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Mad Arms King

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The soldiers at the gate shook his head helplessly and still sent someone to inform Yin Zhengying according to the regulations. Hearing the news, Yin Zhengying also had a terrible headache. You said you were a little girl from the State of Chu who came to marry. Although you failed to marry, you still had a clear relationship with Division Commander Ding. What was going on with you. But Yin Zhengying still intends to see this little girl, although met several times, but Yin Zhengying can still see that this little girl belongs to the kind of person who is not afraid of heaven and earth, if really toss up, in case of being killed by his soldiers, that can be trouble. With Yin Zhengying's order, Zhao Yu snorted to the soldiers on guard, and then swaggered inside. Just after two steps, the two eunuchs and two palace maids behind him were stopped. Yin Zhengying only said to let Princess Zhao Yu go in, but did not say to let her entourage follow. Before Zhao Yu could wait, the soldiers at the gate made way coldly, but they also lifted the semi-automatic crossbow. As long as her followers dared to step into the white line of the restricted area, they would shoot them on the spot. There was nothing they dared not do. Ren Zhaoyu how to play small temper, these cold soldiers are just cold holding a semi-automatic crossbow, Princess Zhaoyu's spectrum in this way can not be placed, Mr. Ding has not put on a show, you are a little princess from the State of Chu with a donkey, in their minds, do not beat his wife, but never spoiled, in addition to his wife, never pity the idea of cherishing jade, Maybe there will be one more specimen in the hospital if it is killed. Zhao Yu had no choice but to get into the car himself, leaving four followers squatting on the edge of the restricted area waiting. Alas, princess, this is a military forbidden zone, not your own back garden. Let's say last time, you were on the military passage. If it weren't for our riding skills, I'm afraid you'd be a cold corpse now. Facing the little girl, Yin Zheng kept knocking his head. Hum, you still dare to say last time, know how many days I waited for you, but you are good, unexpectedly still shoot arrows at me, almost killed me! Zhao Yu played a rogue in front of Yin Zhengying. The military situation is urgent, not to mention you, even Mr. Ding has to make way! Yin Zhengying's voice rose and he pounded the table so heavily that Zhao Yu, who was sitting in front of him, jumped so high. You Why are you mad at me? Zhao Yu said in a low voice, and tears came down. Yin Zhengying has a feeling of going crazy. When he was a soldier at the age of fourteen, all he came into contact with were rough men who bled and did not shed tears. When did he cry when he spoke a little louder like now? Women are really troublesome. Forget it. Let's get down to business. Why do you want me? Yin Zhengying said helplessly. I By the way, I have something to do with you. Zhao Yu hurriedly nodded, even with tears giggling up, even a little flattering meaning, Yin Zhengying more headache, this woman how so strange, just also cried to wipe tears, a twinkling of an eye can laugh out. What's the matter? Yin Zhengying pulled a face. Look at your appearance, is not to borrow money from you, aluminium coated steel tube ,cold drawn tubes, lend me some money, I have no money to use! Zhao Yu said, lowering his head and pulling the corner of his clothes. Borrow money? Yin Zhengying was stunned, but he never thought that Princess Zhao Yu would borrow money from him. What's the matter? I don't want to. You're the only acquaintance I know in this place. Ah, that Ding is so annoying that I don't want to borrow money from him! Zhao Yu's face suddenly collapsed, and her little nose kept twitching, as if she were going to cry again. Okay, okay, I'll lend you the money. How much? I still have a few bank certificates. Yin Zhengying said that he began to look for deposit receipts in his office. He ate and drank in the barracks, and even wore military uniforms. It was useless to keep money. He saved it all. It was also a support for Tang Lingwen, the Minister of Economy. Uh "I don't want to borrow much. I'll use the money you have here. Just lend me a hundred thousand silver coins and make do with it first." Zhao Yu said casually. With a thump, Zhao Yu was startled, but when he saw that Yin Zhengying had already fallen down from the chair, Zhao Yu's eyes suddenly opened wide. Yin Zhengying scrambled to get up, tripped, and almost fell down, tightly pressing the desk, staring at Zhao Yu, "I said aunt, how much do you want to borrow?"? One hundred thousand silver coins? "Yes, just a hundred thousand, that's not a lot!" Zhao Yu said with grievance. Not a lot? Do you know how much my monthly allowance is? Eight silver coins, plus wartime subsidies, only twelve silver coins and a few yuan. Except for Mr. Ding, mine is the highest. You have to borrow 100,000 yuan at once. How many months will it take me to earn it back? It will take at least ten years! I've been a soldier in Fuyun Town for only two years! Yin Zhengying roared. But you are officer, ah, such a big officer, so many soldiers are in your charge, put in our place, is also a senior officer, guarding one side of the general, will care about this money, casually eat empty pay is more than this number, you don't want to borrow to say don't want to borrow! Zhao Yu muttered in a low voice. The State of Chu was the most economically greedy for ink. There were many scholars, but the scholars scraped the land more ruthlessly. Three years ago, the prefect of the Qing Dynasty, one hundred thousand snowflakes and silver came from the State of Chu. Aunt, it's easy for you to say, I'm just a deputy division commander, in charge of war command, money does not belong to me, all in the hands of Sima and the Military Commission, even if I want to eat empty pay also can't eat, in addition to the command of the war, usually I'm not the biggest, our floating cloud town policy and you are not the same, if I borrow you one hundred thousand silver coins today, don't have to tomorrow, The Military Commission will investigate me! Yin Zhengying said with a wry smile. Ah Zhao Yu is stupefied, see the appearance of Yin Zhengying, still really do not have money. I have a deposit certificate of two hundred silver coins here. If you want to use it, I'll issue a certificate. You can take the deposit certificate to the bank to get it. Yin Zhengying shook dozens of deposit receipts in his hand and said. Forget it, it's not enough for me to have a meal! Zhao Yu waved his hand,impact beam tubes, and Yin Zhengying rolled his eyes, remembering a famous saying in the north of the Han Dynasty, this prodigal little woman. 286 Work.

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