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High-pressure centrifugal blower

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In general, the high pressure blower has the following characteristics: 1. It has dual functions of blowing and suction. One machine can be used for both suction and blowing. There is a high-pressure blower of gorui 4HB series, which can also use suction and blowing at the same time, which is equivalent to the function of rotary vane vacuum pump; 2. The output air is clean when running with little or no oil; 3. Compared with centrifugal fan and medium pressure fan, its pressure is much higher, which is more than ten times of centrifugal fan, and the maximum pressure is as high as 230kpa; 4. If the pump body is integral die-casting, and the shockproof mounting foot seat is used, then it has very low requirements for the installation foundation, and even can run normally without fixing the foot base, which is very convenient and also saves installation cost and installation cycle; 5. Compared with other types of fans, such as Gaorui fan, its operating noise is lower, and the higher the power, the more obvious it will be, which will be displayed above 5.5kW; 6. Maintenance free use; its wear and tear parts are only two bearings, within the warranty period, basically do not need maintenance; 7. The mechanical wear of high-pressure blower is very small, because there is no other mechanical contact part except the bearing, so the service life is of course very long. As long as it is under normal use conditions, 3-5 years is completely no problem. This is also the biggest reason for the popularity of domestic high-pressure fans. Product feature and application Fan can be made into clockwise rotation or counter-clockwise rotation two types. Facing squarely from one side of the motor, the impeller rotating clockwise is called the cyclones, which is expressed as "clockwise", and vice versa, as "inverse". The 3A-6A of the 4-79 fan is mainly composed of the housing, impeller, inlet and motor. In addition to the above part, the 7C-20E also has the transmission part. Impellers-consisting of backward arc thin plate blades, curved front plates and flat plates, all made of steel plates and corrected by static and dynamic balance, with good air performance, high efficiency, low noise and smooth operation. 4. 4. 5 is composed of 14 leaves and more than 5 is composed of 16 pieces. Housing-made into two different types, the 3-12 housing is integrated and can not be disassembled; the 14-20 housing is made into two open types, divided in two halves along the middle horizontal plane and connected by bolts. Inlet-made into a whole, installed on one side of the fan, parallel to the axial section of the curve shape, can make the gas enter the impeller smoothly, and the loss is relatively small. Transmission-consists of spindle, bearing box, rolling bearing and belt wheel. url:
Product Introduction 9-12 type high pressure centrifugal fan is matched special fans with cupola furnace melting at a rate of 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 t/h, can

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