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700KW thermal oil boiler ASME

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Part 1 Overview YY(Q)W-700Y(Q) organic heat carrier furnace is a kind of DC type special industrial furnace, which is based on light oil or heavy oil as fuel, using heat transfer oil as carrier, using hot oil circulation pump to force heat transfer oil liquid phase circulation, transferring heat energy to heat equipment, and then returning to reheated. 1.1 product characteristics (1) The working medium is liquid circulation, and the operating pressure is low. The operating pressure is only 0.588 MPa (surface pressure) at 350 C, but the saturated vapor pressure of water at this temperature is 16.43 MPa (surface pressure), so the pressure level of the whole system is low. (2) the working temperature is high and can be used as a high temperature heat source below 350 C. (3)The heating temperature is stable, and can be adjusted accurately. It can run stably and keep the best efficiency in the adjustable load section. (4)It can automatically detect, adjust and control the combustion process. (5)less equipment, cost savings, do not need water softening and other water treatment equipment, sewage disposal equipment, water storage equipment, high-pressure water intake pump. Part 2 Product composition 2.1 Main equipment composition Main parts: boiler body Combustion part: burner Auxiliary parts: expansion tank, oil storage tank, oil separator, Y-type heat transfer oil filter, flue explosion-proof door, Y-type fuel filter. Pump part: Hot oil circulation pump , gear oil filling pump Electronic control part: Electrical control cabinet, float ball level controller,remote pressure gauge (or use constant velocity tube flow meter, flow transmitter, valve group) ,platinum thermal resistance, bimetal thermometer, pressure gauge, pressure gauge stop valve, glass plate Level gauge and so on. Part 3 heating system instructions The YY(Q)W type organic heat carrier furnace uses heat transfer oil as a heat carrier to transfer heat energy to the heat system. After the heat is transferred, it is returned to the heating system for heating, and closed-circuit liquid phase circulation. url:
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