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Opinion of the CEO - Industrial Hemp, Cannabis, Recreational and Medical Marijuana: Legalize it!

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My Opinion

Weed, marijuana, hemp, - whatever you want to call it, I can't get downwind of it.  But I have an opinion about that.  Legalize it now.  Follow the example of the State of Colorado, where the only addict to "weed" is the State.  As I said, I can't and don't use it.  Perhaps after I have permanently left the airline industry I might relax with it someday, on an odd day away from humanity.  On visits to Colorado since the state legalized and regulated the market, the evidence in most parts is that there is no change to the lifestyle of most people other than that they are a bit more free than before.

Advertising is protected speech under the United States Constitution.  I noticed none of the other online competition have a category for Hemp, Marijuana or other cannabis based products.  Why not be ther first?  A few weeks ago I created the FIRST Cannabis advertising category for all things "weed".   Is this a bad idea?  Only if I care what naysayers think.  I can't change their minds, or their thin skinned proclivity to interfere in the affairs and lives of others. 


It's not illegal to suggest we change the law.  It is illegal to sell weed across state lines or otherwise violate the federal interstate commerce laws.  So remember that.  and be wary of all ads from locations outside of your state or local jurisdiction as there will no doubt be scammers.  I encourage all the "legal" marijuana companies to create new Unlimited accounts to advertise all items and services in the only platform offering an unlimited number of 365-day ads for one low price.

We are now celebrating the first #marijuana ad on our new Cannibas category.  "Light 'em if ya got 'em" as we used to say in the Air Force.


And don't forget to write your congressional and senate representatives.  Let them know how you feel.




Randall F. Stephens





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