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Electromagnetic Shielding ITO Film

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low resistance transparent conductive film1. Brief introductionThe electromagnetic shielding transparent film is a transparent film formed by a transparent indium tin oxide (ITO) film on the surface of different substrates (PET/PC/ glass, etc.) by electron beam evaporation technology. The electromagnetic interference shielding of EMI is achieved with a very low resistance.When electromagnetic wave propagation path meets electromagnetic shielding film, it will change the direction of electromagnetic wave transmission, effectively block the propagation of radio waves, infrared, ultraviolet and other electromagnetic waves, block the interference effect of electromagnetic radiation, ensure the normal work of equipment and avoid the influence of electromagnetic radiation on instruments and staff.(ITO Transparent conductive film)2. 2 in 1 3 in1 ITO Transparent conductive film parameter:resistanceTransmissivity(450-650nm)Reflectance (450-650nm)Othersparameter=20O(on demands)>90%<0.5%On demandsTransmissivity,Low resistance transparent conductive filmReflectance (Zoom in 24 times)3.Low resistance transparent conductive film apply:ITO transparent electromagnetic shielding films are widely used in highly translucent perspective windows in military, communications, automotive electronics, medical devices and other industries. Many electronic products such as equipment window, computer display, instrument display and so on, often need to prevent electromagnetic interference from all parts, so it is necessary to shield the light transmission part of the product. The simplest and effective way is to use electromagnetic shielding film.Electromagnetic shielding, mobile communication equipment, radar displays, various display windows (PDP, LCD, CRT), precision instruments and other electronic products and electronic equipment, such as electromagnetic shielding and electromagnetic compatibility. Kingki is the pioneer of ITO transparent electromagnetic shielding film.4. Company profileEarly in 80s, the engineer of kingki optical has developed the ITO transparent conductive film used in the tank window heating ITO transparent conductive film and the electromagnetic shielding of the aircraft instrument glass. It has a lot of cooperation with the Chinese weapons department and the military research institute. The ITO electromagnetically shielded transparent film is characterized by high transmittance. And low reflectivity and low surface resistance, are China's main suppliers and factories in this field.5. Demand tableITO Transparent conductive filmneedssidesRspectral rangeRaveTaveTem/?l*w*h(mm)materialusingGluingElectricNume.g.1A=15O420-680nm=1%=90%=100110x150x1D263MonitorNOY100BAR420-680=0.5%=99%=100e.g.2A=12O420-680nm=1%=90%=100260x150x1B270MonitorYESN300Bno coatinge.g.3A50±10O420-680nm=10%=80%=300110x150x1D263windowNOY200BBBAR420-680nm=0.5%=99%=300yoursAs previously mentioned in Chapter 1, antireflection coatings were the prin- cipal objective of much of the early work in thin-film optics. Of all the possible applications, antireflection coatings have had the greatest impact on technical optics, and even today, in sheer volume of production, they still exceed all other types of coating. In some applications, antireflection coatings are sim- ply required for the reduction of surface reflection. In others, not only must surface reflection be reduced, but the transmittance must also be increased. The crown glass elements in a compound lens have a transmittance of only 96% per untreated surface, while the flint components can have a surface transmittance as low as 90%. The net transmittance of even a modest number of untreated elements in series can therefore be quite low. Additionally, part of the light reflected at the various surfaces eventually reaches the focal plane, where it appears as ghosts or as a veiling glare, thus reducing the contrast of the images. This is especially true of the zoom lenses used in television or photography, where 20 or more elements may be included, and which would be completely unusable without antireflection coatings. url:
Electromagnetic Shielding ITO Film,ITO Transparent Conductive Film

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