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Electric Car IEC Connector Gun

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Electric car IEC connector gun Model Rated Current Cable Specifications DSIEC2f-EV16P 16A Single Phase 3×2.5mm²+2×0.75mm² 16A Three Phase 5×2.5mm²+2×0.75mm² DSIEC2f-EV32P 32A Single Phase 3×6mm²+2×0.75mm² 32A Three Phase 5×6mm²+2×0.75mm²   Product Description This series of European standard AC charging guns is mainly suitable for European standard professional charging connection and electric vehicle vehicle end. Applicable to IEC charging mode 2 connection mode B,Website:, charging mode 3 connection mode B, C.   Advantages and characteristics 1.The appearance of the product is beautiful and generous. 2.Excellent ergonomic design, good hand feel, comfortable and convenient to use 3.Safe and reliable, excellent material selection 4.Terminal anti-shock design 5.All live parts are completely sealed 6.Colors and labels can be customized 7.Optional riveting, screwing 8.Products are certified by TUV and DEKRA   Product Features L1: Single three-phase AC phase line L2: Three-phase AC phase line L3: Three-phase AC phase line N: Single three-phase AC neutral line PE: Protective ground wire PP: Charging connection confirmation CP: Control Guide   Dimensions   Charging connection interface Technical Parameters ¦Product Name IEC 62196-2 female outlet/SAEIEC 62196-2 connector ¦Application Standard IEC 62196-2 ¦Mechanical Functionality Insection Count =10000 times Insertion Force 45N1000M(DC500V) Withstand Voltage 2000V   Charger industry status: 1) Electric bicycles and low-end electric vehicles are developing rapidly The current electric vehicles are mainly electric bicycles, electric tricycles and low-end electric vehicles. There are also some trial-run high-end electric buses. The former is the result of social natural demand, and the latter is the result of policy support. These electric vehicles basically meet the needs of short-distance travel or transportation, and the charging work is basically solved by the users themselves.   The rapid development of electric bicycles reflects the strong will of the general public to improve transportation. With the development of the economy, automobiles (including electric vehicles) are inevitably the preferred means of transportation for the majority of citizens.   2) The industrialization process of high-end electric vehicles has started Due to the practical needs of electric vehicles in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction and the long-term and medium-term situation in which fossil energy is depleted, many automobile factories at home and abroad are actively researching and promoting electric vehicles, and the pressure on China's energy structure and environmental governance is even more active. Recent auto industry restructuring policy. As soon as the policy came out, Wanma was rushing. At present, more than a dozen electric vehicle factories such as BYD, Chery, Zotye and Futian have produced electric vehicles. Other manufacturers will also concentrate on electric vehicle products at the end of 2010 or early 2011. Foreign-funded and joint-venture-brand electric vehicles have also introduced new energy batteries with excellent performance and stylish appearance to seize the Chinese market.   The electric vehicle developed by the state for the development of the automobile industry basically refers to electric cars and electric buses that can operate at a long distance and reach speeds of more than 80 kilometers per hour. At present, it refers to lithium battery electric vehicles and dual-power vehicles (fuel + hydrogen or lithium).   3) The emergence of new energy vehicles has made the construction of electric vehicle charging stations inevitable The battery pack capacity of the new electric vehicle is relatively large (the lithium battery is commonly used in small cars), and the power required for full charge is large, especially the instantaneous power required for fast charging reaches hundreds of kilowatts, and the non-dedicated power grid is unbearable. Special cables must be laid to build professional charging stations or to build energy storage fast charging stations.   If there is no support for a fast charging station, relying on night parking slow charging (about 10 hours) is not enough to meet the travel and operational needs.
Electric Car IEC Connector Gun,Electric Car Connector Gun

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