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Pulverized Coal Boiler

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IntroductionThe pulverized coal boiler is a boiler equipment that uses pulverized coal as fuel. The combustion characteristic of a pulverized coal boiler is that the fuel enters the combustion chamber along with the air and burns in a suspended state.Operating PrincipleThe coal is pre-ground into very fine coal powder,Website:, and the contact surface area with air is greatly increased to enhance combustion.The temperature in the furnace is also high. Therefore, in addition to the coal with poor coal quality, all kinds of coal can be effectively burned in the pulverized coal furnace, and the combustion is relatively complete, and the combustion efficiency is relatively high, about 88%-93%.It is fully mechanized and automated. Pulverized coal combustion is the burning method used by almost all large coal-fired boilers.Working ProcessThe combustion equipment of the pulverized coal boiler mainly consists of a furnace, a burner and an ignition device.The pulverized coal is transported from the primary air through the burner into the furnace, and the secondary air is introduced into the furnace through the secondary air annular duct or the secondary air outlet of the burner.After the mixture of pulverized coal and air enters the furnace, it undergoes preheating, drying, volatilization and other processes, and starts to ignite and burn at a certain distance from the burner outlet. The ash formed after the pulverized coal is burned, a small part of the coarse ash forms ash, falls into the cold ash hopper, cools to solid ash, and is regularly or continuously removed; most of the fine ash It is taken away by the smoke, and this part of the ash is usually called fly ash.The pulverized coal stays in the furnace for a short time, only 1-2s. In such a short period of time, to ensure that the pulverized coal burns out in the furnace, it is necessary to strengthen the combustion and supply an appropriate amount of primary and secondary air to shorten the preparation stage of combustion and create good combustion conditions.Advantages1)Burning quickly,2)Burning completely,3)large capacity &efficient,4)Adapt to a wide range of coal types,5)Easy to control and adjust.
Pulverized Coal Boiler,Coal Fired Furnace

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