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Off The Planet: Affiliates earn, and now travel like never before with

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* Travel subject to market availability and agreements with existent service providers once our stated goals are met.  If any award winner is unable to travel or provide an alternate primary traveler, we reserve the right to choose an alternative.  Secondary Alternates: Under normal circumstances we will conduct a wild card search or lottery of subscribers so that every subcriber - advertiser on adbirds has a chance at every level of our travel awards in the event an affiliate forfeits their seat in any case. We have no agreements in place with any service provider, nor do we endorse such companies at this time.


  Affiliates earn, and now *travel like never before with  The faster we grow, the more people will save money, fuel and time.  Arte offers incentives to those who will publish links and banners,  or offer our service with a free trial coupon.  We pay more and offer travel incentives, so why not take it all the way?  

Who wants a bike and accessories package?  Who wants to visit Hawaii?  Who would be adventurous enough to experience weightlessness in space?  

  When Arte ( -he’s the purple Ad Bird ) gains another 100 Unlimited ad subscribers, we’ll send the top producing affiliate on a vacation for two.   We established a “Pick Your Island” reward so we will send the top affiliate to Hawaii when the 100th Unlimited ad paid subscriber account is signed.   Yes we’re still small.  But not for long.

 ~  I want to do this every week, and have an even bigger, better idea. . .



          Think Bigger!  



Partner with Arte!   



Who would fly to space if the opportunity presents itself?  Even to the moon?  I would. 

Before you read on, this is in the realm of reality.  We will do this.  Goals need to be set, announced and funded.  We will do all this and more, with your help. Ok, here goes. 

We are about better service for People shopping locally,  Businesses selling locally,  Organizations needing help, and operating responsibly. 

When people shop or advertise with AdBirds, they save money fuel and time.  When people affiliate with us, network our service to their friends, local businesses etc. we keep tabs and pay referral commissions.   We need more of that activity so I upped the ante with travel incentives that may reach the moon.  Literally.


The travel process is attached to our growth plans.  It started this way..   

-     We will send an affiliate to Hawaii for every 100 paid, active Unlimited accounts until we have sent 20 people.

Ultimate Goal: 

      - will reach our goals within 5 years and send an affiliate award-winner with a professional crew to the moon.

Intermediate Goals:

-          Goal:  100,000 Unlimited level paid subscribers.  We will first send people to space and back with one of the companies preparing to provide the service. 

-          Goal:  5,000,000.00  Unlimited level paid subscribers.  We will then send a prize winner on an orbital space flight using Soyuz technology.   

-          Goal: 20 Million Unlimited level paid subscribers.     We will send an Affiliate, or if the winning affiliate prefers, a student or prize winner to the moon and back using combined technologies.   

-          Award winners will be announced when we reach our Goals. 

-          In case of forfeit we will select from among advertisers alternates who are willing to train and prepare for space travel.  


Having a personal interest in space flight and extensive experience in both Russia and the aerospace industry, I studied prices for off-the-planet adventures based on real rates being charged and forecasted.  Then followed with personal study of the costs of specific equipment, etc.  One well known billionaire has actually explored the cost of circumlunar travel with Roscosmos  (Russian space agency).   A private space travel company has a published price on a lunar trip.  We can deal directly or with service providers.  New equipment and capabilties may be available by the time we have our goals met, and meet them we will.

     How much?            This may change by the time we get there.  Estimates range from around $100K USD for brief, suborbital space flight to $100M for an dedicated orbital adventure, to around $500 Million for a lunar mission.

     Baby steps. 

Remember, we’re starting this reward program with trips to Hawaii.  That could happen next week, and every week for some time.  Even if you don’t win the big prize affiliates will still earn monthly residual payments for up to 30 years. And, we are currently signing all affiliates at the rate of 33.33%.   Charitable Organizations earn 40%.

     Who will carry our winners to space?      There are several well known contenders.  It all amounts to who is in business when the services are purchased.  As we grow, our influence will also grow.


We want to grow with the best service possible, and in rewarding those who help os do so.  I believe in empowering people, local companies and local organizations.  I set several new goals to send award winners on amazing journeys, – or may provide alternatives to those who don’t wish to fly in space.  It is very risky.  While we will use the most reliable means possible, we can’t guarantee safety and will require any potential traveler to meet physical and training requirements or forfeit the prize.  These are not all the limitations of course.   A winner could designate a qualified person who will be a stand-in.  

Who will be the top affiliates?    This could be you or your company, or perhaps an organization.  Organizations get free AdBirds upgrades, top residual commissions paid monthly, and as Affiliates can raise funds by signing up local businesses everywhere.  I want to send some hard working and lucky person to the moon so this is a perfect match.   Let the organization draw straws or conduct a lottery to select which member goes.  A flight physician will make the final determination.

First, become an Affiliate.  Log in and apply in your account manager.  Help us grow by encouraging friends and businesses to join adbirds or upgrade accounts with your promo coupons.    The accounts will be associated with the affiliates. 


Space:  First, will pay the cost of travel to 100Km above the Earth on one of the new travel companies set to take travelers to space and back.   

* Marketing Affiliates can be persons, organizations or companies.  This is not a contest.  All Marketing Affiliates of are automatically considered. 

The awards will be granted based on top performance in sheer number of accounts established by the winning Affiliate.   An Affiliate can be any registered user of services. will contact applicants with their links, banners they may publish, and promo coupons they may circulate.   Let’s advertise!

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