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Single Arm Collaborative Robot

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has the idea of modular design.the 6 joints of the robot with 6 degrees of freedom are designed in modular structure.  Zengkun robot Using hollow series mechanical arm,Website:, It can constitute a new robot. The robot adopts internal line form. The lightweight modular robot 21, 35 ,55 kg weight, payload of 5, 10, 20 kg, the working range of 850, 1300, 1650 mm, flexible action, can provide high  accuracy in smaller working space. It can complete the installation of small objects, glue, spray, fixed screws and other functions. The utility model has the advantages of compact appearance and simple programming, and can  be easily converted between different tasks to meet the flexible production demand, thereby greatly reducing the operation cost, and is one of the best choices of the machine substitutions.Main parameters of 5 10 20 kg payload collaborative robot R-Sv5R-Sv10R-Sv20Freedom of movement6 rotating jointMaximum payload capacity(Kg)51020Range of joint motion1 axis+/-180°+/-180°+/-180°2 axis+/-180°+/-180°+/-180°3 axis+/-160°+/-160°+/-160°4 axis+/-180°+/-180°+/-180°5 axis+/-180°+/-180°+/-180°6 axis+/-360°+/-360°+/-360°Maximum operating range850 mm13001650Maximum joint velocity1 axis160°/s120°/s120°/s2 axis160°/s120°/s120°/s3 axis160°/s120°/s120°/s4 axis190°/s180°/s150°/s5 axis190°/s180°/s180°/s6 axis190°/s180°/s180°/sRepeat positioning accuracy+/-0.02mmBody weight(kg)213555Installation  methodGround mounted,  top mounted, wall mountedMain materialAluminum alloy,  polyoxy methylene plasticsAmbient  temperature0~50?Grade of IPIP65ZK5 collaborative robot specification :ZK10 collaborative robot specification :ZK20 collaborative robot specification :Collaborative robots CustomersThe trend of global aging is becoming more and more obvious, and the young generation is unwilling to engage in  low-value repetitive labor, which makes the labor cost continue to rise. On the other hand, the demand of individualized market is increasing gradually, and modern manufacturing industry needs to respond to market changes  quickly. Therefore, the manufacturing industry must respond to the new trend through machine replacement and upgrading of intelligent factories. Machine replacement has become a term of the times. Industrial robots expand  rapidly from automobile manufacturing to 3C electronics, food industry, logistics, medical and other fields.Traditional industrial robots can take the place of human labor, but their programming is complex, and can not  be quickly applied to different processes. The use and maintenance of industrial robots require time to train employees, and need to work separately from people. Collaborative robots can be used to perform various tasks only  by simple programming. They have high flexibility, and can save area and eliminate the requirements of safety fence, which opens a new era of human and machine working together.In the past, many people believed that robots would rob people of their jobs, but it turned out that this was  not the case. Robots also created new jobs, such as robot maintenance. In addition, robots can not completely replace human beings. In many jobs, human beings are still needed to dominate. Therefore, human-machine cooperation  is the future trend. The use of collaborative robots can further shorten the product cycle.At present, the largest customer group of collaborative robots is small and medium-sized enterprises. They can not use expensive traditional industrial robots because of the  lack of large-scale demand. The use of collaborative robots can improve the level of production automation. With the increasing awareness of machine replacement in SMEs and the lack of skilled work, collaborative robots will  be widely used by original equipment manufacturers in the next few years.
Single Arm Collaborative Robot,Collaborative Robot

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