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R80 Photoelectric direct reading multi jet remote water meter

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Product name:R80 Photoelectric direct reading multi jet remote water meter Main Features: R80 Pernament flow multi jet-No flow inlet bloacked remote reading for your options-AMR reading system direct reading –you may read meter value window directly high accuracy,encode digit rollers directly,no totalizing error photoelectric types,daily work without power,long service life valve control for options-remote control easier Wiring by RS485 or Mbus,Wirlesss –many choice as per site installation and budget GPRS,Lora,NB-Iot wireless transfer options-wide ranges of options up to preference Long transmission distance stable functions ,seldom maintenance required easy installation –not very skilled person can do Application: mainly used as cold water meter for household ,residential ,domestic places,cold water of temperature less than 30 centigrade. Comparison Single jet VS Multi jet water meter At present, most of the intelligent water meters used in the world are multi-jet water meters. The only difference between the single-jet water meter and the multi-jet water meter is: the performance of the multi-jet water meter is relatively stable! This also determines the single-jet water meter and the multi-jet meter applicable to different areas. First of all, a simple introduction to the single-jet water meter and multi-jet water meter. Single jet water meter: water flowing from one direction into the movement hydrodynamic energy impact impeller, long working time may lead to the wear of the impeller, affecting the water meter service life and measuring accuracy; Taking the wet cold water meter of multi-flow rotor as an example, the water flow flows into the water meter movement from all directions, the force of the impeller is relatively uniform, and the advantage of the multi-jet meter is precisely the disadvantage of the water meter of single jet. At present, the intelligent water meter wordwide use multi-jet water meter. Next look at the single-jet water meter and multi-jet water meter use range. According to the above brief introduction, you can imagine that in areas with poor water quality, the flow, water pressure and so on will affect the performance of the water meter under the same conditions, what will happen when the two kinds of water meters work for a long time? What will affect the scope of application of single-jet meter and multi-jet meter? The result, of course, is that the single-jet meter is gradually blocking the movement, while the multi-jet meter will not be greatly affected. Because in areas with poor water quality, the particles with more impurities in the water are larger, there is only one inlet in the single jet water meter, which is the only channel through which the water flow must pass, and the inlet of the single jet meter is blocked by impurities. Then the life of the meter ends. The multi-jet meter is not the same. Each inlet is fed at the same time. Even if the impurity clogs one inlet, the water flow can be thrown into the meter movement from other channels so that the meter can still work properly. The application range of single-jet meter and multi-jet meter is summarized as follows: the single-jet meter has a higher demand for water quality and is suitable for installation in areas with better water quality and less impurities; The requirement for water quality of multi-jet meter is lower, which is why most intelligent water meters now adopt multi-jet. Pre acquired information: Prior to the order we will assist you with analysing your project,the better is know how many buildings,storeys and partitions of each storey among it,distance between that we figure out best transmission program such as wired(Mbus/RS485 ,wireless (Gprs,Lora,NB-Iot) and accessoires suitable for your projects,follows our recommended best program according to your budget. url:
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