling and Shen Yan were standing on the top of the hill, standing on the cliff, watching the clouds roll and relax, watching the world grow old. Two people stand side by side, see the natural scenery so beautiful, all at their feet. The story of the whole text is spread out from such a picture that I want to write in my mind. Liu Ling slowly came to life. He also thought of the noble and cool style designed for the princess at the beginning. Put on Liu Ling, cold and flirtatious, good feeling. I want her noble and cool style, but it is different from the general noble and cool style. [Www. Mianhua Tang. CC Super Nice Novels] should be frigid on the outside and hot on the inside. Love while you hate. To have a strong heart,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, carry all the pressure, against the wind, against the current straight up!.

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