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All-round female partner [wear quickly]

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"Hello sister Xia" The original Mei Lan sat on the sofa and did not move but nodded to the white moon With some color in his eyes his fingers were unconsciously placed between his waist and abdomen Song Gaocheng brought the original Meilan back earlier than the previous life and it seems that the original Meilan has been pregnant What Bai Yue has changed in his life is nothing wire nail machine manufacturers more than letting him see the hope of his successful rise ahead of time Come to think of it Song Gaocheng is such a Zhongshan wolf once in power no matter how the original owner will bite the original owner Looking at your face I know you're a few years older than me

Don't you think it's inappropriate to call me sister Bai Yue smiled at yuan Meilan Her body was really young and recently she had a good complexion Her skin was so tender that she could pinch out water Compared with the original Mei Lan whose skin is dull because of pregnancy she does look a few years younger Bai Yue also has no good feelings for this original Mei Lan knowing that Song Gaocheng is a married man but also take the initiative to come up and even pregnant with a child And Song Gaocheng is just the same just don't know When Song Gaocheng completely loses power what choice will the original Mei Lan make …… Miss Xia laughed Bai Yue's words poked the question that the woman could not say which made the original Mei Lan extremely angry Just in the end there are still some scruples forced a smile secretly looked at Song Gaocheng

Ok Song Gaocheng interrupted their conversation looked at the white moon and asked "You went back to Xia's house but I didn't follow you back" How are Mom and Dad these days Even if Nail machine manufacturer the tone of exploration the white moon still heard the tone of the following revealed a bit of pride Anyway also these days now Song Gaocheng how rampant I'm afraid in the future will have to regret Heard Song Gaocheng's question the white moon then pursed the lip the fundus of the eye took on a bit of worried color But hesitated a little in his mouth "" Not that bad

"That's good Next time I'll definitely visit Mom and Dad in person" Song Gaocheng said eyebrows and eyes can not hide the high-spirited Bai Yue temporarily stayed with several people and the room was not big Bai Yue monopolized a room the original Mei Lan and Song Mu one Song Gaocheng naturally stayed in the living room During this period Song's mother and the original Mei Lan were strangely not looking for the trouble of the white moon but occasionally to the original Mei Lan's line of sight they saw the original Meilan looking at the white moon with a sympathetic look so that the white moon wanted to laugh in her heart

A few days later Bai Yue seized the opportunity and broke in while the three of them were talking Is that your baby in her belly! "Didn't you go out" Song Gaocheng slightly surprised to look at the white moon out of the room the morning clearly saw the other side out of the door at this time actually came out from the room Then he thought that the conversation had been heard clearly by the other side but Song Gaocheng was not flustered and his face was full of calm

"Now that you have heard it you should know that I will be responsible for the baby in Xiaolan's belly" Xia Baiyue let's divorce Song Gaocheng exhaled when he said'divorce ' Looking at Xia Baiyue's face in disbelief Nail Making Machine manufacturers his chest was full of pleasure It was like the emotions that had been suppressed for a long time were released at this time so that he finally found the field I don't agree! Xia Baiyue stared at Song Gaocheng angrily "You are crazy how dare you cheat" Do you believe I let my dad get rid of your job "Xia Baiyue do you know what you hate most" With a sarcastic look in his eyes Song Gaocheng stared at the white moon and said "You always talk about your parents

Do you think I'm a fool" I quit my job a long time ago and your father can't threaten me now that he can't protect himself Bai Yue's face duly showed shock and confusion and then shook his head and said "I don't care I don't agree to divorce" The smile on Song Gaocheng's lips became more and more real and he thought of the thing that Xia Baiyue had asked for divorce and he had asked for it in a humble manner Now it can not be said that the tables are turned one day the summer white moon will also do such a thing "I know your parents are in trouble now if you agree to divorce" he said coldly Here you take your house and I'll even give you half a million more

You don't want your parents to spend the rest of their lives miserable do you Song Gaocheng you little man how can you do this Where's Beibei You're his father! Bai Yue said raising his hand and smashing the glass at hand Song Gaocheng stretched out his hand to block it but his arm was numb by the strong shock and then the whole arm was numb The glass was hit by his arm and tilted splashing in all directions The boiling hot water that the white moon deliberately picked up immediately splashed on the faces of the two people with proud expressions the original Mei Lan and Song Mu The two people immediately shouted'wow ' Xia Baiyue!

Song Gaocheng just shouted was hit by a succession High Speed Nail Making Machine of things can not help but jump feet They are all delicate gadgets but I don't know what's going on and it hurts to hit my body Next to the Song mother and the original Mei Lan also did not escape but looked at the original Mei Lan carefully to protect the appearance of the stomach the white moon did not intend to aim at her stomach When the white moon relieved his anger Song Gaocheng felt a dull pain all over his body Seeing that the white moon was going to smash it he immediately said "If you don't want a child I'm sure I'll keep Beibei" He paused and looked at the original Mei Lan's livid face and Song Mu's disapproving eyes He changed his tune and said "But now Beibei is with your parents If you keep her I'll give you an extra 500000!"

Things are already like this so what if you don't agree You might as well take the money and help your parents Song Gaocheng looked at Bai Yue with a look of disgust He picked up the phone and made a phone call "a lawyer will come later You'd better not make any more noise and sign it obediently!" "It's obviously your derailment and as the party at fault you still want to divorce so simply" The white moon accused unwillingly What do you want to do after giving you a million yuan Song Gaocheng heart some disgust involving the interests Xia Baiyue really revealed the true face After all I just think the money is too little and I want to dig out another sum of money However although he had borrowed a lot of money from Jin Ge he still had millions of yuan left on him and he could not let Xia Baiyue go cheap like this

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