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Manganese And Iron Removal Potassium Permanganate

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Manganese and iron ions are widely existing in surface and underground waters. These elements are naturally occurring and in small amounts are essential to a healthy diet,Website:, but excessive iron and manganese in a water system can promote the growth of different types of bacteria .A disproportionate amount of iron and manganese can also lend an unpleasant taste and color to drinking water. Water with an abundance of these two elements can also discolor plumbing fixtures and even stain clothing.Removing iron and manganese from drinking water instead of sequestration it is recommended if the water contains over 0.3 ppm of iron or 0.05 ppm of manganese, potassium permanganate could be used effectively to oxidize soluble iron and manganese into insoluble substances, and after coagulation and filtration, they are removed.Theoretically, 1mg manganese requires 1.92mg potassium permanganate to oxidize1mg iron requires 0.94mg potassium permanganate to oxidizeIntroduction:Product namePotassium permanganateChemical namePotassium permanganateChemical FormulaKMnO4Molecular weight158.04CAS number7722-64-7EINECS number231-760-3Regulatory InformationUN 1490 IMDG Code 5.1Product description:AppearanceDark purple or brownish granular or needle shaped crystal with metallic sheenPackage25kg HDPE drum50kg galvanized iron drumApplicationsIron and manganese removal for drinking waterTastes and odor controlAids the coagulation processSupply capacity40,000MT/yearTechnical Parameter:SpecificationValueChemical CompositionKMnO4 (%)=99.3Chloride (%)=0.01Sulfate(SO4)(%)=0.05Water Insolubles (%)=0.15H2O(%)=0.5
Manganese And Iron Removal Potassium Permanganate,Potassium Permanganate

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