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The Strongest Abandoned Young _ Goose Is the Fifth _ txt Novel Paradise

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But before he started, the girl on the carriage had hurriedly got out of the car and walked up to him and said, "You can get in the car with me. After all, you are badly hurt.". You can rest assured that I will help you cure it. In fact, although you are not good-looking, but there is a kind of heroic spirit, I actually. Speaking later, the girl's voice became smaller and smaller, and even finally lowered her head. With a sneer in her heart, the woman had no shyness on her face, but she had to bow her head and say that she had a good impression on herself. It's a ***ing lie without a draft. Although I don't know what kind of attention this woman is playing, it must have something to do with him. An escort in the motorcade suddenly came over and said in a cold voice, "If you don't want to die, listen to the young lady and go with us, or I can let someone kill you at any time." There seemed to be no respect for the young lady in his tone. But when he saw the woman coming down from the carriage, he only frowned, but did not refute it. Ye Mo was furious. He had no quarrel with these people, but they were always ready to kill him. In his heart,plastic pallet suppliers, there was a chance to kill him. Although he had no True Qi at all, his divine consciousness was still there. But he also knew that even if he drove the flying sword, he would certainly not be able to kill all the dozen people here. Although these more than a dozen people, repair for the highest guard is that just said to kill him, but also yellow level repair for, but not now he can deal with, and that woman looks like yellow level repair for. If he still has a little True Qi,plastic pallet crates, there must be no problem. But now he only has divine consciousness, the internal injury is too severe, and the True Qi has not yet recovered. It's almost impossible to kill more than a dozen people. Maybe it's just the yellow warrior. He can't deal with it. Just as he was still calculating how he would attack once the other side started, the former guard said again, "Boy, our young lady will soon be a disciple of Shangqing Mountain.". It is your good fortune that she wants to save you, but you are still pushing and shoving. Let our young lady be happy, perhaps allow you to follow around in the future, that is the blessing of your life. Shangqingshan? Ye Mo frowned, is it Xiuzhen School? When the guard saw his expression, he said with some disdain, "Don't you know Shangqing Mountain?"? Yeah, you'd be surprised if you'd heard of it. I said that you should know even less about the Kungan faction. The young lady's heart is really. The guard shook his head and tried to go on. But the woman stopped him. She stared at him. Seemed to want to use their beauty to conquer. Unexpectedly, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible pallet bin, there was really a Kungan faction, which shocked me greatly. Of course he had heard of the Kungan Sect. That was what Luoxuan told him. There are three major sects of the Inner Hidden Sect, namely, the Taiyi Sect, the Kungan Sect and the Cihang Jingzhai Sect. Does this guard know about the Kungan Sect? I don't know anything, if I get some news from him. Then it is not difficult to find the Taiyi Gate through the Kungan Sect. Thinking of this, he looked at the guard doubtfully and asked, "What is the Kungan Sect?" Kungan Sect is one of the three major sects of Shenzhou, and is also known as the Three Gates of Shenzhou together with Taiyi Sect and Cihang Jingzhai. The Shangqing Gate that our young lady is about to go to is a subordinate sect of the Kungan Sect, and it's useless to tell you. The guard shook his head, as if he did not even know that the Kungan faction looked down on him. After listening to the word Shenzhou, he suddenly felt a very absurd feeling in his heart. He even felt that here and the outside world were originally one, but later they were separated for some reasons. He had seen the history of China for five thousand years, if there were really people who cultivated truth on the earth a long time ago. Then a lot of things are easy to explain. It is very likely that later, because of the lack of the spirit of heaven and earth, there is a great power to separate some places that can be practiced. Shushan, for example, is said to have been an ancient resort for sword cultivation outside, but it has been searched everywhere, and there is no mountain called Shushan outside. For example, Penglai Island, although there is Penglai this place, but I have never found any Penglai Island. It's totally a land mass. There are many places like this. Can these be found here? If it can be found, is his guess correct? Thinking of this, he suddenly asked, "Do you know where Shushan is?" Cut the crap and get in the car, just like you. Still want to ask Shushan. Seeing him dilly-dally, the guard was a little impatient. He glanced at the young lady. Suddenly he smiled and got into the carriage behind him. Although he did not know why this woman must pull him to go together, but at least she did not really kill, that she will not kill themselves. From the guard's answer just now, I can roughly guess that there is really Shushan here. It can be seen that this small world may be the same as his guess, which is the hidden part of the earth. Of course, it is also possible that there is something wrong with his guess. The small world is a place at all, and it has nothing to do with the earth. He agreed to go with the woman because he could heal anywhere. The most important thing is that this woman wants to join Shangqing Mountain, which is said to be a subordinate sect of the Kungan Sect. When he recovers from his injury, he will contact the hidden door. He knows nothing about the hidden door now, so it's good to learn about the hidden door through this woman. Seeing him enter the carriage, the young lady smiled faintly. This guy thought he was a hard man. With a little threat, he gave in. If I had known this, I wouldn't have had to pretend to be ambiguous. He did not speak in the carriage, but his ears were very sensitive. Through the conversation of some attendants beside the motorcade, he knew that the place where the motorcade was going was called Cixi Town. And this motorcade belongs to the Yu family,plastic pallet manufacturer, and the young lady in the car in front is Miss Yu. The Yu family is one of the three largest families in Cixi Town. From the conversation of these people, we can hear that the Yu family is very prestigious in Cixi Town. After walking for most of the day, the motorcade entered a large town at night. It is estimated that this is Cixi Town.

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