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Humic Acid Powder

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658 Jinggangshan Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Qingdao, Shandong 266555
>DescriptionHumic acid is a permanent humic substance and cannot be degraded that fast by the microorganism in the soil. It is a natural additive for fertilizer to improve the structure of the soil and increase the fertility.>SpecificationsHumic AcidTypeHumic AcidOrganic MattersSolubilityHumic Acid (HA50)Powder50%60% min.Slightly>Benefits 1) Improve the structure of soil; increase the buffering power of soil.In light and sandy soils,Website:, humic acid increase the cation exchange capability to retain nutrients and water, importantly to magnify the ability of root to take up nutrients. In heavy and compact soils, working with fungi to create a crumb structure for better water oxygen and nutrients intake and improved root penetration.2) Neutralize both acidic and alkaline soil; regulate the pH-value of soil. Under alkaline conditions, humic acid can buffer the pH and convert the nutrients and trace elements into absorbable form and promote their uptake by the roots, as under high pH value many essential nutrients and trace element are not in plant-available form.In acidic soil, it can largely reduce the toxins such as the ally aluminum and heavy metals, which will be bonded firmly and immobilized by humic acid, thus their toxicity is reduced and phosphate is bonded by aluminum is released.3) Stimulate plant growth, increase the yield and quality.Stimulate the membrane of seeds as well as the metabolic activities and thereby increase the germination rate.Increase the capacity of root to take up nutrients (N, P, K + Fe, Zn and other trace elements) as these elements is easier to be converted into forms available to plants. Accordingly, the yield will be increased up to 30%. Enhanced cell assimilation as well as photosynthesis increase the plant's sugar and vitamin content.4) Reduce nitrate leaking into the groundwater and protect the underground water.Humic acid binds the nitrate and keep it around the root zone, in this way drinking water is better preserved.5) Increase the effectiveness of herbicide pesticide and fungicide, immobilize or reduce their harmful residues.>Recommended ApplicationsFor field crop, 50-100kgs/ha per crop season.For fruit trees, 1-2kgs per plant.For vegetables, 1-2kg/m2.Mix additive: 30-60kgs per ton of composite.
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