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Iodophor Cotton Swab

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The latest design of iodophor cotton swab brings a new experience. You no longer need to hold the bottle of iodophor solution in one hand and dip it in the iodophor with a cotton swab in the other hand, but only need a cotton swab, and you can complete the integration of the two with a slight fold. The iodophor cotton swab is composed of an iodophor cotton ball and a plastic rod. The iodophor cotton ball is made of a cotton ball made of medical absorbent cotton infiltrated with povidone-iodine solution. The cotton ball should be evenly wound on the plastic rod without loosening. And the shedding phenomenon, the plastic rod should be round, smooth and without burrs; the effective iodine content of the iodophor swabs should not be less than 0.765mg/branch, the initial contaminated bacteria should be less than 100cfu/g, and no pathogenic bacteria should be detected. Disinfection is a very important step in preventing infection. In life, when the skin is damaged, the nurse will use iodine cotton swabs to disinfect the umbilical cord before infusion of the patient, even when the newborn is disinfecting the umbilical cord. Iodophor disinfection cotton swabs are less irritating to the skin, less toxic, more durable, relatively safe to use, and have a good killing effect on many bacteria and fungi. So do you know the correct way to use iodophors? Today I will give you a detailed introduction to the correct use of iodophors. 1. With one hand, push the end of the cotton swab color ring upward along the film; 2. After drawing out the cotton swab, put the end of the colored ring printed up with one hand and hold the upper end of the cotton swab with the other hand; 3. Break along the color ring; 4. When the liquid in the tube reaches half of the tube body, the cotton swab can be reversed and used. Iodophors are suitable for: 1. Disinfection and sterilization of shallow skin wounds with minor skin damage, abrasions, cuts, and scalds; 2. Skin disinfection before human injection and infusion. url:
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