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Oxygen Probe

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1. OutlineOxygen,Website:, which exists in molten steel, plays a decisive role in the quality of molten steel, yield and consumption of ferroalloys. With the continuous expansion of the production of boiling, semi-killed and aluminium deoxidized continuous casting steels and the wide application of molten steel refining technology, it is urgent to know the oxygen content in molten steel quickly, accurately and directly in order to control steelmaking operation, improve quality and reduce consumption. Solid electrolyte concentration difference oxygen determination technology is developed to meet these requirements.2. PrincipleSolid electrolyte oxygen concentration determination consists of two half cells, one is a reference cell with known oxygen partial pressure, and the other is molten steel with oxygen content to be measured. Two half-batteries are connected with oxygen ion solid electrolyte to form an oxygen concentration cell. The oxygen content can be determined by measuring the oxygen potential and temperature. 3. Main technical parametersMeasurement   site reference    material  measurement range measurement    accuracy  yield  Response time In furnace Mo/MoO2Cr/Cr2O350~1200PPm10%Oxygen=90%temperature=98%=8sIn bagCr/Cr2O31~100PPmWhen=10PPm    Error10%when=10PPm    Error1PPm4. UsageA. Strictly check the probe, test the grab and instrumentation system to ensure integrity.B. The oxygen probe is mounted on the test gun. The instrument pointer (digital display) returns to zero to indicate good conduction and direction measurement.C. When measuring, the probe should not stay in molten steel for more than 10 seconds, otherwise it is easy to burn the test gun.5. Type Specification of Oxygen DetectorProduct Name: Oxygen ProbeProduct Model: ZCDY - (S B R) Specification: 1X38X1200according to ICE584/IPTS68 standard Type S(Pt-10%Rh / Pt): 400~1760? Type R(Pt-13%Rh /Pt): 400~1760? Type B(Pt-30%Rh /Pt-6%Rh): 600~1800?Linear measurement rangeOxygen potential: -    300 ~+300 mVOxygen potential: -    300 ~+300 mVAllowance: <10 ppm,    +1 ppmWhen the value is over    10 ppm, it is (+5%) of the measured value.Measuring rangeOutput Oxygen EMF Consistency: Not More than 2mVRequirements: conduction, no reverse poleThe measuring range of aluminium content is 0.01%~0.10%.Oxygen Battery   3-6sThermocouple    2-5sWhole process    3-8 sResponse timeThermocouple Accuracy:    1200-1760 C Allowance: +3 CThe length of paper    tube is 1.2m, which can be customized by users.Rate of success: >    98%Reference material:    Mo/Cr+Cr203//Zr02.MgO//(O)Fe/FeApplicable to LF, RH,    DH, tundish, etc.Interface: UniversalPackaging: carton 1X25PCS6. Basic Composition of Oxygen Probe 7. oxygen probe accessories8.FriendshipWe always take honesty and trustworthiness as the company's criterion. Customers first is what we have been advocating and pursuing. Friendship and friendly cooperation make us have sincere friendship.
Oxygen Probe,Oxygen Sensor

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