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See such a result, Zhou Tian did not feel any surprise, in the order to attack, Zhou Tian will also expect such a result. Now when you see the enemy is looking at the situation, Zhou Tian did not feel any surprise, but after the discovery, immediately broke down the defense line in the hearts of those soldiers with their own force. Without the chaotic clock, Zhou Tian still has the seal of the sky. Although the chaotic clock is good, it can only allow Zhou Tian to launch an attack. According to Zhou Tian's current strength, Fan Tian Yin is more applicable. And Fan Tian Yin's ability, although not defensive, but in terms of attack power, is worse than the chaotic clock, but also enough. When Zhou Tian will Fan Tian Yin sacrifice, toward the last or insist on the enemy after the past. Just listen to a loud noise, the position of the army, but immediately also more than a big pit. Although the attack of Fan Tian Yin is not as good as the chaotic clock, it is deterrent but not bad at all, looking at Zhou Tian sent out such a strong attack, Li Jiahao's soldiers are difficult to insist on staying and fighting. Originally don't want to play, now also saw the day of the week only a blow will own thousands or even tens of thousands of the same robe to kill the scene,side impact door beams, no matter from which aspect, the soldiers have been afraid to do resistance, not to mention those ordinary soldiers, even some of Li Jiahao's generals, at that time are also led to escape. Chapter 166 twelve grades of black lotus. Chapter one hundred twelve grades of black lotus After defeating the army arranged by Li Jiahao, Zhou Tian's troops did not stop to rest, but with the morale of winning the battle,side impact beams, they rushed to the direction of Xuanwu City. { "". } (Baidu search., ""), the price is 6 million. " Chaotic clock was taken away by the gods, Zhou Tian in addition to losing the strongest means of attack, but also no means of defense. The means of attack, without the chaotic clock, is enough for Zhou Tian, but the magic weapon of defense, this is what Zhou Tian has to fill in anyway. Zhou Tian considered a lot of commodities, but until the end, Zhou Tian thought about it but chose the twelve black lotus. The twelve-grade black lotus is an innate spiritual treasure made by the lotus seed after the destruction of the chaotic green lotus. It is the same as the twelve-grade golden lotus of merit, the twelve-grade red lotus of industry, and the twelve- grade green lotus of creation. Among all the innate Lingbao, the aggressiveness may not be very strong, but in terms of defensive power, stainless steel tube 304 ,Precision steel tubes, it is absolutely one of the best. The twelve-grade black lotus sits upright on the lotus platform. Nothing can be broken. It can absorb the breath of tyranny and destruction. The reason why Zhou Tian chose it instead of other lotus platforms was that he valued its ability to absorb the breath of tyranny and destruction. Although the world is different, the Demons in this world and the Demons in the Xianxia world are both negative systems. Violent destruction breath, which in any demon world will not be less, even, the importance of tyrannical destruction breath to the Demons, is equivalent to the importance of oxygen to human beings in general. Therefore, the special ability of the twelve-grade black lotus can not only cause certain damage to ordinary creatures, but also weaken the attack of the twelve-grade black lotus on those Demons when it is used for defense. In this way, when the attacks of those magic people fell towards Zhou Tian, they were just close to the twelve grades of black lotus, and all the negative energy contained in those attacks poured directly into the lotus platform, and although the last pure energy was not greatly affected, it had already lost most of its power, that kind of energy attack. Naturally, there will not be too much threat to the twelve grades of black lotus. With a slight impact, under the protection of the twelve grades of black lotus, the attack of those magic men will be completely dissipated in the air. This time to deal with Zhou Tian's magic man, not to mention the existence of the Holy Land and the demigod level, even the god-level magic man, this time there are many. With the attack of such a large group of magic men, when they attacked Zhou Tian, they thought they could easily kill Zhou Tian. But did not think of, they are sure of a plan to attack, finally to the week day attack in the past, but it is only to achieve such a little result. Twelve grades of black lotus show the ability to be too terrible, in the face of the restraint effect like a natural enemy, those magic people see all this, directly do not know what to do next. Magic people do not know how to do at the same time, Zhou Tian will not accompany them in a daze. Twelve grades of black lotus is really very restrained to those magic people, but if Zhou Tian wants to rely on a twelve grades of black lotus to defeat them all, it is also impossible. Therefore, Zhou Tian used twelve grades of black lotus to destroy the world just to protect his own safety, from beginning to end, Zhou Tian did not want to rely on the twelve grades of black lotus to destroy the world to defeat those magic people. So, when those magic people were in a daze because of the performance of the twelve grades of black lotus, Zhou Tian quickly fled in the direction of the capital at that time. Although the twelve-grade black lotus is not a magic weapon for flying, as far as the magic weapon of Liantai is concerned, although none of them is good at it, everything has a little effect. Although it is not a magic weapon for flying, the flying speed of the twelve-grade black lotus is not slow when Zhou Tian urges it with demon power after sitting on the twelve-grade black lotus. In a flash of time, Zhou Tian then used the twelve-grade black lotus to reduce his size, and in a shape as big as a grain of rice, he jumped directly over the magic men and flew past them. Seeing the figure of Zhou Tian's disappearance, the magic men finally reacted at that time. Go after it! Although the ability just shown by the twelve-grade Black Lotus is quite terrible, the magic men did not give up chasing Zhou Tian for this reason. After seeing Zhou Tian far away from the figure, not willing to let Zhou Tian run away,beam impact tubes, they naturally can only catch up. This time, those magic people once again delayed a certain amount of time, but also failed to block him before Zhou Tian returned to the capital.

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