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Environmental Chamber For Automotive Testing

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Product IntroductionThis Environmental Chamber for Automotive testing is suitable for the testing full automotive and full vehicle as well as trains. The walk-in high-low temperature humidity sunlight environment chamber is based on the working condition of the vehicle (automotive car,Website:, light truck) environmental performance test. After thermal insulation treatment, appropriate ventilation and air-conditioning equipment are adopted to meet the requirements of vehicle power matching testing and economic performance matching testing ,vehicle's cold start performance testing and the vehicle's air conditioning performance testing, as well as vehicle's low temperature adaptability testing and emission performance testing.Application: Environmental Chamber for Automotive testing is suitable for Full vehicle and full automotive weatherability test, Simulation of illumination (xenon) Simulation of lamp full spectrum sunlight Simulation of metal halogen lamp sunlight Simulation of infrared sunlight Windscreen defrosting and demisting tests for M1 category vehiclesWindscreen wiper and washer property testsCold start test s for M1 category vehicles and engineersAir conditioning system tests for M1 category vehiclesProperty tests for small-size refrigerated trucksEnvironmental tests for M1 category vehicles, small-size trucks, motor vehicles, motorcycles, componentsEnvironmental Chamber for Automotive testing related PatentThe Environmental Chamber for Automotive testing attained a patent (No. CN103816947B) for its constant temperature and humidity design and air duct structure. Non-uniform heating will directly influence the final results of tests, like sunlight test and rotary drum test, the testing chamber fixes this problem. Environmental Chamber for Automotive testing should comply with below Standards:*GB2423.1-89(IEC68-2-1) Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment--Low Temperature Test*GB2423.2-89(IEC68-2-2) Environmental Testing - Part 2: Test Methods - Tests B: Dry Heat*GB2423.3-93(IEC68-2-3) Basic Environmental Testing Procedures for Electric and Electronic Products— Test Ca: Damp Heat, Steady State*GB2423.4-93(IEC68-2-30) Basic Environmental Testing Procedures for Electric and Electronic Products— Test Db: Damp Heat, Cyclic  *GJB360.8-87(MIL-STD-202f) Test Methods for Electronic and Electrical Component Parts--Life Test(at Elevated Ambient Temperature)*GJB150.3-86(MIL-STD-810D) Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment High Temperature Test*GJB150.4-86(MIL-STD-810D) Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment--Low Temperature Test*GJBl50.9-93(MIL-STD-810D): Damp Heat Test (if there is a require for moisture)*GB 11555-1994: Motor Vehicles-Windshield Demisters-Performance Requirements and Test Method*GB 11556-1994: Motor Vehicles-Windshield Defrosters-Performance Requirements and Test Method*GB 11085-1994: Motor Vehicle- Car Windshield Wipers-Performance Requirements and Test Method*GB/T 12535—1990: Motor Vehicles-Starting Performance-Test Method*GB/T 12782—1991: Motor Vehicles-Heat Performance-Test Method*QC/T 449—2000: Insulation Truck-Refrigerated Truck-Performance and Test Method*IEC 68-2-1 Test A: Cold (GB2423.1-2001 Test A: Low Temperature Test Method)*IEC 68-2-2 Test B: Dry Heat (GB2423.2-2001 Test B: High Temperature Test Method)*IEC 68-2-78 Test Cab: Constant Moisture and Heat Test*GB/T2423.3-1993 Test B: Constant Moisture and Heat Test*IEC 68-2-30 Test Db: Alternating Moisture and Heat Test*GB/T2423.4-1993 Test B: Alternating Moisture and Heat Test*GJB150.3-1986(MIL-STD-810D): High Temperature Test*GJB150.4-1986(MIL-STD-810D): Low Temperature Test*GJB360.8-87(MIL-STD.202F): Highly Accelerated Life Testing (High Temperature)*GJB150.9-93(MIL-STD-810D): Heat and Moisture Test*ES92101-00: Passenger Vehicle-Head Lamp- Performance Requirements and Moisture Test*GB 11555-2009: Motor Vehicles-Windshield Demisting and Defrosting Systems-Performance Requirements and Test Method Vehicle Cold Start TestEnvironmental Chamber for Automotive testing in customer’s testing lab:Sunlight simulation test (Infrared ray light,                Halogen lamp, xenon lamp) ehicle temperature testRotary drum test, emission testRain testVehicle salt corrosion testVehicle revolving drum testingSpecification: Temperature range-40°C~110°CTemperature fluctuation=±0.5 °CTemperature deviation=±2.0 °CTemperature Uniformity=2.0 °CHeat-up time+20°C~110°C=150minCool-down time+20°C~-40°C=120minRefrigerating systems: TECUMSEH full sealed compressorBOCK inverter compressorBITZER semi-sealed compressor Microcomputer controller:Simplewell controller Mitsubishi PLCGraph of Temperature and Humidity Controlled Range CapacityDeliver,shipping and serving8.Major users:
Environmental Chamber For Automotive Testing,Environmental Test Chambers For Automotive Testing

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