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Flexible Neodymium Magnets

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Flexible Neodymium MagnetsFlexible Neodymium Magnets are a special new product of flexible permanent magnetic materials with high power, whose performance is more excellent than that of the ferrite magnet components, so it is also called high energy flexible magnets. Flexible NdFeB magnet is the strongest flexible magnet in the world now, which was invented at end of 2004 and it could be used for various kinds of high powered micro-motors, which could compact the external dimension widely, and improve the motor performance. It is the originate in China.Characteristics of NdFeB Flexible MagnetsAside from being a very super high energy magnet material, (up to 12.50MGOe) anisotropic and BHm=16-68kj/m3 (2-8.5MGOe) in mass production, an amazing 5 times more than that for Ferrite magnetic strip, quite close to the highest property of compression Molded NdFeB and be multi-pole magnetized freely, is extremely flexible as it can be bent to very tight radiuses without cracking, breaking, or losing any of its magnetic power.·Working temp. from -40C to 120C.·Good Flexibility·Good Stability and reliability which have been approved by systemic testing.·Shorter production process without complicated mold.·Various shapes: long or narrow, large or small shapes, a new dimension in magnet design and application.Dimension range (mm) and shape of NdFeB Flexible Magnets:As with all Electrodyne products, our technical staff is available to discuss the production of specialized compounds and magnetizing fixtures to meet your requirements.Production Process of NdFeB Flexible MagnetsNdFeB Flexible Magnet is composed by of melt-spun NdFeB powder and rubber.Thickness: 0.4~6 mmLength: as per your requirement.Magnetization: multi-poles or through the thicknessSurface treatment: UV coated or PatternedWide application range of NdFeB Flexible MagnetsUsed for cash register, portable DVD, SERVO FAN, laptop computer, etc.Used for TV, stereo device, etc.·Toys, hooks& advertisement·Package·Speaker in cell phone and handy phone·cell phone Wheel key·Sensor·Serve Fan·Radio mouse·Micro-Motor with magnet strip·Protector guarding against theft for commodities in supermarket, etcMagnetic Properties of NdFeB Flexible MagnetsPhysical Properties of NdFeB Flexible MagnetsIf necessary, please contact sales for MSDS and RoHS. url:
Flexible Neodymium Magnets,Flexible Magnets

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