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Graphic LCD Display Module

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Graphic LCDdisplay module 128x64,Website:,Model No. ADM12864A ?Graphic LCD 128x64, Display LCD 128x64?Monochrome Graphic LCD?Built-in controller S6B0108?+5V power supply?1/64 duty cycleDescrpition of Graphic LCD display module ADM12864A Graphic LCD display Module ADM12864A is perfect for applications that require monochrome or multi-colored graphic displays compatible with widely used controllers such as S6B0107, S6B0108, UC1698U, ST7565R and more. We offer a large range of graphic LCD display modules that come in different diagonal sizes and resolutions ranging from 100 x 32 to 320 x 240.Features•Display format: 128*64 dots matrix graphic •Easy interface with 8-bit MPU •low power consumption •Driving method : 1/64 duty •Controller IC: S6B0108 •LED backlight • Building negative voltageMechanical Specifications(Unit: mm)Temperature CharacteristicsParameterSymbolRatingUnitOperating temperatureTop-20~ +70?Storage temperatureTst-30 ~ +80?Electro-Optical characteristicsSTN Type (Super Twisted Nematic );(Ta=25?, VDD=5.0V±0.25V)ItemSymbolConditionMin.Typ.Max.UnitViewing Angle?2 -?1-------fCr = 2.070 -90-+90deg.Contrast RatioCr?=20? f= 0?-8--Response Time (rise)tR?=20?f= 0?-200-msResponse Time (fall)tF?=20?f= 0?-300-msFSTN Type Display Module (Ta=25?, VDD=5.0V±0.25V)ItemSymbolConditionMin.Typ.Max.UnitViewing angle?Cr=2-6045degF-4040Contrast ratioCr-10--Response time(rise)Tr--300msResponse time(fall)Tr--280msInterface Pin ConnectionsPin No.SymbolI/O TypeDescription1VSSSupplyGround2VDDSupplyPower supply3V0SupplyLCD driver supply voltage4D/IData input/output pin of internal shift register MS SHL DIO1 DIO2 H  H  Output Output H  L  Output Output L  H  Input  Output L  L  Output Input5R/WRead or Write RW Description H Data appears at DB[7:0] and can be read by the CPU while E= H CS1B=L,CS2B=L and CS3=H. L Display data DB[7:0] can be written at falling edge of E when CS1B=L, CS2B=L and CS3=H.6EEnable signal E  Description H Read data in DB[7:0] appears while E="High". L Display data DB[7:0] is latched at falling edge of E.7~14DB0~ DB7I/OData bus [0~7] Bi-directional data bus15CS1IChip selection When CS1=L,CS2=H, select IC1 When CS1=H,CS2=L, select IC216CS2 17RESIReset signal. When RES=L ?1?ON/OFF register becomes set by 0.(display off) ?2?display start line register becomes set by 0 (Z-address 0 set, display from line 0) ?3?After releasing reset , this condition can be changed only by instruction.18VEEPowerVEE is connected by the same voltage.19A(LED+)Power for backlight (Anode)20K(LED-)Power for backlight (Cathode)FAQ for Graphic LCD display module1.How does Amotec guranteed the quality?Answer: Amotec has passed ISO9001:2008 certification. ISO principle is carried out in daily activities. The quality is strictly controlled in designing, material incoming, production process, equipment, management and checking and the rejects are not allowed to flow at any circumstances. 2.How long can we expect the samples? Answer: Most of the time, we have samples in stock. If not, it only take 1-2weeks for us to get samples ready. 3.How many products do you have ? We have developed hundreds of LCD and LCM products.4. What is COB LCD modules? COB (Chip-On-Board) LCD modules are passive-matrix displays designed with a pcb, where the controller IC or driver is directly mounted on the back of the PCB, and the PCB is affixed to the LCD glass. The COB mounting method allows for easy assembly of the display to any design application. These COB LCD modules consist of both character and graphic LCD display types in a wide variety of sizes and colors.
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