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Mold Inhibitor For Animal Palatability

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Mintai enterprise standard of Mold inhibitor (rank top 1 for 14 years) was officially rated as the 1st national standard of feed mold inhibitor in China in 2018How to Find Mold in Grains or Feed?Have you ever opened a bag of feed that smells a little pungent,Website:, or see a caking or green color, or feels spore powder of mildew when you touch the feed by hand? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then there probably was a mold problem.Livestock feeds often contain molds and viable mold spores which are unavoidable contaminants. Under the right conditions, these mold spores will generate slowly, producing more mold and potential toxins. Mold growth degrades the nutrient value of feedstuffs and negatively impacts palatability which affects animal performance. Worse, it will cause animals to stop growing, even die of poisoning. How to inhibit mold growth?  Preventing Mold Growth by Using Antifungal Agents is a very effective way. Mold inhibitors are often added to formula feed usually from June to September.Exploring the problem of mold growth and the efficacy of various mold inhibitors, Mintai devote ourselves to this feed additive field since 1996, and now mold inhibitors rank top first for continuous 14 years in China, and sales well in Asia, Africa, South America, etc. As well we have built long-term relationships with the worldwide top feed group companies such as CP Group, New hope Group, Wen's Food Group, East Hope Group, Shuangbaotai(Twins) Group, etc.Mintai Mold Control is an innovative, market-leading product that effectively eliminates existing mold, prevents mold re-growth and eliminates musty odors4 Enterprise Standards of Mold InhibitorsIf you want to buy mold inhibitors, there are 5 enterprise standards of mold inhibitors at present in Mintai Company for your options.1. Ammonium Propionate by Liquid Propionic Acid(=80%) and Ammonium Propionate (18%);2. Mold Inhibitors- 500G by Propionic Acid(=45%) and Benzoic Acid(=7%);3. Mold Inhibitors- 500G?by Propionic Acid(=60%);4. Mold Inhibitors- 500G?-1 by Propionic Acid(=30%) and Ammonium Propionate(=10%);- 500G?-2 by Propionic Acid(=30%) and Ammonium Propionate(=20%);5. Mold Inhibitors- Compound Type ? by Propionic Acid(=9%) and Formic Acid(=18%);- Compound Type ? by Propionic Acid(=9%) and Formic Acid(=22%);- Compound Type ? by Propionic Acid(=9%) and Formic Acid(=28%);- Propionic Acid Type? by Propionic Acid(=15%);- Propionic Acid Type? by Propionic Acid(=20%);- Propionic Acid Type ? by Propionic Acid(=33%);- Propionic Acid Type ? by Propionic Acid(=40%);- Propionic Acid Type ? by Propionic Acid(=50%);- Propionic Acid Type ? by Propionic Acid(=60%), Liquid Mold Inhibitor;Heavy metals were also tested to reach the health indicators: Pb=30%; As=10%.If you need customized mold inhibitors, please tell us, we will do research and development for you.Mintai offers feed additives such as Powder or Liquid Mold Inhibitor (Rank national top 1 for 14 years), Feed Flavors, Feed sweeteners, Acidifier, Antioxidant, Attractants, Antimicrobial (allicin), Iron Supplements(Antianemic), Compound Premix for Aquaculture, Clean Production & Insect Repellant.
Mold Inhibitor For Animal Palatability,Livestock Mold Inhibitors

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