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The Strongest Team in the End of the World

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A minute? Ye Shang, you must succeed, otherwise, let me personally kill you, I will leave a shadow in my heart. Fei Dongdong kept wrapping the chains around Ye Shang and whispered, "You must succeed. Think about your wife. You must succeed. If it hurts, think more about your wife. You love her so much. You must succeed!". You guy, I am kind to help, you must not be sorry for me. Finally, she looked at the man who was almost wrapped into a dumpling by herself and whispered, "I will try to give you more time. You must succeed and don't let your wife down." Finished all this, non-Dongdong's brain gradually calmed down, she carefully checked the situation of Lingyu, found that although she has not yet completed the advanced, but the energy is sufficient, presumably there will be no problem. Ye Shang did not know what to inject into her to keep her in a coma. Time goes by minute by minute, the appearance of the night is more and more like a zombie. His fingernails were already several centimeters long, reflecting the light on the purple and black nail surface, looking hard and sharp, the surface of the livid skin began to form a layer of transparent scales,impact beam tubes, and the handsome face became ugly. Non-Dongdong's heart was beating so hard that she could not imagine how she could accept that she had become such a person if she still kept her self-consciousness, and Lingyu could not remember him at all. No matter how you look at it, his behavior is as stupid as suicide. How can there be this kind of person in this world since the beginning of the end of the world, which power has not tasted the taste of losing loved ones and loved ones, nor have they become zombies to accompany? Suddenly, there was a deep and hoarse howl in the room, and in the sealed and soundproof basement, a cold and cruel breath suddenly came from the man curled up in the corner. Fei Dongdong looked at his watch nervously. It's only twenty minutes. Is it going to be over? Night Shang has stopped twitching,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, he slowly raised his head, a turn to sit up, the movement is smooth, there is no sense of stiffness. He opened his eyes slowly, and his cold eyes swept across the room and fell on Fei Dongdong not far away. His eyes were full of tyrannical desire, and with his innate instinctive desire for food, he firmly locked in his goal. However, he did not jump up, and his eyes turned to the chains that bound his body. The space suddenly fluctuated, and in a twinkling of an eye, the chains disappeared without a trace. God, not Dongdong's face suddenly collapsed, it is obvious that the night in front of him has become a fourth-order zombie with space powers. The light of the shield lit up and covered the whole body of Fei Dongdong, because the night was still a space system, cold drawn tubes ,beam impact tubes, she had to adjust the range of the shield to the minimum, lest the guy would teleport and squeeze in directly. I wonder how much fighting power he can exert during the period when Ye Shang regains his sanity? However, as long as she can play half of the attack power of the fourth rank of non-fire, it will be enough for her to cope with. I hope he will not have any space broken, space imprisonment and so on, otherwise, let alone a minute, half a minute she may not be able to stick to it. Non-Dongdong's eyes turned around between the watch and the zombie night, anxiously observing the look of the night, the gun in his hand slowly raised, aiming at the zombie's head. This gun she has adjusted the output to the maximum, such a close distance, even a fifth order armor mutant zombies can not stop. Zombie night still slowly stood up, took a step forward, his movement is very slow, as if carrying a huge stone, looks very laborious. He lowered his head, and the sound of heavy breathing was so clear in the silent basement that it seemed to ring in your ears. Not Dongdong can not see his expression, but can feel that he is suppressing himself, she can not help but breathe a sigh of relief, it seems that the consciousness of the night is recovering. Can it really work? It's just that it's really hard to congratulate him on becoming a zombie who has preserved human consciousness. Fei Dongdong suddenly remembered Luo Kaisheng's desperate and lonely eyes outside Zhixia Village. He couldn't help giving a wry smile in his heart. Ye Shang, you are so silly. If Ling Yu can never regain his sanity, how lonely you will be in that population that is diametrically opposed to human beings, and how can you live with yourself. Ye Shang stood in the corner and raised his head slowly. There was a line of blood winding down from the corner of his eye, which looked very strange with an unusually calm look. He stared at Fei Dongdong for a moment, then suddenly bowed slightly at her and saluted. Ye Shang? Fei Dongdong tried to call out. Ye Shang nodded and did not speak. His vocal cords had mutated and he could no longer make a human voice. He turned to look at Lingyu on the bed, took two steps forward, reached out to touch her face habitually, but suddenly saw sharp nails flashing cold on his fingertips. His hand shook and drew back. Ye Shang stared at his hand for a moment, took out a big lunch box from the space, opened the lid, stared at the raw meat inside for a moment, and then ate one after another, his face was very natural, and there was no discomfort at all. The strong smell of blood made Fei Dongdong sigh and mutter in a low voice: "You have adapted quickly enough." Night Shang soon finished eating a large box of four-level mutant wolf dog meat, he threw the lunch box to the bedside, took a look at the non-Dongdong, and reached out to write a few words on the wall. "Get us out of town." "All right." Fei Dongdong watched as he untied the chains that bound Ling Yu, took out the communicator, and informed Ye Li and Fei Huo, who had arrived near the base city, of the outcome of the matter. Out of the city is very smooth, not Dongdong driving night Shang's own car. In her current position, no one is suspicious of the two people in her back seat, wrapped in a black hooded cloak. After driving out for more than ten kilometers, Fei Dongdong saw Ye Li and Fei Huo standing in front of him waiting beside the flying car. The night is still holding the spirit of the rain,Cold Drawn Tubes, on the non-fire flying car, non-Dongdong also jumped on the night Li's car. According to Ye Shang's wishes, several people sent them to the hillside of a mountain about 200 kilometers southwest of the North China base.

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