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Wolf totem

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The old man said "The wolves kill so many Mongolian gazelles not for fun nor to show off their power and prestige but to feed the old weak and sick people in the wolves" Why can't tigers and leopards stand up in Mongolian grasslands Why can wolves dominate the grassland It is because wolves are more United than tigers and leopards When the tiger hits the food he eats it for himself regardless of his wife and children Wolves are not Wolves think of themselves and wolves

They also think of old wolves lame wolves half-blind wolves young Coil Nail Making Machine wolves sick wolves and female wolves who can't keep up with wolves Although a large number of Mongolian gazelles have fallen down as soon as the first wolf comes tonight half of the wolves in the Erlun grassland as well as the wolves who are related to these wolves will come here and eat up all these sheep in one night The wolf thinks of the other wolves and the other wolves think of it so the wolves hold together; the wolves hold together so they fight fiercely Sometimes when the Wolf King howls he can bring in hundreds of wolves to fight together According to the elders there were tigers on the grassland but they were all driven away by wolves Wolves are more family-oriented and more United than people The old man sighed again and said Only in the time of Genghis Khan did the Mongolians learn the best from wolves The Mongolian tribes embraced an iron wheel and a bundle of arrows Although there were few people they were powerful

Everyone was willing to lay down their lives for Nail machine supplier the mother of the Mongolian grassland Otherwise how could they lay down more than half of the world Later the Mongols were defeated because of disunity and the golden families of the brotherly tribes killed each other Each tribe is like a scattered arrow which is broken by others one by one People's hearts are not as United as the wolf's The wolf's ability to fight is easy to learn but the wolf's unity is difficult to learn Mongolians have learned for hundreds of years and can't be a teacher Stop talking my heart hurts when I say it Chen Zhen looked at the beautiful swan meadow and fell into deep meditation

The old man picked out the yellow mutton wrapped it in yellow sheep skin and put it into two sacks Chen Zhen prepared the saddle for the old man and the old man and Wu Liji each carried a sack behind the saddle and tied it tightly with the saddle leather strip on the saddle The three horses galloped in the direction of the camp Wolf Totem 17 They are like a wolf the ancestor of the Huns We know that the ancestor of the Turkic-Mongolian people in ancient mythology was a wolf According to the "Secret History of the Mongols" the God ancestor of the Mongols was a pale wolf; according to the "Historical Records of Ugusi" the God ancestor of the Turks was a gray wolf

"From a light Out of the awn came a huge male wolf with gray fur and mane Renee Grousset Empire of the Prairie The decision of the higher authorities to deal with the accident of the army horses in Erlun Baolige Pasture has been made to the pasture Wu Liji who was in charge of the whole production recorded a major administrative demerit and removed the members of the three-in-one leading group of the pasture and sent them to the grass-roots level for labor training Batu Shacileng and other four horsemen each recorded a major demerit and Batu was removed from the post of militia company commander Another appointment was also made to the scene and Bao Shungui who had completed the procedures for transferring to civilian work was appointed as the first leader of the leading group of the pasture responsible for the overall work of revolution and production Wu Liji left the field Coil nail machine and Bao Shungui and Zhang Jiyuan accompanied him to the animal husbandry brigade Wu Liji's luggage is only a small satchel which is smaller than the bags that hunters carry when they go hunting

Before the Cultural Revolution Wu Liji liked to put the field director's office in the pastoral team or pastoral group He has his own four-season robe and boots in the pastoral team which have been kept and mended by several housewives in Mongolian yurts For many years whether he was under or not he was at the bottom; whether he had a job or not he was doing his duty Wu Liji's prestige and influence remained the same but at this time his speed of travel was reduced by half Wu Liji was riding an old white horse which was still afraid of the cold at the end of spring and the hair on his body had not yet fallen off just like an old man with a cotton-padded jacket in early summer Zhang Jiyuan wanted to change his fast horse to Wu Liji but Wu Liji disagreed and urged him to go quickly and not to delay his time Zhang Jiyuan went to the field department to get the battery for the horseman of the brigade When he returned to the field department he met two new and old leaders and accompanied Wu Liji on his way When he knew that Wuliji was going to live in the old man's home he felt a little relieved

Bao Shungui rode Wu Liji's original horse a tall and strong yellow horse with a thin layer of new hair as smooth and shiny as yellow satin Bao Shungui needed to tighten the bit frequently to let Wu Liji walk side by side with him The yellow horse was constantly struggling for its bit and he was not used to the riding skill of the new master who often beat him around the waist Sometimes he would Nail production machine intentionally walk slowly rubbing his head gently against the knees of the old master beside him and hissing sadly Bao Shungui said Old Wu I have done my best and I hope you will stay in the leading group I don't know anything about animal husbandry I grew up in the countryside I had to take charge of such a big pasture I really had no idea Wu Liji kept knocking the horse with the heel of his riding boots and a fine bead of sweat appeared on his forehead Riding the old horse was very tired and the horse was also tired Zhang Jiyuan kept helping him drive the horse with a whip Wu Liji reached out his hand and patted Huang Puma on the head to calm him down He said to Bao Shungui This treatment is already taking care of me It is only a production accident not a political issue

The impact of this accident is too great If I don't withdraw I can't explain to all sides Bao Shungui said with a sincere face Old Wu I have been here for almost a year This animal husbandry is more difficult than agriculture If there are one or two more major accidents I will not be the director for a long time Some people insisted that you go to the infrastructure team but I insisted that you go to the second team I think you know animal husbandry I feel at ease living in Bilig If something goes wrong I can ask you for advice at any time Wu Liji's face brightened a lot and he asked Has the Revolutionary Committee decided on the matter of the Second Brigade entering the new grassland Decided Bao Shungui said The field department decided that I would be responsible for this matter and Bilig would be responsible for it When to enter the field how to arrange the camp and how to allocate the grassland were all decided by Bilig

There are a lot of objections from the field department The road is too far There are many wolves and mosquitoes in the mountains There are no facilities If something goes wrong I have to bear the main responsibility So I decided to go down with you and I will also take the infrastructure team to build a medicinal bath a wool warehouse a temporary team headquarters and a temporary veterinary station and repair several mountain roads Wu Liji gave a cry and was in a thoughtful trance for a moment

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