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Loyal dog push down raiders

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Carlos still stood silent like a statue, saying nothing. Yvan was so surprised that he couldn't help poking him in the shoulder. "That." His long fingers suddenly wrapped around his outstretched fingers, and Carlos whispered, "If your Highness really wants to see.." I would like to show your Highness. "What?" Yvan froze. "Doesn't it matter?" Carlos shook his head. All right, then. Ivan pulled out his finger. "As long as it doesn't bother you." It doesn't matter if I disturb you! She actually wanted to go into Carlos' room for a long time, but every time she didn't have a chance or the door was closed. Carlos seems to be very careful about his room, but women, even if they kill themselves, will still satisfy their curiosity, not to mention Carlos's room, which he has always wanted to enter but could not. Quietly and obediently, Carlos led Ivan into his room. The room was large and dimly lit, and Ivan could only follow Carlos' lead. This is my freezer. I prefer to store what I like, Your Highness. Carlos opened something like a small ice cave, and Ivan looked over. There wasn't much in it. There was a cake covered with a transparent cover, half of the milk, only a little juice at the bottom of the drink, and an iron pot with some cracks in the mouth of the bottle. At a glance, Yvan felt a sense of familiarity,Prison toilet for sale, as if he had seen those things somewhere. But before Ivan could argue it out, Carlos closed the door neatly. This is an absolute static space-time similar to the space ring, Your Highness. Carlos turned on another light, and under the light was a small transparent reddish cube, which contained some well-preserved cookies, biscuits, cheesecakes and other foods. Ivan glanced at it and skipped it carelessly. Eh? This cup.. Ivan saw a glass cup on the table under the lamplight,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, picked it up and looked at it carefully, "This." It looks like the cup I drank in the bar last time. Ha, ha, ha, it looks like it. Saying so, Yifan's heart was desperately refusing a possibility. It just looks like it. How could it be the cup she drank? "This.." Yvan swept to a small teacup in the still time and space, and immediately stiffened. If there is no mistake, isn't this the cup she uses to drink black tea every morning? Because she drank it every day, she was very familiar with the pattern and shape of the teacup. The strange feeling in my heart is getting stronger and stronger, whether it is the ice cave or the things in the still space, all bring Yifan a subtle and creepy sense of familiarity, it seems that those things have one thing in common, that is, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Manual Flush Valve, she has touched or tasted. Thinking so, Yifan's whole body suddenly stiffened. Yes, that's the glass she drank in the bar today. And in the small ice cave, the cake is the matcha cake she often ate for a period of time, the cracked iron kettle is the kettle that was broken and thrown away shortly after meeting Carlos, and the cookies in the delicate space are not the chocolate bean cookies that she used to compensate Carlos? And the cookies, cheesecakes, juice. As if he had discovered some shocking secret, Yifan's whole body was plunged into too much consternation and shock, and he turned around with a look of disbelief. The room fell into an eerie silence. Ivan turned around and found that the door had been firmly closed at some point, and Carlos stood quietly by the door lock, looking at her motionless. In the dim light, the blue eyes were as bright as a burning flame. , 95-loyal dog blackened- "Ka, Carlos.." Ivan looked at Carlos and said dryly. Standing in the doorway, Carlos's facial features are still breath-taking, tall and slender body with a calm and calm breath. But what Yvan would not have thought was that such a gentle and silent Carlos, her holy and powerful star knight, was secretly like a paranoid and dark pervert, secretly collecting everything about her. Ivan suddenly remembered the bloody bracelet that Carlos had held in his hand in the video Lena had shown herself last time. She suddenly thought of a guess and could not help feeling a little creepy. No, it's.. The bracelet, right? At that moment, Carlos stepped forward and knelt on one knee in front of Yifan, staring straight at Yifan without blinking his blue eyes. "I don't regret letting your Highness see these things today. If your Highness thinks I'm dirty and dirty, it doesn't matter how he wants to punish me. I just want to tell your Highness that I want to accompany you forever." Even if you're not your Highness's knight. I can't imagine what I would do if I lost your Highness one day. Carlos held his hands tightly against his cheeks and rubbed them constantly, while Carlos murmured, "Your Highness.." Carlos is just your own knight, no matter what your Highness wants to do to Carlos, Carlos will not refuse. Your Highness.. Ivan listened in a trance to the almost infatuated murmur in his ear, and almost had an impulse to promise Carlos immediately, desperate to possess him! No matter who she is, whether she is a real princess or a fake. Only the next second, Yifan hung his head in silence. How could you not care. She is her, Tassaye is Tassaye, if Carlos just likes her like a stand-in, she simply can not accept Carlos'heart wholeheartedly and completely. Suddenly thinking of something, Yvan asked with some urgency, "Carlos, you.." Haven't you recovered your memory yet? Yeah, one thing she's been missing is the one thing that Carlos's memory has gone backwards. Carlos called Tassaye in the video. Could it be that he only said that because of his retrograde memory? Thinking of this, Ivan's heart could not help but be ready to move, looking at Carlos's eyes became eager and expectant. Carlos was silent for a long time before he whispered,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, "No, it was recovered in the small town of Narya." Feeling that Yvan's body suddenly froze, Carlos raised his head in some puzzlement. "Your Highness?" ?

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