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2:1 1 KV Bus-bar Heat Shrinkable Protection Tube

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Model Number: SB-WMPG SERIES Working temperature: -55ºC ~ 125ºCShrink ratio: 2:1 StructureBus-bar heat shrinkable protection tube adopts cross-linked and environmental friendly polyolefin material. It restricts the hazardous substance in PBB, PBBD, PBBE and other heavy metal, and supplies high dielectric strength and voltage withstand performance. It prevents bus-bar from chemical corrosion effected by strong acid, alkali, salt etc. It also has environmental friendly, flexible, flame retardant, soft performance.             UsageIt is mainly used in dielectric and mechanical protection, joints and terminals.Characteristics1.Shrink temperature: 84ºC ~ 125ºC2.Environmental, flexible, flame retardant, softStandards1) GB/T 1059-2007                   2) RoHS approvalSpecificationPropertyUnitStandardTest MethodTensile StrengthMPA=10.4(before aging)GB/T 1040      130ºC *168hrs=7.3(after aging)Elongation%=300(before aging)GB/T 1040; GB/T7141      130ºC*168hrs      =100(after aging)Heat Shock-no sticking; no crackingJB 7829appendixD.(160ºC*4hrs)Cold Blend-no cracking-30ºC*4hrsBreakdown StrengthKV/mm=25GB/T 1408.1Volume ResistivityO. cm=1×1014GB/T 1410Longitudinal Change%=50Off-center%=30UL 224Flame Retardant-=30GD/T 2406Water Absorption%=0.5ISO 62-1980Dielectric WithstandKV/mm=30kV.1minGB/T 1408.1Shore Hardness(Shore A)=90GB 2401*This data is suitable for 10kv bus bar protection tube. When managing this test, the user must make the tube recovery evenly and make sure the max thickness>2mm, and bus-bar tubes are longer than 1200mm.**35kV bus bar off center proportion=50%.Dimension1)1KV Bus Bar Protection Heat Shrinkable TubeSpecificationBus Bar Width(mm)As Supplied(mm)After Recovery(mm)Standard PackageIDWall ThicknessID  Wall Thickness       (m/roll)1KV WMPG 303031.5±1.00.50±0.15=15.01.00±0.15501KV WMPG 353536.5±1.00.50±0.15=17.51.00±0.15501KV WMPG 404041.5±1.00.55±0.15=20.01.00±0.15501KV WMPG 454546.5±1.00.55±0.15=22.51.00±0.15251KV WMPG 5050=500.55±0.15=25.01.10±0.15251KV WMPG 6060=600.60±0.15=30.01.20±0.15251KV WMPG 7070=700.65±0.15=35.01.30±0.20251KV WMPG 75*75=750.65±0.15=38.01.30±0.20251KV WMPG 8080/100=800.65±0.15=40.01.30±0.20251KV WMPG 85*80/100=850.65±0.15=43.01.30±0.20251KV WMPG 90100=900.65±0.15=45.01.30±0.20251KV WMPG 100100/120=1000.65±0.20=50.01.30±0.20251KV WMPG 120150=1200.65±0.20=60.01.30±0.20251KV WMPG 150180=1500.65±0.20=70.01.30±0.20251KV WMPG 180MAX=1800.65±0.30=90.01.30±0.30251KV WMPG 210*MAX=2100.65±0.30=105.01.30±0.30251KV WMPG 230*MAX=2300.65±0.30=115.01.30±0.30251KV WMPG 250*MAX=2500.65±0.30=125.01.30±0.3025Remarks: There is no storage if the item is marked *. It should be especially customized.Color: Standard color is red, yellow and green. url:
2:1 1 KV Bus-bar Heat Shrinkable Protection Tube,Bus-bar Heat Shrinkable Protection Tube

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