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Under the Hengmen Gate

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After a while, he felt the arrow, took a look at it, and said in a hoarse voice, "It's okay, it's not poisonous." Qi Chi took a look by the way, by the dark light of the hole, only to find that the arrow was actually with a barb, no wonder to first enter half an inch and then pull out obliquely, even so, after being pulled out, it also brought out a trace of flesh and blood. Her chest was so stuffy that she covered her mouth and almost vomited. Futin threw the arrow, put his arms around her waist, and pushed her face away. "Don't look." Chi Chi lay in his shoulder socket, unable to say anything at the thought that he could endure such pain. ? The day finally dawned and the gale eased. There was no sound outside except the hiss of Futin's horse. Fu Ting sat there, and as soon as he lowered his head, he saw Chi Chi lying on his knees. She slept almost next to him that night. He moved his shoulder, which was wrapped in a strip of cloth torn from her lapel. Fortunately, she had changed her clean clothes in Hu Bu. They were clean, but they were used here. It was too dark last night, but fortunately there was no mistake. The wound on the forearm was broken by the bow,Time Delay Tap, but it was nothing compared to the arrow wound. He untied his cuffs, rewrapped the wound, looked out, looked down at Qichi, and found that her lips had been bitten by him and were still swollen. He licked his lower lip, remembering that this was the first time she had kissed him on her own initiative, guessing that it was to distract him, and it worked. The moment she met him,stainless steel squatting pan, his mind was on her. Glancing at her lips again, he felt that his blow was too cruel, and he reached out and touched it. Qi Chi was awakened by this touch. She sat up and looked at him. As the night passed, there was some doubt whether what happened last night was true. Futing pulled her to her feet. "Go now." "Your wound doesn't matter?" She stood up after him. At least we can carry it back to the north. He pointed to the outside. "There comes the cry of the eagle." On hearing this, Qi Chi immediately followed him out. Took the water bag to wash, sat on horseback, she rubbed the blood in her hand clean, turned to see the blood on his shoulder, or shocking. Thanks to the darkness of yesterday, she didn't know if she could really pull it out. She looked at him and wondered if he was holding on. Fu Ting wiped his face with water, turned over and sat behind her, afraid that she would feel uncomfortable when she saw her, and pulled her face over, but still did not let her see more. Chapter 59 The two men got on the road without stopping, and even the dry food was eaten on horseback. Wind and dust, stainless steel toilet ,stainless steel shower tray, all the way out, occasionally you can see the messy horse's hoof prints on the ground. It can be seen that the Turkic army must have searched nearby. Futing rode slowly here, looked around, and got off his horse. Qi Chi saw him dismount and followed him. He pointed to the dense forest in front of him without saying a word. She understood and followed him through. There was only the sound of dead leaves under his feet. She reached out and gave him a tug just before she came out of the woods. Voltin turned his head. "Why don't you cover it up?" She asked in a low voice. It means that he is too noticeable now. He said, "I mean it." Deliberately did not cover up, is to attract pursuers. Qi Chi also knew the reason, but he also knew that the situation was not as good as before. He glanced at his shoulder and said, "But you are already hurt." Voltin didn't say anything. The Turks hated him so much that they wanted to get rid of him. They had already carved his appearance so deeply that even if they covered it up, it might not be so useful. Just heard her say so, he still asked: "How do you want to cover up?" "Squat down," said Qi Chi. Without saying a word, he squatted down. She was next to him, half crouched behind him. Futin only felt that the bun on his head was loose, and her hands were playing with his hair, and she knew it in her heart. Qi Chi imitated the old woman's appearance and helped him braid his side hair into a braid and tuck it behind his shoulders. His hair was black and hard, just like he was. She's done. Step back and take a look. Originally he was dressed in Hu clothes and was tall, but now he has changed his hairstyle, and he really looks like a Hu man. Fu Ting turned to look over, saw the braids on her head, glanced at the two thin shadows on the ground, and said in a low voice, "This should be like a couple of barbarians." Qi Chi was kind enough to cover up for him, but after hearing this, it seemed that she did it on purpose. She could not help but look at the Hu clothes on her body, and then look at his appearance. The Central Plains pays attention to etiquette, but the barbarian's hairstyle is wild, against his handsome face, it seems that the wildness in his bones is exposed. She looked at it several times and whispered, "No wonder little Xinyun said you were a lover in the north." When Futing heard this, he laughed in a deep voice, got up, pulled her up, and took advantage of the situation to press her against the tree trunk. "Try to talk nonsense again." He felt that she had done it on purpose to mention an outsider at such a time. Qi Chi's eyes dodged, and his heart said it was just a feeling, reminding him: "You are still hurt." Futin grinned at her, glanced across her face, and dragged her out. She thought she knew he was hurt, but she couldn't speak without it. This time, they took a quiet path. Through a running stream, constantly through the dense grass in the mountains and forests, no longer see the horseshoe prints seen before. Futing remembered the direction of the eagle's call early in the morning. When he wanted to go there, he finally appeared in the wilderness. Before he got on the horse, he faintly saw two men and horses wandering in the distance. He pulled Qi Chi onto the horse and pointed to the other end. Qi Chi also saw it and was about to retreat when he grabbed his arm. He tilted his head toward the horse's back and motioned for her to go up. He untied the knife and hid it under the horse's belly. He said in a low voice, "There are only two people. Try to see if your cover is useful." Qi Chi guessed his idea, mostly to solve the other side. She hesitated for a moment because she thought of his wound, but when she saw him staring there, she climbed on the horse as he said. Futing led the reins below, and they really looked like an ordinary couple of barbarians passing by. The two men came slowly on horseback,Self-closing Shower Valve, looked all the way, and soon found them. Fu Ting deliberately led the horse to the side, and the other side shouted.

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