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Fresh Tea Leaves Withering Machine

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>Structure  The tea withering machine consists of the frame,Website:, heat supply system and fans set and it is characterized that in the heat supply system a hot air duct is axially set in the cavity of the drum, the wall of the hot air duct is provided with air outlet holes, and the wall of the cavity of the said drum is provided with inclined stagger-distributed screw conveyance pieces and several axial distributed tea-turning plates. The temperature of the blast is adjustable from normal temperature to 100? , which may fast remove moisture from the surface of fixed leaves, and prevents the withering and green tea kneading from weather impact. The primary processed tea has good and stable quality, and compared with traditional method, it saves great amount of machine, labors, materials and energy consumption. >Roles  The collected green leaves are spread in a given thickness, and through air-drying they are under the withered state.During the withering process, the green leaves are subjected to a series of change: the moisture diminishes, the leaf becomessoft from brittle-hard to facilitate rolling and striping, the activity of the enzyme-containing substances increases, which promotesthe decomposition and transformation of the green leaf ingredients (starch, protein and insoluble protopectin) to form effectivesubstances advantageous to quality of fnished tea (such as glucose, amino acid, and soluble protopectin), and somewhat oxidizespolyphenol-like substances. normal and effective withering will remove grass aroma from green leaves and generate delicatefragrance and fruit or ?ower ?avor, and the fnished tea is full of pure elegance but is not bitter. The withering requires propertemperature, RH and air circulation. The frst process in making Chinese white tea, black tea and Oolong tea is withering at differentdegree. The withering degree of the white tea is the highest, and the water content in the green leaf shall be lowered to below 40%,that of the black tea is secondary and the water content in the green leaf shall be lowered to about 60%, and that of the oolong teais the lowest, and the water content in the green leaf shall be lowered to 68%-70%.  >EASY OPERATION AND MANTENANCE   ONE STOP FACTORY SERVICES  ParametersModelOutside dimensionsIntegralpowerWork voltageLength WidthHeight YX-6CWD1200mm760mm600mm13kw380V
Fresh Tea Leaves Withering Machine,Tea Withering Machine

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