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Howo Cargo Transport Tractor

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Product features: HOWO cargo transport dump truck structure dump truck is mainly composed of hydraulic dumping mechanism, carriage, frame and accessories. Among them, the various manufacturers of hydraulic dumping mechanism and carriage structure are different. The following describes the structure of the dump truck according to the two aspects of the type of carriage and lifting mechanism. The type of car junction mechanism can be divided into ordinary rectangular car and mine bucket car according to different uses. Product advantages: Ordinary rectangular cars are used for bulk cargo transportation. The rear panel is equipped with an automatic opening and closing mechanism to ensure the smooth discharge of goods. The thickness of the common rectangular carriage is: front panel 4~6, side panel 4~8, rear panel 5~8, bottom panel 6~12. Product advantages: The mining bucket car is suitable for the transportation of large-grained goods such as large stones. Considering the impact and collision of the cargo, the design shape of the mining bucket car is more complicated and the material used is thicker. For example, the standard configuration thickness of the mining bucket car is: front 6 sides, 6 bottom 10, and some models are welded with some angle steel on the bottom plate to increase the rigidity and impact resistance of the car. Lifting mechanism The lifting mechanism is the core of the dump truck, and is the primary indicator to judge the quality of the dump truck. The types of lifting mechanisms are currently common in China: F-type tripod enlarged lifting mechanism, T-type tripod enlarged lifting mechanism, double-cylinder lifting, front top lifting and double-sided rollover. The tripod magnifying lifting mechanism is currently the most widely used lifting method in China. It is suitable for a load capacity of 8 to 40 tons and a carriage length of 4.4 to 6 meters. The advantages are mature structure, stable lifting, and low cost; the disadvantage is that the closing height of the floor of the carriage and the upper plane of the main frame is relatively large. The double-cylinder lifting method is mostly used in 6X4 dump trucks. A multi-stage cylinder (generally 3 to 4 stages) is installed on each side of the front of the second bridge. The fulcrum of the hydraulic cylinder directly acts on the floor of the car. The advantage of double-cylinder lifting is that the closing height of the cabin floor and the plane on the main frame is small; the disadvantage is that the hydraulic system is difficult to ensure the synchronization of the two hydraulic cylinders, the lifting stability is poor, and the overall rigidity of the cabin floor is higher. url:
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