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Xi Dengzhi

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"You have rebelled against the imperial court, murdered the imperial concubine Miao, and robbed the prison. All the crimes you have committed are punishable by capital punishment. Therefore, you are not qualified to discuss with me the topic of meanness or nobility.". I heard Miao Guifei say that the task you had accepted was to assassinate me, but you gave up the task and chose to rob the prison. As soon as Miao Fenggang opened his mouth, I agreed because you still had a compassionate mind. Your immediate task is not to think about how to die. You should clear your mind and confess truthfully in the public trial of the three divisions. As soon as Xingye's voice fell, the warden came in with two female officers, tied up Gong Mi's hands and feet, and threw them on the bed. The two female officers stood by the door and looked at her. Gong Mi could not die, but was tied up like this, in the heart annoyed, simply fell on the bed, back to the line Ye, no more words. Xing Ye also did not intend to say much to her, the trial of the case has the Ministry of Punishment, Dali Temple, Ducha yuan, he did not have to chase the prisoner when the emperor asked. He turned and was about to go when he suddenly remembered something. So he turned around and went to the bedside. He looked down at Gong Mi and asked, "I'm only curious about one thing. It's said that your way of contact in the palace is to throw wax pills into the Wolong River. How did you salvage those wax pills?"? Are you a carp spirit? Become a fish in the middle of the night and go into the water to catch it? He asked and waited for Gong Mi's answer. But Gong Mi only lay quietly, without the intention of talking to Xing Ye. Xing Ye gave a sneer and said, "If you don't say it at this time, I don't believe you can still be stubborn when you are on trial." Gong Mi was silent for a while, then suddenly said,side impact beams, "Of course I'm not a carp spirit, but I have a Siamese tiger. Your Majesty, you've seen it." Xing Ye pursed his lips, asked no more questions, and turned away. Out of the prison, Xing Ye felt relaxed. He stretched his waist and asked Mao Chun, "Is the inside and outside of the throne room ready?" "Yes, the imperial guards have guarded both inside and outside the throne room,Precision steel tubes, and the old slave will act according to the emperor's eyes." Mao Chun responded. OK Xing Ye clapped his hands, "I'm going to the temple now. I can't wait to see how the people who once followed Ma Qinggui will look like a loser!" "Oh.." Xing Ye has not been so happy for a long time, Mao Chun looked happy, but he had to remind Xing Ye, "Your Majesty, the time has just come to the fifth watch, it is still early to go to court, the emperor or first go back to the palace to change the crown clothes, with some hot porridge." "No need!"! I'm going to the temple! Send the crown to the temple! Xing Ye finished, a show of robe sleeves, step briskly to the palace of the emperor. In the early morning of that day, as soon as the courtiers entered the Zhengyang Gate, they felt the atmosphere was different. Guards in full armor lined up from the gate of the Zhengyang Gate to the main hall of the Huangji Hall. Although the ministers took the side road, the long knife of the uniform system of the guards around them flashed cold light in the morning light, which made them tremble and speculate about what had happened. The ministers who had arrived early gathered in the room on the east side of the hall, whispering to each other. Because Xing Ye blocked the prison and the palace last night, aluminium coated tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, forbidding anyone to go in and out and pass on the news. So these people guessed and guessed, but they couldn't guess what was going on. Finally, when it was time to go to court, the princes entered the hall and saw Xingye sitting on the throne of the dragon with a smile on his face. This makes the minister workers more perturbed, because of the recent events outside the palace, line Ye in the court for a long time has not shown such a light expression. At the end of the kowtow ceremony, Xing Ye looked down at all the ministers and workers under the steps. He stopped his eyes on Zhao Song and said with a smile, "Guozhang looks good today. Did you sleep well last night?" Zhao Song already had a bad feeling, listen to the line Ye first point to him, but also under the heart of anxiety. He calmed down for a moment and replied, "Thanks to your Majesty, I slept soundly last night." "Ha ha.." Guozhang is right. You are really blessed by me. There was such a big thing last night. I didn't disturb Guozhang. I was afraid of waking up Guozhang's good dream. Xing Ye patted the armrest of the Dragon Chair and laughed loudly. "If you let Guozhang know what happened last night, it will be difficult for you to sleep again.". ” Zhao Song quickly turned the idea in his mind, wondering if Ma Qinggui had confessed something? Yesterday there was news to his house, told Ma Qinggui will soon escape from prison, although he did not know what method, but look at the line of Ye's expression, will it be a failure to escape? Just as he was thinking about it, Xing Ye said to his officials, "The beloved ministers must all know that the Hongtian Society has been a major threat since the beginning of our Dynasty. The ancestors and emperors have been encircling and suppressing the Hongtian Society all the time. Unfortunately, the Hong Tian Society has never been able to wipe it out.". Since I ascended the throne, adhering to the behest of the ancestors and emperors, I have spared no effort to suppress the rebels of Hongtian Society. Finally, last night, I suddenly turned around and verified the identity of the chief helmsman of Hongtian Society.. Order under the princes a listen to this, secretly pass each other's eyes, the heart is more and more confused and flustered. Originally, it was a good thing to find out the identity of the chief helmsman of the Hongtian Society, but because of this incident, the throne room was full of guards inside and outside, and the situation was different. Especially Zhao Song, listen to the line Ye said so, in the heart in the check, the emperor is not going to frame me as a rebel of Hongtian Society, right? If the emperor really launched an attack, he can not be committed, he has no contact with Hongtian, the emperor is falsely accusing him, even if the evidence is full of mistakes. As he was thinking of ways to deal with it, he heard Xing Ye go on to say, "Since Ma Qinggui was put in prison, Zhao Guozhang has instigated his ministers to put pressure on me several times and asked me to release Ma Qinggui.". Originally I thought he was just a moment of impulse, will hurt the embryo of the imperial concubine Miao, shut up a few days I relieve gas, also put it. At this point, Xing Ye suddenly stopped and asked Zhao Song, "Guozhang, would you be happy if I let Ma Qinggui go now?" Zhao stubble more confused, is not talking about the chief helmsman of Hongtian? Why did the topic shift to Ma Qinggui again? No matter how fast his brain turned, he could not imagine that Ma Qinggui,Precision Welded pipes, who had been allied with him for many years, was actually the chief helmsman of Hongtianhui. Pondering oneself and Ma Qinggui is a leech on the same rope, this time can not but support Ma Qinggui.

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