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Press Release

04 / 05 / 2014  Austin, Texas

 We have created a new "about" page called "Charity Coupons" to let people find business upgrade coupons that can be used when any Value or Unlimited account is established in support of Charitable Organizations.   Charitable organizations are encouraged to contact adbirds for information on how to raise funds.  We will donate to the organizations when accounts are upgraded using their special "coupon" at registration or when accounts are create with the associated *links within 30 days.  *Provided a cookie is allowed.


press release:  adbirds creates page to more easily find special coupons businesses can use to support charitable organizations

05 / 24 / 2013  Austin, Texas

The fuel-saving website from Austin, Texas, "adbirds" just became international.  Now all users of the adbirds online classified website can sell to local buyers easily in any postal address on planet earth.  Adbirds is designed to empower people, local businesses, and local organizations.  Now, wherever people live, work and shop items can be listed, searched and picked up by shortest distance with a map link to the doorstep of the seller, even for free users.

  list and shop local with adbirds

04 / 23 / 3013  Austin, Texas

Online classifieds upstart,  adbirds(com) announces today their intent to partner with local organzations includes a special user group on the site for pet and animal rescue called the "Pet Rescue and Adoption" user group.   The purpose of the Pet Rescue and Adoption rescue group is to create a place where pets rescued from kill shelters such as charitable organizations, animal shelters, no-kill advocacies can associate their ads to one place.  Adbirds management will help in several more ways such as fundraising and awareness programs, contests, etc.

pet adoption and rescue group

FI "Roy" was rescued from certain death by Austin Pets Alive.

04 / 15 / 2013  Austin, Texas

In solidarity with the citizens of Boston, MA and those who were victimized by the cowardly and sensless acts of violence today, we promise to donate 100% of all new Value and Unlimited user account subscription payments to the Red Cross in Boston.  Register or upgrade an account with the coupon:  BostonRedCross

or use this link and register any account:   and we will write the checks each month on the 15th.  Thank you!  

To make direct donations, please visit


04 / 14 / 2013  Austin, Texas

Austin Texas - based ad site seeks to partner up! "Team AdBirds" announcement today on the adbirds blog:  Adbirds is ready to work with community based and charitable organizations, providing affiliate payouts as donations on credited accounts.  "Partner with Arte" is in concert with "Team Adbirds".

04 / 08 / 2013  Austin, Texas

"Nuclear North Korea targets Austin"?  Now, Austin based gives Americans a chance to set their sights on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un while proceeds go to charity'   "Sell North Korea" ad and video explains the new how-to of fund raising.


 - New groups management features

 - Prizes, Travel & Incentives grow in frequency and value as adbirds grows

 - Fan page on Facebook has contests with prizes to give away.

 - The adbirds Affiliate Program is ready to help charities:  Our affiliate code system is operational and deployed.   Charities and local organizations such as schools, publishers and media hosts who will donate their affiliate commission to such organziations may apply for their own "coupon" and tracking link after registering a user account.


11 / 23 / 2012  Austin, Texas

New Dining Out categories have been added on adbirds, now including Trailer Food as a recently popular and rapidly growing culinary niche. 


11 / 17 / 2012  Austin, Texas

We have temorarily suspended the affiliate program while our developer makes some improvements to the system.  This will not affect performance or ads in any way. 

The Travel Incentives program is not affected by the affiliate program regarding existing affiliate accounts.  When we reach our growth targets as described, our system will draw for winners from among the account holders.   Winners will be notified by email,  must respond by phone with a preselected code word, and will NOT be asked for any money to participate.  

11 /08 / 2012  Austin, Texas

Big change:

We just amended our affiliate program to concentrate on interaction and support for charitable organizations.  "We're with the bird"! will now mean a business advertises on adbirds and supports a charity affiliated with their paid adbirds user account.

Small change:

The old blog page was deleted while we still publish an adbirds blog offsite.



09 / 15 / 2010   Austin,  Texas

More details regarding our Strategic Marketing Partner program.


SMP Program

Our unprecedented Awards and Prize information:

Lockout term:
Only one national retail chain - and, one auto parts store with race team sponsorship may apply, and one bank, one restaurant chain, one airline, one cruise line, one real estate company, etc.

Once application is approved, each SMP will establish Unlimited accounts for each location where they operate.

Only registered users can win prizes. Only serious national chain companies may apply to the SMP program.

More details upon request.


08 / 19 / 2010  Austin, Texas

AdBirds Online Classified site now offers Real Estate, For Sale By Owner category

F S B O is a new category on AdBirds.  


07 / 05 / 2010  Austin, Texas 

AdBirds Seeks Marketing Partners for exciting new travel giveaways and shopping awards programs.

AdBirds Design & Market, Inc. – parent of is seeking to expand strategic partnerships with publishers, travel companies, retailers, and even Space Tourism companies.   “We offer exciting incentive programs that will reward free and subscription users with affiliate commissions, gift cards for free travel awards and shopping in stores using our Unlimited services. combines the power of FREE ads and awards with real growth targets.  The more ads people place, the more we give back to our users.  I want co-brand and promote our services while we purchase the services of Marketing Partners to give our free user base.  As the ads total up, we’ll periodically doll out travel incentives and shopping gift cards for free users.  There is now cost to the person or company selling to receive a random prize.  You only have to create a user account have to advertise something for sale at least once for a chance at the prizes which will grow as we grow”;  " We will give away cruises, air and hotel packages, weekend getaways and rides to space as we grow"; ".. and why not"?

This according to AdBirds’ founder, Randall Stephens

05 /07/ 2010   Austin, Texas

AdBirds Pins growth milestones to tiered travel awards including trips to Hawaii,  a brief weighless visit to the edge of space, Earth orbit,  and a circum-lunar excursion. has now upped the travel award ante to allow all users of the service a wild card chance at a ride to space in case of forfeit by a space flight award winner.  See ad or the founder's blog for more details.  This represents the first time in internet history a web company has calculated and offered space travel.  The founder of has extensive experience in dealing with aviation and aerospace firms in the USA and CIS.   He will contract with the service providers directly if necessary, or in cooperation with well established intermediaries when the time comes.

"We look forward to seeing this campaign blossom and grow as people partner with AdBirds for stronger communities and cleaner air with our ad platform.  The question is, would you cash out or take the ride to space, - even to the moon"?  -Randall Stephens


Are they serious?  Yes.  AdBirds will reward top affiliates and regular users with out of this world travel. a business unit of AdBirds Design & Market Inc.  plans to send people to the moon and back.  The Austin based company has pinned growth and a powerful networking affiliate rewards program to travel "Off The Planet", starting with 10 trips to Hawaii with the next 1000 Unlimited subscribers, intermediate suborbital and orbital flight goals, and a goal of awarding a trip to the moon within 5 years.



Contact AdBirds


05/03/2010  Austin,  Texas

AdBirds opens affiliate rewards program

AdBirds has new incentives for affiliates.  Now the enterprising new ad site has a race to Hawaii.  All affiliates may enter the race, networking the bird to sign up new Unlimited subcribers,  and the first affiliate to sign 100 of them gets and free trip to Hawaii with round trip airfare,  5 - nights hotel, and transfers.  See the "Pick Your Island" ad for details.  All AdBirds subscribers may become affiliates.  If interested:  Log in, go to account manager and apply to become an affiliate.



04 / 04 / 2010  Austin, Texas  - New "Bicycle" category under Transportation

ADBIRDS announces all bicycle ads will soon be found in a new subcategory under Transportation, along with cars, trucks, SUV, airplanes. 

- All bicycle ads will soon be moved to the new category.

"Bicycles are part of our transportation system.  It is time everyone recognizes they will be on the road from now on, and not just in the sporting goods section";  says Randall Stephens,' founder and CEO of adbirds' parent company.  ... "This move is more than symbolic.  It is for awareness and safety.  It should be the norm for all classified advertising companies".

Press Release 04 /04 / 2010  Bicycle Category




03 / 26 / 2010    Austin, Texas

FREE PR Campaign

ADBIRDS is seeking a department store with thousands of items on the shelf willing to allow us a copy of their spreadsheet for our bulk uploader and permission to network their ads. 

We will conduct a PR campaign for the store's ads using all the social networking tools available with each ad on, create videos, blog articles and more; and,

We will give the store a FREE Unlimited Account forever!  This account level allows an unlimited number of ads.

One such store will receive the benefit of a FREE PR Campaign by our specialists working in cooperation with our friends at Accolades PR.

Any retail store may apply by contacting us directly, give contact information of the principal owner or decision maker.

We want to grow fast, so we can help you help your community.

Tell a friend.  Partner with adbirds for stronger communities and a cleaner ecology.

Together we can prove it is possible for businesses, consumers and organizations to operate responsibly.


01 / 14 / 2010  Austin, Texas

ADBIRDS Marketing Affiliate Program

We took a look at the commission brokers and decided to code and launch our own program to help our users earn while helping us grow.

ADBIRDS users will now see a couple of new things in their account page.  A new Affiliate tab links the Affiliate Program signup page.

Users can now earn up to 33.33% for paid users who click to register a new account whenever the new user creates a paid level account, or use a special promo code to upgrade. IE, if an affiliate click-through or promo code is used establish 500 Unlimited accounts, the affiliate would earn $5000.00 a month as long as those 500 accounts are paid.  We track, report and pay so you can earn while helping us grow. Details may be found on the "Affiliate Program" and "About AdBirds" content pages.

AdBirds upgrade capabilities are designed to help local business gain search results to the brand level, searchable by green, shortest distance priority.   Small businesses can now compete with national stores for organic search results, and become affiliates to earn residual income along with free users and charitable organizations.


11 / 11 / 2009  Austin, Texas


Veteran's Day 2009

AdBirds wants to thank all current and former United States Military, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine members for their service to the Constitution of the United States of America, this beacon of opportunity and freedom we love and call home.

May God richly bless and protect you, as you have our nation.   Thank you!  



11 / 11 / 2009  Austin, Texas

"List Free,  Shop Local,  Save Gas"!

AdBirds' slogan has changed to better reflect our mission to help local consumer-advertisers, businesses, charitable organization and the ecology across the nation and soon we hope, around the world.

All sales are local, wherever they occur.   We developed Adbirds as a place where shoppers, private sellers,  local businesses and charitable organizations  can cooperate to save time, money, fuel.  Wherever you are, you can be found locally when you list on  Join now!



10/31/2009  Austin, Texas

AdBirds is "Rockin' The FREE World"

We have big plans for the web, and a new method of listing so local customers can find everything you have by shortest distance with search results that show distance to the item, a map link to business listings and cost of fuel to get there.
Plus, users can upload unlimited ads for a low fixed price, - or a limited number beginning with FREE.

Business users who register and post ads before Nov. 15th can enjoy unlimited FREE status permanently.  This special offer is designed to build content on the new site and will end without notice, soon, not later than Nov. 15th. 

AdBirds' philosophy is simply to provide a better system within a format that is Family, Business, Community and Eco - Friendly.    "This is a user - posting classified ad site with a strong community service component"; says Randall Stephens, AdBirds' Founder and CEO. ... "We designed an advertising system that allows free upgrades to Charitable and community organizations, User Group capabilities that will be useful for fund - raising activities,  more content, more photos and you can even embed your video to any or all ads.  The users can create custom headers and footers to make each ad recognizable.  Our system is the best on the market today, even at the FREE levels".

We have community and charity categories, user recommendation capabilities and social networking tools to share your ad.
AdBirds is developing new tools to help news publishers across the country and soon internationally.



10 / 18/ 2009  Austin,  Texas  announces a new feature on their Post Ad page that will help Real Estate agents and other users.  Item Location - such as a home may differ from the user's default office or home address.  Map enabling for business users helps people find the store for bulk uploaders.  Specific item location and mapping is preferable for Real Estate professionals listing more than one property on

Private sellers may want to park a car, boat, or camper at a location other than the home.   Now people can find the item wherever it is.

To use this new feature, simply log in to your account page to edit existing ads and find "Location" to the right of "Images" and "Video" tabs below the content editor.




10/03/2009  Austin, Texas

NEW:   USER GROUPS has created and launched phase one User Groups to help organizations and informal groups sell items together.  The Austin company facilitates community fusion through interaction of consumers, local businesses and organizations on multiple levels.  Any user can create a user group and hold an "online garage sale" or similar event to support their common cause.  Organizations may use the unlimited levels of service free of charge, and are encouraged to list their organization main page in the one of the charitable categories. is a new online user community and sales website based in Austin Texas.  The site launched Jan. 7th 2009 and is currently running a "Free For Life" special for business users.  Special ends soon, without notice, and is available to all users who wish to register an account.




5/10/2009  Austin, Texas announces a couple of new tools to help consumers and small businesses save time and fuel.

Sellers can now activate off-site checkout systems for their listed items.  We have already included Google  TM and Paypal  TM Checkout.  We are researching a couple more options for the next update.  To activate this option, simply log in, go to "My Accounts & Info" and look for the checkout options to activate either or both of them.

Businesses can now upload a CSV file of their inventory FREE of charge.  This allows a store or service company to powerfully take advantage of our Eco-Friendly "Shortest-Distance" search for Brand, Model Number and more with a properly-configured .csv file.  Instructions for this feature are found in the seller's account area.

ADBIRDSTM is at war with wasted time and gas.  Join us today!

04/23/2009  Austin, Texas
Austin's "Clean and Green"  announces a new tool to help you save fuel, money and time!  Businesses using can now upload  their entire inventory for shortest - distance search results FREE of charge.  Instructions for the bulk uploader are found within the registered user account area.  Shortest - distance search on is free of charge for all users, and designed to make everyone using a little greener.  If we all do it, America will soon save hundreds of millions of gallons of fossil fuel. 

"Austin has the greatest talent pool in the world per capita, and we are out to lead the nation in green, online technologies with our free advertising business model at

03/09/2009  Austin, Texas

Austin Tx - based "" has made their first media buy on Austin's own KGSR 107.1 FM during the world-famous SXSW events.

"I am excited to work with KGSR and Emmis Communications as we buy advertising to give it away" ... "When people learn about the positive advantages of listing and selling on, how they can make a positive difference in their world through our innovative advertising tools, the world will be a little better for it".  We ask that content be schoolyard friendly, and that people learn what we mean by "List Free,  Shop Smart,  and Save Gas"!

"All our upgrades are free during the Grand Opening period which just began.  Real Estate folks and Car Dealers as well as retailers, small shop keepers and consumer advertisers ought to give adbirds a try.  Please note that we are addressing some issues with MAC compliance and our CSS.  IE and Mozolla users on PCs should be fully functional at this time.  We simply could not hold back on our advertising.  There is too much good in this site of ours to let a day go by without people knowing about our project" ; says Randall Stephens, the  CEO of AdBirds Design & Market Inc.

02/15/2009  Austin, Texas

Austin based entrepreneur Randall Stephens announces the formation of "ADBIRDS DESIGN & MARKET INC."
The new company has been incorporated in the Capitol city of Texas, and will serve our nation and community with new advertising methods across the multimedia spectrum. 
"We will put small businesses on a level playing field with major corporations in the internet age.  Customers will appreciate our innovative website designs and enjoy fast results with storefront html ads placed on while their coded projects are developed.  More technologies and premium products will be released soon enabling businesses to be a little greener, a lot faster and serve their local customers better.  Premium affiliates and services will soon be announced".    "2009 will be an exciting year for our company and our community".  -Randall F. Stephens, CEO.

01/07/2009  Austin, Texas announces BETA launch of their industry - leading website on a special day for founder,  Randall Stephens.

"January 7th  is a special day on several levels in my family.  I am happy to open on the occasion of  the 100th birthday of my Great Uncle,  Forrest Dismukes who resides in Oklahoma City.  Uncle Forrest grew up on a dairy farm in Central Oklahoma, served in the U.S. Navy in WW2, after which he and my Aunt Marie opened Capitol Hill Ice Cream in Oklahoma City and ran it successfully for around 30 years before retirement. 

January 7th is Christmas to the Eastern Orthodox community, of which my wife and I are members.  It is a blessed day honoring the birth of Jesus Christ to so many people. 

My own father passed on this day in 1997 after battling illness for nearly a year.  "I honor all three men by doing business in a manner consistent with their teachings'.
  'We offer a new way to advertise, to help people, businesses, charitable organizations interact in positive ways, and to help us all enjoy cleaner air and water through conservation without legislation". offers a new business-driven method to helping humanity and ecology.  We hope people will take the time to learn about charities, list free, shop smart, and save gas". developed the project under their parent holding company managed by partner, Randall Forrest Stephens of Austin, Texas.




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