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D3 Steel

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1. Introduction of D3 SteelD3 Steel is a high-carbon,Website:, high-chromium, oil-hardening tool steel that is characterized by a relatively high attainable hardness and numerous, large, chromium-rich alloy carbides in the microstructure. These carbides provide good resistance to wear from sliding contact with other metals and abrasive materials.D3 Steel exhibits excellent stability in heat treatment, holding size almost as well as the air-hardening, high-carbon, high-chromium die steels such as D2.2. Supply Range of D3 SteelRound bar: Dia:20-600mm Length: <5800(fit 20ft container) >5800mm, 40ft container.D3 steel round bar Surface: original black, peeled, machined/turned, polished/ grounded/milled/grindedSteel plate: thickness: 10-600mm width: 30-810mm length: same as aboveD3 steel plate Surface: original black, machined/turned, polished/ grounded/milled/grindedNote: The shipping cost of 40ft container will be higher, so I suggest 20ft container.3. D3 steel Chemical Composition The following table shows the chemical composition of D3 tool steels.ElementContent (%)C2.00-2.35Mn0.60Si0.60Cr11.00–13.50Ni0.30W1.00V1.00P0.03S0.03Cu0.254. D3 steel Equivalent GradesRelated SpecificationsGermanyDIN 1.2080USAAISI D35. Physical Properties of D3 steel Physical properties of D3 tool steels are given below:PropertiesMetricImperialDensity7.7 x 1000 kg/m30.278 lb/in3Melting point1421°C2590°FMechanical PropertiesThe mechanical properties of D3 steels are tabulated below:PropertiesMetricImperialIzod impact unnotched28.0 J20.7 ft-lbPoisson's ratio0.27-0.300.27-0.30Elastic modulus190-210 GPa27557-30457 ksiThermal PropertiesThe following table shows the thermal properties of D3 steels.PropertiesConditionsT (°C)TreatmentThermal expansion12 x 10-6/ºC20-100-6. Heat Treatment of DIN D3 steel Heat TreatmentD3 tool steel requires hardening and tempering to achieve maximum properties. For maximum accuracy, the parts of D3 tool steel should be stress relieved after roughing operations. Stress should be relieved at 648°C (1200°F) for one hour and cooled slowly.AnnealingAnnealing of D3 tool steel needs to be done in a controlled atmosphere furnace. D3 tool steels should be heated thoroughly to 871°C (1600°F) and cooled slowly at a rate of not more than -6°C (20°F) per hour, until the furnace is black. Then the material should be removed and air cooled.TemperingThe D3 tool steel should be cooled to room temperature and should be tempered immediately. The parts should be placed in the tempering furnace and increased slowly to the desired tempering temperature. Tempering for 1 hour per inch of thickness is required.HardeningD3 tool steel should be heated properly since it is very sensitive to overheating and if not heated maximum hardness cannot be achieved. The work should be directly placed in a furnace preheated to 954°C (1750°F) and soaked for 20-25 minutes, plus 5 minutes per inch of thickness, and then oil-quenched to harden it.Since 2012, Songshun Mould Steel Co., LTD has been supplying tool steels, high speed steels, carbon steels, and alloy steels to customers around the country. We strive every day to uphold that ideal. Our salespeople have years of experience in the tool steel business and can take care of your needs in a hurry. We stock all standard grades and sizes of tool steel and high speed steel as well as specialty grades. Our inventory is produced by the highest quality tool steel mills and we are continually adding more sizes to suit all of our customer's needs.
D3 Steel,D3,1.2080,1.2601 Steel

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