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Price: 10.00

EEL Transformers MTEE35L-292K

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DIMENSIONS: (UNIT: mm)3. ELETCRONICAL CHARACTERISTICS:1.Inductance (3`1) :2.90 mH ± 10%@ 1.0 KHz, 1 Vrms2.Turns Ratio :3~1 : 7~8 : 10~9 : 12~11 : 12~13 : 16~15 : 5~6 =120 : 4 : 11 : 11 : 11 : 17 : 123.Insulation Strength :3.75KV AC 5mA 3sec@ Pri to Sec1.5KV AC 5mA 3sec@ Pri to Core , Sec to Core4. WINDING STRUCTURE:N70.25mm*112TSEvenlyN60.25mm*217TSEvenlyN50.23mm*111TSEvenlyN40.30mm*111TSEvenlyN30.35mm*311TSEvenlyN20.35mm*24TSEvenlyN10.30mm*1120TSEvenlyWINDSFWIRETURNSTAPEREMARKSN131?0.30mm*1 2UEW1206EvenlyN278?0.35mm*2 TEX-E43EvenlyN3109?0.35mm*3 TEX-E113EvenlyN41211?0.30mm*1 TEX-E113EvenlyN51213?0.23mm*1 TEX-E113EvenlyN61615?0.25mm*2 TEX-E174EvenlyN756?0.25mm*1 2UEW123EvenlySHIELDCOPPER FOIL 0.05*18.0mm145. MATERIAL LIST:No.DESCRIPTIONSMATERIALSMANUFACTURE1BOBBINEER35L 8+8PIN DIP PHENOLICJI XIANG TENG2COREEER35 TP4TDG2UEW 0.30mmTEX-E 0.23mm3WIRE2UEW 0.25mmYI DATEX-E 0.25mmTEX-E 0.30mmTEX-E 0.35mm4TAPEPOLYESTER TAPE 27.5mmCHUN YIPOLYESTER TAPE 10.0mmTELFON A#19 CLEAR5SLEEVINGTELFON A#24 CLEARHONG YUTELFON A#26 CLEAR6COPPER FOIL0.05mm*18.0mmHONG LI YUAN7VARNISHAC-43CHANG XIAN8SOLDER99.3Sn/0.7CuTHOUSAND6.REMARKS:1.ADD SLEEVING FOR ALL OF LEAD WIRE.2.FIXED THE CORES WITH 10.0mm TAPE.3.MARKING THE PRAT NUMBER ON UNIT.4.DIP THE UNIT INTO THE VARNISH. url:
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