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We can halt renewed warfare against civilians in Donbass but who started it really?

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Before AdBirds:

In the late 1990s I spent a lot of time learning Russian and ultimately visited Russia ten times between October 1994 and July 2005. Not many Americans find interaction with Russia on their life plan. I married into the family so to speak. My appreciation for Russia grew with my understanding of her history and legacies. After exploring the business community in Saratov and Moscow, I put together a plan to sell and support Russian heavy aircraft internationally, to be certified by FAA as equipped with FAA certificated (American) engines, avionics, propellers and approved metallic materials under Federal Aviation Regulations as defined in advisory circular AC 21-23B.

Small world:

Thanks to my dear mentor and friend, the late Paul Duffy, I met no less than 8 and possibly 10 or more people who had met their President, VV Putin. Two of them received Presidential Citations, and one of them the very day I was doing business with him and his employer, ANTK Tupolev in August 2001. My room was bugged. I know because my counterpart mentioned something I had said to my wife. I am not surprised, nor offended. He knows to this day I was working very hard to make his deal happen, and that I was right.


I had gone back to the hotel room on Smolenskaya Bulvar to spend a day away from the airshow, contemplate, and recover from a disappointing day. That was a Thursday and I watched a documentary on one of Moscow's TV channels. The presenter was a very serious fellow whose topic was the war in Chechenya . He said; "Send the children out of the room. No normal person wants to see the images we show. But you must understand the true nature of our enemy". After which, I saw footage taken by terrorists in Chechenya and left for Russian forces to find. Those beasts had five very young Russian soldiers, - teenagers - bound face-up with their chins supported by a log... One by one the executioner pulled a young man's head up facing the camera. The first one had a large knife shoved into his left ear and through the brain. The second, had his throat cut, and so on until all of those blessed soldiers were murdered by our common enemy. Bin Laden was introduced and his goals explained in that video documentary on Russian TV on that Thursday in early July 2001.


Disasters and War:

About a month later, we were attacked. My employer's aircraft - which I worked on, and my/our customers, coworkers and countrymen were used and attacked. But by whom? It was personal for all of us. But more so for those who lost loved ones. And for airline emplyees.

Shortly after the 911 attacks I sent a letter to George Tenet about my capacity to supply aircraft common to Central Asia, Afghanistan specifically. And specifically Russian and CIS origin panes such as An-32 and Mil Mi-8MTV helicopters. No response, but they were already buying directly from certain Russian manufacturers. It wasn't more than a year or so before images of US-registered Mil helicopters on the airfield in Kabul followed by a request for quote to supply spare parts. And I did, quite legally and properly in co-operation with leading Russian companies. Russia was our ALLY.

Reload and Repeat:

We all remember the way invading Iraq was sold to us. Now the press is playing up a fictional Vladimir Putin. While at the same time the real Vladimir Putin whose troops are actually 250 kilometers East of the border and within Russian territory is telling the world, "We have no where to retreat". He is facing a military buildup on his borders not seen since Operation Barbarossa.

We now hear the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu ( a Christian ) telling his officers that American private military companies are operating in Ukraine against civilians in Donbass. AND that these PMCs are carrying chemical warfare components. Remember Syria? All that media lying was proven false. There will be a lot more when or if my book is released.

To American editors: Stop the lies! As a proud American I say God Bless Russia and her people. And God help us prevent any war.

I am afraid our Republic was taken from us by the same swamp creatures who murdered President Kennedy, It is time for my countrymen to wake up and get control of this country again. Be active locally. Run for office. Support a challenger to unseat an incumbent.

And drain the swamp from your own basements. God Bless Freedom, Liberty and our Republics


Want to learn how the Ukraine coup d' etat happened really? Watch Ukraine On Fire by Oliver Stone.


- Randall Stephens

opinion, international relations, Russia, Ukraine

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