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High Purity Organic Sesame Oil

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Product Details Introduction of high purity organic sesame oil Organic sesame oil is edible vegetable oil processed from organic white sesame. It is a semi-dry oil and a favorite condiment for consumers. Besides being used as a cooking oil in China, it is used as a flavour enhancer in Middle Eastern, African, and Southeast Asian cuisines. It has a distinctive nutty aroma and taste.Organic white sesame is selected from Jiangxi Organic Sesame planting base. The sesame granules are full, the oil yield is high and the quality is excellent. We provide primary grinding of sesame oil with bright color and delicious taste. In order to meet the needs of more customers, we have been constantly improving our products, your praise is our greatest encouragement. 8 20190905141649 Product details 66 High purity organic sesame oil Product name:Shermark pure white sesame paste Material: 100% white sesame seed Product Category:Baking food Edible method:Open the lid,eat it directly without cooking Net content:227ml Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Shelf life: 18 months Nutrient name Per 100g Content Energy 3685KJ 44% Protein 0g 0% Fat 99.6g 166% Carbohydrate 0g 0% Sodium 0mg 0% Sesame is rich in lignans, which is a potential food source of antioxidants. 1. Antioxidant Function of Sesame Oil Sesame oil reduces lipid peroxidation and hydroxyl radicals, increases super oxide dismutase and catalase activity. Sesame oil diet significantly reduces FEN-induced oxidative stress in liver tissue. Sesame oil can inhibit cypermethrin-induced brain toxicity,which is closely related to reducing oxidative stress and protecting antioxidant enzymes. 2. Protection of Sesame Oil on LDL Oxidation 3. Anti-inflammatory effect of sesame oil Nonalcoholic fatty liver is the most common chronic liver disease, including steatosis,nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and cirrhosis. Nonalcoholic fatty liver is associated with an increased risk of liver cancer. Sesame oil can reduce the steatosis of hepatocytes caused by MCD feeding by reducing inflammatory cytokines, leptin, transforming growth factor-beta and low oxidative stress, and provide significant protection for liver fibrosis. Product Diagram & Suggested Use 66 67 Practice of sweet and sour lotus root slices Main material Lotus root: 2 Red pepper: a little Excipients: Rice vinegar: 2 spoons White sugar: 1 spoon Onion oil: 2 spoons Sesame oil: 1 spoon Pepper oil: a little Salt: a little Sweet and sour taste, 10 minutes 1. Supermarket bought two white and fat tender lotus root, we peeled it and washed it. 2. Cut it into thin slices, and we wash it with clean water. It won't oxidize and turn black for a while. 3. Pour clear water into the pot and open it to the lotus root for 30 seconds. If you want the lotus root to boil brittly, 30 seconds is not enough. 4. Put in ice water to cool quickly and then control the dry water for reserve. The lotus root is white, tender and not black at all. 5. Let's put lotus root on a good table. 6. Put in all the condiments. Stir to make it mixed evenly. Attention, the vinegar in this cold dish must be rice vinegar. It tastes good. 7. Sprinkle seasoning juice and sesame oil. 8. Chop red pepper and fry it in oil. If we like spicy food, we can change it into millet, but we can't put chili oil in this dish. 9. Sprinkle with stir-fried diced pepper. The quick appetizer is finished. 13 0 Tips The lotus root must be sliced and washed in clear water. After boiling water for 30 seconds, it cools quickly. This is the secret book of crisp and beautiful lotus root. This dish is mainly sweet and sour, so don't put any chili oil or anything like that, it will affect the taste of your whole dish. 20190924143508 Why Choose Shermark 20190924150718 1 Stone grinding: The excellent quality of Shermark sesame oil is not only inseparable from high-quality raw materials, but also the system innovation based on Shermark's traditional small-milled sesame oil production process for 20 years, forming its own unique craftsmanship and taste. Water substitution method: taking advantage of the difference in water and oil affinity, and using oil and water specific gravity to easily separate oil and embryo, no chemical solvent is added during oil extraction, and there is no solvent residue. Physical filtration: using professional physical filtration technology, using plant fiber as a medium to naturally precipitate by electronic constant temperature. Automated filling: Fully automated filling, efficient, professional, safe and sterile, just for the delicious on your table, the safety on the tip of your tongue. E 201909121512139087503 201909121544595768109 Our company E-commerce department actively stationed in the cross-border e-commerce industrial park,which is superior to the traditional factory, The customs declaration is provided in the park to ensure smooth, efficient and fast export process. -1 F.A.Q 1.When can I get the price? We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are in urgent need, please note in your email . 2.Do you provide free samples? Samples for checking the quality and design are free in small quantity 3.What is your MOQ for each order? Our MOQ is 100 boxes for each order. 4.What’s you payment way? We usually use T/T mode of payment. 5.Can I get a discount? Sure, on the basis of the order quantity, we provide appropriate discounts. 20190926113031 Welcome international trade partners to visit our factory and check the details! url:
High Purity Organic Sesame Oil

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