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Zinc Oxide in Direct Process

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No.10, Heliling,Yaotian Village, Xintang town, Zengcheng District,Guangzhou
Guangzhou, Guangdong
Zinc Oxide in direct process  Specification Index ItermTargetCB01-05(11)CB01-05ZnO-X1ZnO-X2ZnO-T1ZnO-T2ZnO-T3Zinc Oxide %=99.599. Oxid %=0.120.20---Cadmium Oxide %=  0.020.05---Copper Oxide %=0.0060.0001---Manganese %=0.00020.0004---Metals Zinc %=NoneNoneNone--Insoluble Matters in HCL Solution %=0.030.04---Losses on Ignition %= Matters in Water %= Residues      (through 45 u m wet mesh) %=0.280.320.280.320.35Volatiles at105? %= Power g/?=--150150150Oil Absorption g/100g=  --182020Colour Killing %=--1009595Colour(compared with  standard specimen)-Suit with standard sperimen production method Zinc Oxide in direct process starts with diverse contaminated zinc composites,Website:, such as zinc ores or smelter by-products. The zinc precursors are reduced (carbothermal reduction) by heating with a source of carbon such as anthracite to produce zinc vapor, which is then oxidized as in the indirect process. Because of the lower purity of the source material, the final product is also of lower quality in the direct process as compared to the indirect one.Characteris Zinc Oxide in direct process is the white powder, diameter:=1um, Microstructure was uniform short columnar, density is 5.6 g/cm3, chemical properties is the same as direct method zinc oxide.Application: Zinc Oxide in direct process is used in Natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex active agent. It is also used as a reinforcing agent and colouring agent, and can also be used as a vulcanization agent for chloroprene rubber and a synergist for improving thermal conductivity. Also the Zinc Oxide in direct process widely used in all kinds of rubber products, especially for transparent rubber products and food contact products.  Package and storage: Package :50kg paper bag. PGJ bag or woven bag. storage: The product of Zinc Oxide in direct process should be contained in unopened original package, protected from light in a dry place at low temperature ( no more than 15°C ). Once it is opened, please use it up in a short time.Our service: --Manufacturer of rubber chemical like Zinc Oxide, Rubber Accelerator,  Resin.... since 2007 --work with many brother manufacturers --ISO9001 is approval with high quality.  --Top Quality, Reasonable Price,Excellent After Sales service.
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